9 beauty and skincare tips to detox your skin, rejuvenate it after holiday break

After a perfect getaway, our skin feels a little tired, dull and of course, goes through a lack of shine

Updated on Jul 08, 2022 11:07 AM IST 11 Photos

Who does not love going on vacations and pampering themselves? When we are at home, our skin knows how to behave but when we decide to go on a holiday, we let go of ourselves and put our skincare routine aside but what happens when we return from a relaxing getaway? After a perfect getaway, our skin feels a little tired, dull and of course, goes through a lack of shine and smoothness. The skin while on vacation faces a lot of stress caused by the sea, swimming pools, sand, wind and sun. The change in the atmosphere also plays an important role in changing the texture of the skin. These factors lead to redness, spots and other side effects which eventually lead to dryness. After the much-needed break, our skin needs a break too. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Mr. Harry Sehrawat, Co-Founder of Sanfe Beauty, told Zarafshan Shiraz about how once can detox their skin and rejuvenate it after a holiday break: (Alina Schelkanova)

1. Cleanse like a pro - Embrace the double cleanse: as our skin is extremely soft, cleaning it twice a day makes it more important. The best kind of formulas are balms that you can warm up on your skin, before removing makeup, dirt and pollutants using warm water and a flannel or soft muslin cloth. Cleansing oils will also emulsify smoothly, getting deep into the skin to leave it clean and fresh. (Unsplash)

2. Masking - Be it before a vacation or after, masking is always a factor that helps the skin retain its required oils and helps in keeping it fresh and smooth. Indulging yourself in a good mask after a vacation becomes all the more necessary as it will help in keeping away the dead skin cells and leaves your skin with enough moisture. (File Photo)


3. Drink lemon water - It may not sound like a skincare routine but drinking lemon water after you return from vacation will help your skin reboot. The citrus-infused water is both super hydrating and refreshing. Every morning after you wake up, indulging in lemon water will not only help you in clear skin but will also help in weight loss. (Pixabay)

4. Face scrub - While travelling, an accumulation of sweat, dirt and a change in general hygiene routine can cause clogged pores. A good face scrub can help clear the clogged pores and will keep you away from acne and wrinkles. (Shutterstock)