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Startup under fire for glorifying employees not sleeping, netizens call them 'toxic'

ByVrinda Jain
Mar 23, 2023 08:11 PM IST

A startup was slammed after they shared how their employees have been working on no sleep for the last 30 days. Many people have shared their thoughts on the same.

In the past few years hustle culture has gained a lot of traction. While some people may think that hustle culture is important in today's world, others have strongly opposed it. In fact, several social media posts criticise this culture. Now, a recent share on Twitter has again sparked a debate on this topic.

Many people have pointed out the negative impacts of hustle culture.(Unspalsh/@Garrhet Sampson)

It all started when a startup called Perfora shared a picture of their account manager on Instagram stories and wrote how he had hardly slept in 30 days. "Meet Sonu: Our account manager at the partner warehouse. He has hardly slept in the last 30 days. He looks after the entire order packing and dispatching," wrote Perfora on their Instagram.

A screenshot of their story was reshared on Twitter by user @SatinTweety. As they reshared the picture, they wrote, "For the millionth time, your startup employee not having slept well in 30 days is not a flex."

Take a look at the post here:

@SatinTweety replied to their own post and reshared another Instagram story by Perfora. In this picture, Perfora tells how their ops team has been at the warehouse for 30 days and has been working till 3 am. Take a look at the tweet here.

These tweets were shared on March 19. Since being posted, it has been liked over 700 times and has received several comments.

Take a look at a few reactions below:

An individual wrote, "Toxic work culture whitewashed as a commitment for no reason. These guys are just scared of losing their jobs and can't say no, like most of us." Another person posted, "@Perforaofficial, that's not the flex you think it is. Hire more people. No one's dying to use products/services at the cost of another human. Do better." "We really need strict labor laws and a proper place to report such stuff," added a third. A fourth person wrote, "Nothing like leveraging a person's power, stamina, adrenaline rush, motivation, ego & insecurities to checks notes...make your warehouse run smoothly. Nothing like hooking yourself to this 'dream,' this collective social delusion. I was this person. Capitalism is a trip."

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