Feeling exhausted? 7 types of rest your body and mind need

Resting is the best way to recharge your batteries and rejuvenating your body and mind. But one must be aware

Published on Mar 07, 2022 05:34 PM IST 8 Photos

Resting makes you more productive and helps you with better mental health. Those who do not believe in taking breaks at all may burn them out and lose enthusiasm to work and do daily activities. Those who push on and ignore the warning signs always pay one way or the other, says Tim Gray, health optimising biohacker, psychology specialist in his recent Instagram post. Here are 7 types of rest we need.(Pixabay)

Physical rest: Taking a short nap can energise you, reduce fatigue and help you stay alert. It is important to unwind, relax and not let the stress accumulate. One can practice relaxation exercises before going to bed for releasing stress.(Pexels)

Mental rest: Our daily routine can affect our mental health in more ways than we can imagine. Meditation can help us connect with inner self and do tasks in a more efficient manner. On days, when one is feeling super-tired some soothing music can provide mental rest.(Pexels)


Emotional rest: Yes, we all need to charge our emotional batteries. You must not ignore emotional health at any cost. Talking to close friends or family usually does the trick for most. But if you feel nothing is helping, you should not hesitate in contacting an expert.(Pexels)

Social rest: If you are an introvert and have to be in company of a lot of people on daily basis, you definitely need an ample amount of 'me time' to rest and recharge. Go for a solo walk, read a book and enjoy a nice tea break all by yourself.(Pexels)