Visitors get a chance to name Polar bear cub in Ohio zoo

UPDATED ON APR 25, 2017 03:29 PM IST
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Ohio's Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is showing off its five-month-old female polar bear cub, and it's asking visitors to choose a name for the adorable 75-pound creature. The zoo has listed four possible names: Amelia Gray, Denali, Elisapee and Vieta. The cub's mother, Anana, gave birth to twins, but the other cub died. Anana's sister also gave birth to twins last fall, and both of those cubs survived. Scientists believe the world's polar bear population numbers 20,000-25,000, but they say there is some uncertainty with those figures. The zoo says some scientists think if global warming continues, two-thirds of the polar bear population could disappear by the year 2050. The Columbus Zoo's naming competition runs through May 2nd.


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