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Bigg Boss 9: Ten ugliest fights of the season

As the ninth season of Bigg Boss inches its way to a grand finale, we take a look at the most catty fights of the controversial show. Think Prince Narula. Think Priya Malik...

tv Updated: Jan 16, 2016 09:15 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
Bigg Boss 9,Priya Malik,Prince Narula
Both Priya Malik and Mandana Karimi have had a huge share in the fights inside the Bigg Boss this season.(Colors)

Did you just say Bigg Boss 9 didn’t have any big bang fights that kept the voyeur in you glued to the TV screens? Or, that this season of the reality show promised a never-ending supply of steamy scenes from inside the house, but stopped short of delivering even the bare minimum?

Think again. Think Prince Narula. Think Priya Malik.

As the ninth season of Bigg Boss inches its way to a grand finale, we take a look at the most catty fights of the controversial show.

1. Mandana-Kishwar

Early in November last year, Mandana Karimi kicked Kishwar Merchant during a task and it was so hard the TV actor lost her balance. It all started during the ‘Highway task’: Mandana, Rochelle, Digangana, Aman and Rishabh were on a rickshaw, and Kishwar, Prince and Suyyash were supposed to ‘irritate’ them. Prince threw kitchen waste on Mandana, and even smeared it on Rochelle’s face, leaving both of them agitated. Prince and Kishwar then put cold water on Mandana, infuriating her even more. In order to save Mandana’s mike, Kishwar pulled it aside, but Mandana retaliated kicking Kishwar in her abdomen.

2. Priya-Prince

They are the biggest fighters this season and they have locked horns innumerable times inside the house in past three months. Be it Priya’s complain that Prince singled her out for punishments during his captaincy tenure or Prince’s never-tiring attempts to irritate her, the duo mostly kept fighting and teasing each other through the season.

3. Mandana-Rochelle

Mandana, who entered the show as Keith’s partner, managed to fight with his girlfriend Rochelle Rao over Keith in the first week of Bigg Boss 9! Mandana first refused to shift her bed in order to allow Rochelle sleep beside him and this predictably irked Rochelle. When Keith tried to reason with her, Mandana used a ‘condescending tone’ to speak to Rochelle, forcing the latter to lose her cool. The situation intensified, turning into an ugly catfight between Mandana and Rochelle while Keith kept himself aloof from the heated discussion. The trio that began the journey inside the house as friends was soon broken.

4. Nora-Rishabh

Even the wild card entries did not take much time to warm up to the warring atmosphere in the house and Nora Fatehi was brewing storms within days of her entry, saying Rishabh had little to talk about his career. Rishabh then retaliated, saying she didn’t have a body of work to flaunt either. Nora, however, regretted her arguments after her eviction.

5. Mandana-Prince

Bigg Boss day care was all about screams, cries, tantrums and diaper changes. On the second day, the caretakers became the trouble-making kids and the kids became the caretakers. Mandana who was sick a day before and didn’t participate in the task got pretty excited when her turn to become the bachcha came on day two. Prince was pretty irritated by Mandana as he felt that she became all well in just a day when the easy part came. Prince repeating this again and again got Mandana really irritated, she got into a fight with Prince where she was seen hurling abuses which got Prince angry and he asked Mandana to behave herself and stop insulting and using bad language every now and then.

6. Rishabh-Prince

During the hotel task, things got a little nasty when Rishabh and Mandana were given the secret task of getting any two housemates irritated so that they would leave the task halfway. Rishabh went all out to torture the housemates, which got the housemates, especially Prince, really angry. Till date Prince carries a grudge over Rishabh forcing Kishwar, his best friend, to fetch bones for three long hours.

7. Rochelle- Rishabh

Rochelle and Rishabh had a huge fight that led to Rochelle abusing him back, which got Rishabh agitated and he ended up speaking rudely to her. And in between their tiff, Prince asked Rishabh to back off a little and not cross the line.

8. Prince-Suyyash

When Digangana took the carpet out of the house during the task, Sharati Bachche and Rishabh stopped her from going out. Suyyash backed her but Prince claimed it was against Bigg Boss’ orders to go out of the house. Prince and Suyyash got into an argument and this fight caused a lot of differences to crop up between the two friends.

9. Keith-Mandana

Soon after her first fight in the house with Rochelle, Mandana also had a heated argument with Keith over his activities. They were still bound together and were supposed to move along in pairs, and Mandana expressed objection to the number of times Keith went to the washroom! It obviously sparked Keith’s anger and two had an ugly spat.

10. Mandana-Priya

The year began on a rather rough note for Mandana. While Bigg Boss ensured she got to talk to her boyfriend Gaurav during a task, Priya overheard the conversation and began making fun of Mandana. Priya questioned Mandana’s character and the duo started yet another ugly fight.

Did we miss some of the fights? Share with us in the comment box below.

First Published: Jan 16, 2016 08:57 IST