Doctors recommend these 5 types of foods to combat skin allergies

Beauty is skin deep but what goes on the inside makes a big difference and our diet has a big

Updated on Jan 22, 2022 05:52 PM IST 8 Photos

According to a medically reviewed article published in WebMD, foods aren't cures for allergies but vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are great for our health as they keep our whole body feeling good and certain foods packed with great nutrition may even say bye-bye to symptoms of skin allergies. Dr Khushboo Thakker Garodia, Homeopath, Trichologist, Nutrition and Stress Management Expert along with Dr Vanshika Gupta Adukia, Pregnancy and Lactation Specialist and Founder of Therhappy and Radhika Iyer, Founder of Beauty by Anahata, reveal to Zarafshan Shiraz 5 types of foods to help manage skin allergies like a pro.  (Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash)

The trio asserted that whether it's a tiny patch of dry skin or a sudden burst of acne on the cheeks, most of us struggle with our skin from time to time. Skin is your first layer of defence against the outside world. Beauty is skin deep but what goes on the inside makes a big difference. Skin can provide crucial clues to your overall health. Our diet has a big role to play when it comes managing our skin. Hence, these are the 5 types of foods the trio suggests to help manage skin allergies like a pro:  (Shutterstock)

1) Probiotics - like curd have both anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. It works very well to manage allergic eczema. (Pixabay)


2) Vitamin C - Foods containing vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries, apples, and watermelon, counteract the inflammatory allergic response - like hives or blotchiness or itchy skin.  (Pixabay)

3) Quercetin - It’s a bioflavonoid present in foods like apple, onions, tea - that helps manage skin allergies like rashes. (Twitter/UKTalkingTea)