Game of Thrones: Yet to watch episode 7? Don't miss these pictures

'The Gift', seventh episode from season five of HBO's Game of Thrones, is out! Now, in case you missed the early morning (6:30am *yawwwn*) premier, here are a few pictures to fuel your curiosity.
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'The Gift', seventh episode from season five of HBO's Game of Thrones, is out! Now, in case you missed the early morning (6:30am *yawwwn*) premier, here are a few pictures to fuel your curiosity.

PS: Don't worry about spoilers, you're safe.

Episode synopsis: Jon Snow prepares for conflict; Sansa tries to talk to Theon; Brienne waits for a sign; Stannis remains stubborn; Jaime tries to reconnect with family.

The Wall

With the winter coming, Jon Snow is trying to ensure they're ready for the biggest threat to the realm -- the White Walkers. Though the Night's Watch is not happy about it, Snow's decision to get the Wildlings on the other side of the Wall will be a decisive one. After all, anything is better than scores of Wildlings turning into armies of the frozen dead.

(Snow and Tormund north of the Wall.)

(Samwell Tarly holding a sword is not an image you want to see, considering his skills with it can probably cause more harm than good.)

Even as things heat up, looks like grim tidings await the Wall:

(Maester Aemon)

(Gilly, Sam and Ser Alliser in stills from episode 7.)

King's Landing

Last week we saw Cersei on top of her game after she managed to get both Ser Loras and even Queen Margaery thrown into prison for lying about her brother's sexuality during the holy inquest by the High Sparrow.

(And King Tommen does not look happy.)

(The High Sparrow and his religious cult Faith Militant are high on power, and Cersei is to blame. Will this end badly for her?)


Last time we saw Daenerys, she informed Hizdahr zo Loraq that she's going to be marrying him. Considering this move is all about politics, we're curious to see Khaleesi's gameplan.

(Her dragon missing, her people rebelling and Ser Barrister dead... can Daenerys Targaryen turn things around?)

Tyrion and Jorah

After being attacked by the Stone Men, Tyrion and Jorah have now been abducted by Slavers of Mereen.

(Tyrion in captivity.)

Meanwhile, a lot of fans are wondering why Tyrion didn't contract greyscale like Jorah. One possibility is that it was because he didn't come in direct contact with the Stone Men or even Jorah.

Some fans believe that our favourite dwarf is actually a Targaryen and that they are immune to disease and sickness. Not only has this theory been contradicted but many have pointed out that Targaryens weren't, after all, immune to diseases at all.

Another theory suggests that Greyscale is like leprosy or AIDS in the real world, and not everyone exposed to it will necessarily contract the disease.


Last week's episode saw immense criticism over the scene showing Ramsay raping Sansa. Beyond the outrage, however, lie exciting theories.

Many fan's have pointed out that Theon referred to himself as Greyjoy and not Reek for the first time since Ramsay's torture. That combined with being forced to see Sansa being raped could push him to do something Ramsay won't see coming.

(Will Theon be back or will he remain Reek?)

Since this is a territory new even for the book lovers, speculation is all we get.

Here's a preview to today's episode:

The Gift is written by David Benioff and DB Weiss and is the Game of Thrones debut of Miguel Sapochnik as director. Watch this space for episode seven's review, up in a few hours.

(All photos courtesy HBO Defined)

(Game of Thrones Season 5 airs every Monday on HBO Defined.)

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