Bigg Boss 13 day 81 written update episode 81 December 26: Shehnaaz Gill is the new captain

Bigg Boss 13 day 81 written update episode 81 December 26: Shehnaaz Gill saw favours from various quarters and emerged winner during the final captaincy task.
Bigg Boss 13 day 81 written update episode 81 December 26: After a lot of tears, fights and more Shehnaaz became the captain.
Bigg Boss 13 day 81 written update episode 81 December 26: After a lot of tears, fights and more Shehnaaz became the captain.
Updated on Dec 27, 2019 01:35 PM IST
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Thursday’s episode of reality show Bigg Boss 13 was quite a roller coaster ride as contestants braved a variety of emotions – while they struggled to stop themselves from crying as they received homemade food from their respective families, they also had some of their worst fights as Shehnaaz Gill and Vishal Aditya Singh fought for captaincy.

Here are the top highlights from tonight’s episode:

The episode began with Vishal and Madhurima Tulli getting cosy in the bed and discussing that audience would say they had faked their fight on another show (they appeared together on dance reality show Nach Baliye).

Christmas celebrations soon began and after some dance, the housemates decided to play truth and dare. Shehnaaz was asked whom she loves more - Sidharth or Paras - and she named Sidharth. Arti negated her but she fought back. Arti also asked Sidharth whom she loves more, Shehnaaz or her but he responded with Shehnaaz’s name. Later, Arti said she wanted to know about Sidharth’s priority. Paras told her that Sidharth took named Shehnaaz as otherwise she would have created a scene.

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An upset Arhaan told Asim that he would not cook after his captaincy ended as he did not want to deal with the negativity. Early next day, Vishal announced that Paras had this trait of changing his behaviour within minutes.

Mumbai’s Dabbawalas entered the house with tiffins full of homemade food for the winners of Chinese stall task from their respective families. Arti, Shefali Jariwala, Paras, Shehnaaz, Sidharth and received their dabbas and thanked the dabbawalas, calling them Santa Claus. Arti began crying as she ate food as she ate her food.

Shefali also got emotional as she tasted her food and announced it was her mother’s food. Rashami was shocked to see Paras in tears as he ate his momos and dhokla.

With love from the families, the housemates kept their differences aside and shared all the food - from Punjab’s famous ‘makki ki roti’ from Shehnaz’s tiffin to ‘besan ke laddoo’ and ‘dhokla’ from Paras’s dabba. Shefali Jariwala serves some yummy ‘rasmalai’ and ‘dahi wada’ from her tiffin for the housemates to savour.

Soon, Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task for Shehnaaz and Vishal. They had to enter a ‘shaitaani dimaag’ setup placed in the garden area wherein they would get ‘thoughts’ on an indicator. The thoughts would be such that the housemates would have to convince other housemates to destroy their personal belongings. Both Shehnaz and Vishal would get the same ‘thought’ and the housemates had to choose for whom they wish to sacrifice their belongings.

While he did not initially want to do it, Asim later agreed to destroy his favourite gym belt for Shehnaz. When Shehnaaz said twice that it was a huge thing that Asim agreed to destroy his favourite belt, Sidharth told her that he had heard Asim saying earlier that he did not need the belt anymore. Shehnaaz and Sidharth then fought over it. When Shehnaaz told Shefali Bagga about the discussion and said that Paras told Sidharth that Asim did not need the belt anyways, Shefali said Paras had no emotions.

Next in line was Rashami who was asked to destroy her family photo and she agreed to do it for Vishal. Sidharth also agreed to cut his favourite towel. After the task was done, Sidharth asked Shehnaaz why was she happy while cutting the towel. Shehnaaz asked if he was hurt with her behaviour but he simply told her to forget all of it.

Arti told Paras, Shefali Jariwala and Mahira that Sidharth asked her to do tasks for himself as well as Shehnaaz and she was angry that Shehnaaz made her carry out all her chores. Shefali told Arti that she should talk to Shehnaaz about it instead of talking behind her back. Arti also claimed that Shehnaaz had said during the task, “Ye Meena Sheena sab ke samaan (gestures sweeping out).” Sidharth had to destroy the towel that his best friend, Sheena had gifted him.

Mahira refused to destroy her family photos. Arti was asked to destroy her mom’s letter. Arti was emotional and announced that she would not destroy it.

Paras was then asked to paint his favourite yellow shoes. Vishal tried convincing him and told him that he would buy two pairs for Paras once they are out of the show. However, Paras agreed to do it for Shehnaaz. Shefali Bagga was then asked to shred all her photos and she did it for Shehnaaz.

Later, Shefali Jariwala told Mahira that Himanshi had revealed that Shehnaaz is 27 but behaves like a 12-year old. Shefali was then asked to destroy her favourite night robe. After some fights, Shefali announced that she would do it for Vishal as she wanted to payback for his friendship. However, Vishal and Paras convinced her to not sacrifice her favourite robe, gifted by her husband.

Arti then told Shefali that she did not have to do anything for anyone anymore. Arti said, “Jo drame karta hai usko bolo apne serial me ja ke kare, hero banta hai usko hero banana de. Aapko emotional hone ki jarurat nahi hai.” While Arti labeled him as confused, he called her selfish.

Bigg Boss soon announced that Shehnaaz won the task and declared her as the next captain. Shehnaaz began laughing as she saw her photo on the captain’s board. “Oh my God, kitni cute lag rahi hun.”

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