Always tired? Tips on how to energise yourself

Do you feel tired all the time? It can mean only one thing - your body is not getting it's

Updated on Mar 11, 2022 08:17 PM IST 7 Photos

Do you feel distracted at work? Do you feel like lying down all the time? You're not alone in this. Many suffer from similar symptoms on a daily basis. Know a few tips on how to recharge yourself.(Unsplash)

Pay attention to the quality of your sleep. It is recommended that the body needs at least 8 hours of sleep. Stretch your body and calm your mind before going to bed. Also, it is advised to not look at any screen at least one hour before sleeping.(Unsplash)

Mental stress tires our body. Do not ignore your mental health. Try to meditate or workout to keep your mind and body relaxed.(Unsplash)


Mental health is equally important in keeping your body healthy. Study or work in the allotted time during the day, and try to keep your mind free outside of those hours.(Unsplash)

Are you an introvert? Do you get tired when you socialise too much? It is advised that you keep your own me time for some hours everyday and recharge yourself.(Unsplash)