Roll the dice as eight classic Dungeons & Dragons games return to GOG and Steam

ByPaurush Omar
Mar 30, 2023 09:49 PM IST

Get ready for a blast from the past! SNEG has recently announced the release of eight classic Dungeons & Dragons games on both GOG and Steam

Gamers and fans of Dungeons & Dragons, it's time to dust off your capes and swords because SNEG has just released eight classic D&D games to GOG and Steam. This is an exciting development as many of these titles have not been available for over 25 years.

SNEG has recently announced the release of eight classic Dungeons & Dragons games on both GOG and Steam
SNEG has recently announced the release of eight classic Dungeons & Dragons games on both GOG and Steam

The offerings include Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace, Fantasy Empires, DragonStrike, DeathKeep, Heroes of the Lance, Dragons of Flame, War of the Lance, and Shadow Sorcerer. Each game is available through the Silver Box Classics bundle and includes digital bonus materials from their original releases, such as manuals, rulebooks, and clue books.

The release of these eight classics coincides with the D&D Franchise Event happening now on Steam, where gamers can enjoy up to 75% off on D&D titles, including Gold Box Classics previously released by SNEG.

DragonStrike, the first-ever dragon combat simulator, is set in the world of Dragonlance and includes 20 missions where players can intercept enemy dragons, destroy enemy ships, and protect the forces of good to advance in rank and acquire better dragons.

In Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace, players can pilot a Spelljammer ship into Realmspace and explore eight worlds of inner and outer planets while engaging in spectacular first-person flight combat and classic tactical encounters.

Fantasy Empires puts players in the role of ruler of a fledgling kingdom where they must take over adjacent kingdoms using magic, brute force, or strategic planning. The game features real-time combat in an overhead view, as well as a computer-controlled Dungeon Master, who provides insight and comic relief.

DeathKeep is a first-person single-player role-playing game where players must find and defeat an evil Necromancer located in the lower levels of a fully 3D environment filled with 25 dungeons and 30 types of monsters.

Heroes of the Lance is based on the latter parts of the Dragonlance book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, and features side-scrolling fighting with a maze-like map using doors to change the view. Players control the eight Heroes of the Lance, which they can switch between at any time.

Dragons of Flame follows the Heroes of the Lance formula with a side-scrolling, action-oriented view, where players can choose from 10 playable characters and use weapons, spells, and character-specific abilities to battle Trolls, Griffins, Draconians, and Zombies.

War of the Lance allows players to command armies, heroes, and special units against the evil Highlord Dragon Armies. They can search for magic to help in battle, use diplomats to gather nations to their side, and send armies to the field to do battle or hunt down enemy heroes.

In Shadow Sorcerer, players control a party of four adventurers that have just rescued 800 slaves and must shepherd them through the wilderness before the evil Red Dragon army catches up with them. The game includes real-time strategic, tactical, and political gameplay, where danger is around every corner.

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Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace, Fantasy Empires, DragonStrike, DeathKeep, and the Silver Box Classics bundle are available now via GOG and Steam. Get them for 15% off during the launch week. Don't miss this opportunity to relive some classic D&D games and immerse yourself in these fantastic worlds.

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