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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 13: From breakfast to captaincy task, Kaushal’s behaviour towards women questioned

A lot of drama unfolded in the episode 13 of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu—Tejaswi, Kaushal and Samrat bicker over food, Nutan has an argument with Samrat over family while Keeriti questions Kaushal’s behaviour towards women.

tv Updated: Jun 23, 2018 13:13 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 13: Kaushal argues with Tanish and Keeriti.

The housemates of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu are being punished for not following house rules. The most affected member is the captain of the house, Samrat, who has to dunk in the swimming pool every time the alarm blares. When most of the housemates are sleepless and cranky, food is served. As everyone gathers, Tejaswi says she will be serving food for everyone from now on, and that is how much all of them can eat.

Taking over from where Tejaswi left, Samrat talks of all the things participants must keep in mind. He begins by asking housemates to clear the food remains properly and put the plates to wash. He also refers to how men who use the women’s toilet need to learn to put the seat up before they use it. “Has no one taught you this? This can only mean that no one at your home (parents) has taught you basic etiquette,” he says.

Everything is fine as housemates are busy eating, but Kaushal gets back to the food comment and mentions that speaking about how much one should eat right when someone sits down for a meal is not okay. Samrat replies that there is a way to express things, and Kaushal just doesn’t know the right way to communicate. That is when Nutan abruptly gets into the conversation. Irritated, he asks Samrat, “How dare you speak about my family? Don’t you know there are limits to a conversation? How dare you?”

This continues until Tejaswi interrupts and says that she spoke about food only because some people waste a lot of it while others don’t even get to eat. Kaushal stresses yet again about there being a time and place to discuss everything and Tejaswi gets pissed. She says, “Some people have no shame and yet help themselves to multiple servings.” This hits a nerve, and the argument gets ugly between Kaushal and Tejaswi.

Tejaswi then sits down with her friends, Tanish and Samrat, and explains how seeing so much food waste in the dustbin doesn’t bode well with her. Tanish walks out and hears Nutan (who by then has forgiven and forgotten what Samrat has said) speak about how it is not okay to bring someone’s family in an argument. Tanish gets mad and starts bickering with Nutan, and voices are raised. Samrat comes running out to see a new argument mid way and takes Tanish outside to cool down the situation.

Bigg Boss then announces the captaincy task. He asks three members of the house to come forward and take part in the task. Amit, Tanish and Kaushal come forward. A point to be noted here is that Kaushal is currently nominated and there is a chance of him being eliminated as well. The task is for the three contestants to hold on to a rope while the other members do ‘everything and anything they can to get them to leave the hold of the rope and get off the podium’. From tickling, shaving beards, dumping toothpaste to using lemon—housemates try everything. None of them are ready to give up.

That is when Bhanu speaks to Samrat in front of the housemates about how a majority of the housemates don’t want Tanish to head the house as they would be dominated by Samrat, Tanish and Tejaswi again.

So Shyamala, Deepthi and Nutan speak to Kaushal and tell him to give up the task if he is okay to have Amit as the captain. Kaushal agrees, and so does Tanish. Amit gets chosen as the captain.

A new problem, however, arises after Kaushal gives up the task. While performing the task, Keeriti says that he doesn’t like Kaushal’s behaviour towards women and that women in the house have a problem with him. He is not ready to let it go, and there is a showdown in the garden area as Kaushal asks Keeriti what he meant by his statement.

Kaushal asks the women in the house if they have a problem with him, and all of them respond in the negative. He also apologises to Tejaswi much before the task begins, so even she says she doesn’t have a problem, leaving Keeriti in a fix.

He then apologises to Kaushal in front of everyone, but is not ready to let go of the fact that his behaviour towards women is questionable.

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First Published: Jun 23, 2018 13:11 IST