Are you languishing? Here are 5 signs to understand; psychologist explains

From not feeling excited about things that we used to enjoy before to avoiding social gatherings, here are a few

Published on Apr 24, 2024 06:28 PM IST 6 Photos

Languishing is the state when we feel that we are stagnant and not making any progress. "Languishing is the absence of mental wellbeing (aka flourishing). And please, if you're not sure whether you may have a mental illness or not, remember to see your family physician," wrote Therapist Maike Neuhaus. Here are a few signs of languishing.(Unsplash)

We notice signs of no productivity and a lack of purpose. We feel that we do not have a goal to strive for. (Shutterstock)

We feel stuck in our lives. We feel that we are not making any kind of progress in our lives. (Unsplash)


We feel that we are not able to connect with others. We avoid social gatherings as well. (Unsplash)

The activities that we used to enjoy before do not excite us anymore. We lack excitement in our lives. (Unsplash)