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Hamas-themed cake for 4-year-old’s birthday, Australian bakery slammed

May 24, 2024 01:18 PM IST

An Australian bakery shared pictures showing a Hamas-themed cake with the Palestinian Flag and an image of Hamas spokesperson, Abu Obaida.

A bakery in Australia is receiving backlash after it posted pictures of a Hamas-themed cake for the birthday of a four-year-old. As per reports, following the criticism, the bakery deleted the photos, but many are questioning why the bakers thought it was a good idea to bake such a cake.

The image shows a Hamas-themed cake baked by a bakery in Australia. (YouTube/@HT-Videos)

“An Australian Bakery made a Hamas-themed cake for a four-year-old boy. The cake featured the Palestinian Flag and an image of Hamas' Spokesperson, Abu Obaida. The bakery, Oven Bakery by Fufu, was forced to take down pictures of the cake on social media after it sparked massive outrage on the internet,” reads the caption to a video posted on YouTube.

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The video shows a montage of visuals of the cake that has drawn flak from online users.

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The video, since being shared, has received several views. It has also accumulated tons of comments from people.

What did people say the cake?

“It’s outrageous to make a birthday cake like this for a little kid. Are they glorifying a terrorist organisation?” wrote a YouTube user.

“These are the kind of fanatics the world is supporting. Justifying giving a Hamas-themed cake to a freaking kid on his birthday by calling it a freedom of expression. Get some therapy, man. You all are sick,” added another.

“When you go so woke, you lose your senses into making things like these,” joined a third.

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“Why, just why,” questioned a fourth.

Hamas, which controls Gaza, is currently at war with Israel. The name of the group stands for Islamic Resistance Movement, reported the BBC. It wants to reject “Israel's right to exist” and form an Islamic state in its place. Hamas gunmen, on October 7 last year, stormed across Gaza's border into Israel, killing hundreds of people.

Under Australia’s criminal code, Hamas is listed as a “terrorist organisation”.

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