Planning a solo trip this summer? Before packing your bags, keep the following tips in mind

Thinking of embarking on a solo trip this summer? Before you hit the road, check out these essential tips to

Updated on Jun 10, 2023 03:03 PM IST 6 Photos

There is no experience that can compare to travelling alone. You get to be by yourself, explore the area on your own terms, and perhaps also learn more about your own self. It is an uplifting experience. However, nevertheless. Obviously, safety comes first! So while you pack your things and choose your trip playlist, you can refer to this brief solo travel guide. Niharika Nigam, Jumpin Heights' director of business development. shared some crucial advice for a secure and enjoyable solo travel experience. (Unsplash)

Planning ahead: Living impulsively is one of the benefits of travelling alone, but it's advised that you have a few essentials prepared. Make sure, for instance, that you are aware of things like the typical means of transportation, the distance between your lodging and the destinations you intend to visit, and how congested the roads are at night.(Unsplash)

Travel essentials: When going on a solo vacation, you should be sure to pack things like hand sanitizer, pepper spray, and Pee Safe for public facilities. You'd be shocked at how many locations along the journey might leave you with a bad network and no reception, so always have cash on hand.(Unsplash)


Trying adventure sports: Always do your research on the experience of the adventure operators you choose. It's important to take this seriously. Look at the customer reviews, the number of years they've been in business, and their safety requirements. (Unsplash)

Buy your own beverages: When you're by yourself, you shouldn't trust anyone with your drinks. Purchase bottled water and have your own drinks prepared. Drinks are spiked more frequently than you might realise, and it never pays to wing it.(Shutterstock)