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Alligator chomps monstrous python in United States’ Florida. Here’s what happens next

Dec 26, 2023 10:27 PM IST

The unusual encounter between an alligator and a python was captured by a woman who was cycling in the Shark Valley in the United States.

A woman from Miami, Florida, took to Facebook to share a few pictures and a video of an unusual encounter between an alligator and a python. Alison Joslyn was cycling in the Shark Valley when she spotted the python inside the alligator’s mouth.

The image shows the python inside the alligator’s mouth. (Facebook/Alison Joslyn)
The image shows the python inside the alligator’s mouth. (Facebook/Alison Joslyn)

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“Came across this unusual sight today while cycling Shark Valley in the Everglades. That’s one less python to terrorise the Everglades. Gator was quite lethargic and I was wondering if it might be the cold, he was tired from fighting the snake, maybe got bit by the snake, started swallowing the snake and had to stop because it was too big? Other thoughts?” wrote Joslyn while sharing the visuals on Facebook.

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“Postscript: I should probably add a postscript that when I was thinking a bite could be an issue, I was aware they aren’t venomous, but as the gator had the head of the snake in his mouth or down his throat I wondered if the snake could have done damage to those soft tissues as it was fighting for its life,” he further added.

The pictures show the alligator resting in the water with the python in its mouth. On the other hand, the video shows the movements of the alligator as it held onto the python. Though the python appears to be dead, the alligator stops swallowing it.

Take a look at the pictures and video here:

Screengrab of Alison Joslyn’s Facebook post. (Facebook/Alison Joslyn)
Screengrab of Alison Joslyn’s Facebook post. (Facebook/Alison Joslyn)

The Facebook post was shared on December 21. It has collected over one thousand reactions so far. Many even shared the post with their friends and family. Additionally, a few even left comments on the post.

Check out how people reacted to this post:

“Lol the snake wouldn’t even be able to penetrate the gator’s hide. Not a bite. And that little python ain’t tiring that gator out. Cold, or just being lazy. Gators are known for short bursts. Rare. I’ve seen one not looking lethargic compared to their abilities,” posted an individual.

Another added, “Probably fighting plus the cold. But for real, super cool post. Alligator fighting those invasive pythons! Gotta share this.”

“Thanks for sharing this! This is awesome! I bet the cold weather is affecting it,” expressed a third.

A fourth commented, “Great series of pics and video! I’m guessing tired from the efforts, cold? And gators always look lethargic? Lucky you!”

“The cold is probably slowing him down. This is awesome!” shared a fifth.

A sixth wrote, “No sure how ‘cold’ it is in that area but gators definitely don’t have the same appetite when it’s below 70 degrees - often stop eating. So glad it killed that snake but may not even be hungry to eat it!”

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