Irresistible Indian street desserts you need to try after the pandemic

Sweets are very important when it comes to Indian culture and cuisine. No Indian festival is complete without a plate

Updated on Jul 10, 2021 12:28 PM IST 7 Photos

India is famous for its lip-smacking street food which also includes a variety of desserts like kulfi, rabri jalebi, faluda, etc. Due to the pandemic, it will not be possible for you to try all these desserts at the moment but you can make a list of them and try it once the pandemic ends.(Instagram)

Ice gola: Ice lolly or ice gola is made with crushed ice and flavoured syrups. It is a very simple dessert enjoyed across all age groups. Summers are incomplete without this desi popsicle.(Unsplash)

Faluda: This dessert drink is made with milk, ice cream, vermicelli, sweet basil/ tapioca seeds and rose syrup. (Instagram/@vee.photography28)


Rabri: Rabri is thickened sweetened milk that is layered with malai and topped with cardamoms, saffron and dry fruits like almonds and pistachios. (Instagram/@gwaliorianchef)

Jalebi: This dish is famous all over South Asia and the Middle East. It is best when hot but can also be eaten when cold with rabri, which is another popular Indian dessert.(Instagram/@_ghatakkk_)