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Man pets stray dog lying on his Ferrari. Watch

ByTrisha Sengupta
Oct 14, 2023 02:32 PM IST

A video of a man petting a dog lying on his Ferrari has gone viral on Instagram. The video may leave you smiling too.

A heartwarming scene between a compassionate man and a stray dog was captured on camera. A video shared on Instagram shows the man letting the stray sleep on top of his luxury car. It also captures him showering the pooch with pets.

The image shows a dog sitting on top of a Ferrari. (Instagram/@aamirsharma)

Instagram user Aamir Sharma shared the video with a short caption explaining the situation. “My Ferrari cover makes a warm bed for the street dogs around,” he wrote. While responding to a comment by an Instagram user praising him, Sharma replied, “I can only take care of what’s around me, there are millions of homeless and hurt dogs, so all kind-hearted people can help.”

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The video opens to show the luxury car with a cover on it. A dog is seen comfortably lying on top of it. As the video progresses, Sharma goes near the pooch and pets it.

Take a look at this heart-melting stray dog video:

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Since being shared almost seven days ago, the video has accumulated close to 8.5 lakh views. It has also gathered nearly 98,000 likes. From praising the man to calling him ‘kindhearted’, people took to the comments section to share varied reactions.

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What did an Instagram user say about this dog video?

“Nothing but respect for you bro,” shared an Instagram user. “Massive respect, absolutely love this,” added another. “I’ve seen people put up horrifying needle traps instead of just covering up their car. Sitting on those traps even by chance is just so painful. This is so amazing. Tonnes of respect,” joined a third. “You are the best,” wrote a fourth. Many reacted to the video using heart emoticons.

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