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Learn to speak Australian in a jiffy, abbreviate everything

The trick to blending in with Australians is to abbreviate everything you say, according to Josh Hawkins whose video titled How to speak Australian: Abbreviate Everything has gone viral on social media.

travel Updated: Jul 21, 2015 20:30 IST
Austrailian Accent,Australia,Josh Hawkins
Josh Hawkins' video How to speak Australian: Abbreviate Everything has gone viral within a week that it was released. (Youtube grab)

If you are in Australia and are desperately trying to blend in, here's the trick of the trade -- Abbreviate everything. That's what Josh Hawkins said in his video which has gone viral.

Hawkins' video titled How to speak Australian: Abbreviate Everything, has been viewed more than 130,000 times in the one week that it has been posted. In fact former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has also praised it.

Hawkins said that the key to speaking Aussie is to shorten words wherever possible -- a practice which means that even Australia itself is condensed to Straya.

"There wasn't a lot of thought behind it to be honest," he told AFP.

"I just thought that it would be interesting to see how many abbreviations we could come up with ... that everyday Aussies use," he said.

Simple words such as football, biscuit and chocolate become footy, biccy and choccy -- and the general response has been amazement at how many common words are shortened in everyday use.

"For anyone who's visiting, an essential is G'day, how ya going?. You can have a full conversation with just that," said Hawkins, a pastor who works with young adults.

Another essential would be understanding what Australians call a pub.

"There's a few options: you can just call it the local. So, Heading down to the local for a bevvy (that's a beverage)," said Hawkins.

"But also you can call it the tav, that's short for tavern, the bowlo, that's short for bowling club, or the arrie, that's short for the RSL," he added in reference to the Returned and Services League of Australia, which has hundreds of establishments around the country that serve the country's veterans.

There is less confusion with the word beer, but as he notes that "if you drink it out of the tin can, it's a tinny".

Hawkins said he had been surprised by the huge response to the video, which was retweeted by Gillard who described it as hilarious. However, she noted it omitted chuck a sickie which means to take a sick day off work.

"She's probably the queen of Aussie slang actually," he admitted.

"Some of the stuff that she comes out with is what we like to call a bit bogan (uncouth). I think she's said in the past... 'Yeah, come down with the family, have a gawk, have a gander at what's going on'.

"So that basically means have a look and enjoy whatever it was she was talking about."
Hawkins said there were many words he had to leave out, and obviously swear words were not acceptable. But for their next video he's considering names.

"We don't call anyone by their actual name. It's either a variation of their last name or something out of left field. So I would be known as 'Hawko' because my last name is Hawkins."

First Published: Jul 21, 2015 18:05 IST