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Christmas Brain Teaser: Only puzzle masters can spot the sheep among Santas in 5 seconds

Dec 18, 2023 09:29 AM IST

A Facebook user reacted to this Christmas-related brain teaser and wrote, “I found a cat, but not a sheep.”

Christmas is just around the corner, and social media is buzzing with festive posts. Among them is this brain teaser that has kept people hooked for quite some time. It challenges puzzle enthusiasts to spot a sheep among Santas in five seconds or less. Do you think you have what it takes to beat the clock and solve this brain teaser?

Christmas Brain Teaser: Spot a sheep among Santas (Facebook/@thedudolf)
Christmas Brain Teaser: Spot a sheep among Santas (Facebook/@thedudolf)

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“Can you find a sheep among the Santas?” wrote Gergely Dudás, also known as Dudolf, while sharing the brain teaser on Facebook. The brain teaser features a group of Santas enjoying each other’s company. However, there is an elusive white-coloured sheep among them, waiting to be discovered. Can you find it in the given time frame? Your time starts now…

Take a look at the brain teaser here:

The brain teaser was shared three days ago on Facebook. It has since accumulated over 200 reactions, and the numbers are still increasing. A few even took to the comments section of the posts to share their thoughts.

Check out how people reacted to this brain teaser:

“I love these. I found the sheep. Very cute,” posted an individual.

Another commented, “Yes! This one was hard too - great job.”

“Found it! I like it when I only have to find one. If more, I usually forget where the first or second was,” expressed a third.

A fourth wrote, “Found the cute sheep. Love your drawings and thank you for the entertainment. Merry Christmas!”

“I found a cat, but not a sheep,” shared a fifth.

A sixth joined, “Fastest find ever.”

“I got him quickly!” added a seventh.

Were you able to solve this brain teaser? How much time did you take to find the sheep?

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