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Whatever makes her happy: 5 cute things your woman wants you to tell her

You don't have to be Maya Angelou or a rocket surgeon to figure that the most effective way to seduce a woman is to tell her what she wants to hear. So, allow us to point you toward some choice phrases that’ll work in your favour.

sex and relationships Updated: Dec 17, 2014 14:27 IST
Sanya Panwar
Sanya Panwar
Hindustan Times
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You don't have to be Maya Angelou or a rocket surgeon to figure that the most effective way to seduce a woman is to tell her what she wants to hear.

Like tell her, "You are going to be the awesomest mom ever" or "You are phenomenal," or "I love that you understand quantum physics and smell good", and you're good. Also, for the record, it's not just men who like to hear things like, "You are the funniest person I’ve ever met" and "You are my porn".

Now that you've got her number, but are not sure how to take it from there, allow us to point you toward some choice phrases that’ll work in your favour. Trust us, if she hears you say any one of these five things to her, she'll first laugh and then smile and say something like, let's guess, "Thank you!" Also, she'll think you care about her, for real.

1 The woman you're most jealous of is actually jealous of you!
We swear this is a thing. The grass is always greener on the other side. Even Keira Knightley is probably like, "I wish I had her pout." We don't know who that would be, but we're pretty sure she does. You know how anyone who makes you feel bad about your body (intentionally or not) is a moron? Similarly, anyone who does the opposite is pretty darn awesome. You don't want to lose them.

2 No, it's not possible to eat one piece of cake and gain 10 pounds overnight. Eat it.
Oh and then add something like, "Maybe you don't have to eat cake tomorrow. Or eat it for three days in row and then eat really well for a week." You say this, and bro, you've nailed it. Because, what you are really telling her is that she can eat sensibly and that you have her back. Also, for results , add this, "Trust your body when it tells you it's hungry and then eat something. It's OK to be hungry! You are a person who subsists on food!" Even better, "Some days you're going to be starving and eat like a monster, and some days you won't be as hungry. It all evens out. Don't panic." Genius!

3 It's not about you. Everyone thinks their feet look weird. Feet are weird.
3 or 10: The size on the tag really doesn't matter, it may vary from brand to brand anyway. But what matters is how it looks on her and how she feels in it. Tell her that she should stop caring what the tag size is . Tell her it truly just is a number and she's super hot no matter what it says. But, now that we're talking body parts, how about you telling her to stop feeling weird about her private parts too. Much like Doraemon stickers, womens' body parts come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. And unless it looks like there is a literal pineapple growing out of there, it's normal!

4 When you feel really good, you look really good.
This is such a genuine thing to say (and hear). Happy people make other people feel happy. They just do. So, she would love to see the happy person you are. Just show it to her, will you? We know it seems complicated because you also feel really good when you feel like you look your best, but truly, if you're happy, you look hot as helllll. Tell her this! She'll believe you. Then, ask her to go sleep already. Staying up all night is great, but almost nothing feels better than a really, really good night's sleep. Plus, her skin will look like a baby's in the morning because babies love sleep and their skin rules. If she hears you say things like these on a regular basis, she is lucky. And so are you, if you know what we mean.

5 The thing you're most insecure about is probably something no one else even notices. Promise!
Body size does not directly correlate with health. Many fat women are perfectly healthy and many thin women are very unhealthy. Tell her: Don't judge a book, or yourself, by its/your cover. Take some time, and tell her that no one cares about how her body looks as much as she does. If she's self-conscious when you want to leave the lights on during sex? Tell her it's not because you're looking at her cellulite. And when she says her calves are slightly larger than she feels they should be? Tell her that no one has ever had this thought but her. People are not visual calf measurers. But they sure will look for it once she complains about it. Tell her she is beautiful in every way and that you mean it.

Also, you could try one of these. These are pretty legit too:
1. "When I’m not with you, I want to tear my face off my skull."
2. "I wish I were as smart as you."
3. "You don’t have to cheer me up, because just being around you makes me happy."
4. "Marrying/ dating you was the smartest idea I ever had."
5. "You’re nicer to my mother than I am."
6. "I love it when you use big words."
7. "You make me forget I ever dated anyone else."
8. "I like the way you snuggle."
9. "You make me never want to play video games again."
10. "You are simply the best."

First Published: Dec 16, 2014 15:41 IST