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Moye Moye to Bhupendra Jogi: 5 most searched memes on Google this year

Dec 12, 2023 06:33 PM IST

Bhupendra Jogi is the most searched meme in India this year, according to Google’s ‘Year in Search 2023’ list. Check other memes that made it to the list.

Like every other year, this year too, Google has released its ‘Year in Search 2023’ list. The list is a wrap of the biggest trends in search on Google throughout the year. It has a range of categories, including people, films, news events, and more, both globally and country-wise. In its India rundown, the tech giant revealed the most popular memes that had Indians laughing hard. From Moye Moye to Bhupendra Jogi, here’s a compilation of the top 5 memes people in India Googled most this year.

Aayein meme claimed the fourth spot, while the Aukat Dikha Di meme is on number five. (Screengrab)
Aayein meme claimed the fourth spot, while the Aukat Dikha Di meme is on number five. (Screengrab)

1- Bhupendra Jogi

Earning the title of India’s most searched meme in 2023, Bhupendra Jogi took the Internet by storm during October and November. It traces back to November 2018 when a journalist came across a man who claimed that the roads in Madhya Pradesh were better than those in America. During the interview, the journalist asked the man to name a few places he had visited in the US, but instead of answering the question, the man responded by stating his own name. This hilarious exchange gave birth to a viral meme that is still popular with netizens.

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Ahead of the election in Madhya Pradesh, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan recreated this viral reel with Bhupendra Jogi.

2- So beautiful, so elegant

“So beautiful, so elegant…” - we don’t even need to tell you what comes after these words as Jasmeen Kaur’s unique phrase to talk about a salwar suit is all over the Internet. Many, including celebrities, politicians, and musicians, hopped on the ‘just looking like a wow’ trend and made reels using viral audio. Some even used the viral phrase as captions to photos and videos. The meme gained the most popularity during October and November this year. It was most searched in Tripura, followed by Nagaland, Meghalaya, Odisha, and Jharkhand.

The video shows Jasmeen Kaur using the phrase ‘just looking like a wow’ to talk about a yellow salwar suit.

3- Moye Moye

You are not alone if you have found yourself humming ‘Moye Moye’ recently. The meme has been gaining significant traction for the past few months and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The videos on this meme show people reacting to different situations and doing ‘Moye Moye’ dance.

The meme has its origin in the chorus of the song Džanum by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora. Dora sings Moye More in the song, but people have mistaken it for ‘Moye Moye’. Unlike the viral comedy reels, the song is about longing, pain and rejection.

Uorfi Javed and Dolly Singh recently hopped on the Moye Moye trend. Expectedly, it has gone viral.

4- Aayein

This meme made everyone laugh throughout the year. The meme is used to express the classic ‘what?’ moment. The meme originated from an interview with a sixth-grade student named Aditya Kumar from Bihar. When the reporter asked Kumar about his favourite subject, he responded with ‘ayein’. When the reporter repeated the question, Aditya answered ‘Baigan’. The meme became very popular and was searched the most in Delhi, followed by Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha.

5- Aukat Dikha Di

This meme has caused quite a stir online, as it humorously displays one’s true abilities or status. The meme originated from a video of the Tamil movie Aayitha Ezhuthu, featuring Suriya’s character entering parliament, where Bharathiraja’s character welcomes him. Suriya responds with a smile and a hand on his shoulder.

The screenshot shows Aukat Dikha Di meme. (Instagram/@lord_x_editz_)
The screenshot shows Aukat Dikha Di meme. (Instagram/@lord_x_editz_)

Other memes that made it to the list are the Ohio, The Boys, the Elvish Bhai, The Waffle House New Host and the Smurf Cat. Which one is your favourite?

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