US Winter Storm: Leaves hundreds of thousands without power on Christmas weekend, kills 18

Temperatures plummeted drastically below normal in several parts of the United States, as the bone-chilling cold continues to grip the

Updated on Dec 25, 2022 01:44 PM IST 8 Photos

A frigid winter storm has killed at least 18 people across the United States, leaving millions of people on edge about the possibility of Christmas Eve blackouts. (REUTERS)

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were without power on Christmas eve. (REUTERS)

The storm unleashed its full fury on Buffalo, New York, with hurricane-force winds causing whiteout conditions. Emergency response efforts were paralysed, and the city's international airport was shut down. (REUTERS)


Across the United States, officials have attributed deaths to exposure, car crashes, a falling tree limb and other effects of the storm. (REUTERS)

Blinding blizzards, freezing rain and frigid cold also knocked out power in places from Maine to Seattle. (REUTERS)