Grab on these ready-to-drink rehydrating beverages for this monsoon season

The changing weather can have certain negative effects on our body too. Dehydration is one of the most common problems

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There’s nothing like a glass rehydrating drink on a humid afternoon because a few sips in and you’re ready to battle the weather monster again. As monsoon season kickstarts in India, I’m sure we are all going to enjoy the rainy days, earthy smell and tasty snacks but amidst all this, do not forget the changing weather can have certain negative effects on our body too. Dehydration is one of the most common problems we encounter. So we have curated a list of ready-to-drink rehydrating beverages you must add to your grocery list this season. (Kampus Production)

1. Coconut Water: A drink filled with nutritious value that’s low on calories and carbs, that coconut water for you. Coconut water is filled with natural vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is an ideal hydration drink during the summer and monsoon seasons. The beverage provides you with the required hydration while ensuring your calorie and carbs intake stays low. You can also opt for ready-to-drink bottled tender coconut water that you can consume anywhere, anytime with ease, one's that are 100% organic with no added sugar or preservatives. (Shutterstock)

2. Watermelon Drink/Juice: Watermelon juice is another great option to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed in the sludgy season. It is equipped with Vitamin A, B6, B1 and C, thus offering a bundle of benefits. Watermelon is 90% water hence a perfect drink for hydration. It is also loaded with amino acids, antioxidants and Lypocene. (Bruno Scramgnon)


3. Electrolyte drinks: Electrolyte is the mineral that helps maintain the water level in our body. They are found in blood, tissues, organs, etc. Electrolyte drinks contain water, electrolytes (usually sodium and potassium) and water. Since the main purpose of these drinks is to rehydrate, they are mostly water. Although the level of electrolytes and sugar can vary depending on the desired usage say post-exercise recovery or recovery from diarrhoea or sickness. Some of the easily available electrolyte drink options are Gatorade, ORS, Electral, etc. (Unsplash)

4. Smoothies: Smoothies are another great way to add electrolyte rich food into your diet. Smoothies are filled with whole foods like fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts, etc., thus providing our body with the necessary nutrients. You should opt for this drink if you’re looking to restore lost electrolytes in a healthy and nutritious form that’s not too heavy to consume as well. You can also go for a rich variety of ready-to-drink healthy smoothies.  (Shutterstock)




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