In Norway's ice-cold seas, champion freediver swims with killer whales

Arthur Guerin-Boeri, a five-time world champion in the dynamic apnea category of competitive freediving, can swim more than 100 metres

Published on Feb 01, 2023 05:00 PM IST 7 Photos

Five times freediving World Champion France's Arthur Guerin-Boeri swims next to an Orca (Killer Whale) in the Arctic Ocean in the Spildra Island northern Arctic Circle, on January 27, 2023.  Guerin-Boeri has been defying glacial temperatures and darkness to rub shoulders with one of the most fearsome sea predators. (Olivier Morin / AFP)

Arthur Guerin-Boeri poses on the Spildra Island northern Arctic Circle. The Frenchman is a holder of multiple world records in freediving under ice, but he hopes to push the perception of freediving beyond sport and performance.(Olivier Morin / AFP)

Arthur Guerin-Boeri warms up in an old traditional artic hut, preparing for his dive with the Orcas, in the Spildra Island northern Arctic Circle. On most days, all he waits for to step into the frigid waters is a glimpse of a fin emerging from the gloomy depths off the island of Spildra. (Olivier Morin / AFP)


Dressed for his dive with killer whales, Arthur Guerin-Boeri poses in the Spildra Island northern Arctic Circle, on January 26. According to AFP, the Arctic Atlantic ocean is at 3 degrees Celsius, while the the air temperature is at minus 4 degrees Celsius at this time of the year, during the polar nights. (Olivier Morin / AFP)

Arthur Guerin-Boeri seen in the Spildra Island northern Arctic Circle, on January 25. The Frenchman plunges more than 15 metres (49 feet) through the icy waters of Kvaenangen Fjord to watch the whales, which come to the area to hunt herring. "I'm in the water next to two super-predators that accept me. It's majestic," the 38-year-old told AFP after his first such dive with the mammals.(Olivier Morin / AFP)