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88-year-old Gamer Grandpa wins ‘oldest male gaming streamer’ title, has this advice for youngsters

ByTrisha Sengupta
Feb 03, 2024 07:01 PM IST

“Age is just a number for this 88-year-old gaming sensation,” Guinness World Records wrote while sharing a video of the Gamer Grandpa on Facebook.

An 88-year-old man made it to the Guinness World Records (GWR) list after winning the title of ‘oldest gaming streamer (male)’. GWR took to Facebook to share a video capturing the man’s journey in his own words. It also shows him streaming while playing video games.

The image shows 88-year-old Yang Binglin who won the oldest male gaming streamer title. (Facebook/@Guinness World Records)

“Age is just a number for this 88-year-old gaming sensation! Meet the oldest gaming streamer (male),” GWR wrote as they shared the video on Facebook. In the clip, Yang Binglin, affectionately known as ‘Gamer Grandpa’, shares about his hobby of gaming that earned him a world record. He also speaks about his friends from all over the world.

Yang Binglin’s advice to young gamers:

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In a conversation with GWR, Yang Binglin shared a piece of advice for youngsters. He advised the individuals to ‘prioritise their responsibilities before indulging in gaming’. He also shared that he started gaming as a hobby back in 1996 after his retirement. He ‘spent his earlier years in scientific research and engineering related to oil and gas drilling in southern Sichuan’.

How did his family react to him being a gamer?

Yang Binglin told GWR that his family have no objection to his gaming habits. His grandson, Yang Yihuan, even told GWR, “Although he hasn't extensively travelled, games have served as a window for him to understand diverse cultures, histories, and scenic landscapes worldwide”.

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“Despite lacking real-world driving experience, Grandpa derives joy from the virtual driving experiences in games, showcasing his gaming prowess,” Yang Yihuan added.

Take a look at this video of the 88-year-old gamer:

The post was shared about 17 hours ago. Since then, the video has accumulated close to 17,000 views. The share has also collected nearly 650 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the post.

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What did Facebook users say about Gamer Grandpa?

“This is amazing,” wrote a Facebook user. “Wow, this is awesome,” added another. “Congratulations,” added a third.

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