World Environment Day 2023: Sustainable travel tips and destinations for eco-conscious travellers

Celebrate World Environment Day by exploring sustainable travel options! Discover eco-conscious travel tips that promote environmental preservation.

Published on Jun 04, 2023 07:12 PM IST 11 Photos

As people become more aware of the environmental impact of their trips, they’re looking for ways to support and give back to the local community while travelling. According to’s Sustainable Travel Report 2023, 97% of Indian travellers said that they intend to travel more sustainably over the coming 12 months. Opting to travel sustainably may be easier and more cost-effective than you think. It’s all about reducing environmental damage, helping and engaging local communities and preserving local culture. On World Environment Day, shares five simple ways which can help you become a more mindful and responsible traveller.(Unsplash)

Go off the beaten path: Try and reduce over-tourism by travelling off-peak or off the beaten track. Consider travelling to a location just outside a busy sightseeing area, travel in the off-peak season when there are fewer other visitors or to a lesser-known location - you’ll meet more locals and experience authentic culture.(Unsplash)

Where to go: India’s first planned ecotourism destination, Thenmala, which means Honey Mountain, is set amidst the Western Ghats, surrounded by dense evergreen forests, rich in timber and rubber plantations. The Thenmala Eco-Tourism is divided into three different zones such as the Culture Zone, where one can savouring various Kerala cuisine; Leisure Zone, where one can go for a refreshing walk almost up to the dam and Adventure Zone, where one can go for activities like hiking, rappelling, biking and rock climbing.(Unsplash)


Book an eco-conscious accommodation: When booking your accommodation, try to pick somewhere eco-conscious - it usually won’t cost more than anywhere else. Look for a listing that has energy-saving measures and water-saving practices in place (whether that’s reusing towels, having water-saving shower heads, etc).(Unsplash)

Where to go: Located near the Indo-Myanmar border, Khonomo is known as India’s first green village. Surrounded by large rainforests, the village gained recognition in 2005 for its efforts in preserving ecological diversity and its practices of sustainable living. In order to promote environmental consciousness among its visitors, the town provides sustainable lodging choices such as retreats and homestays. Travellers can enjoy a truly authentic experience and learn about the local culture in the village's well maintained surroundings.(Unsplash)