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‘Extremely Risky!’ Actor and travel YouTuber Alan Estrada recalls his submersible journey amid Titan rescue efforts

ByPaurush Omar
Jun 22, 2023 02:57 PM IST

Estrada, who embarked on the submarine expedition in 2022, recalled the nerve-wracking moments when the vessel lost contact with its surface support ship

In a shocking revelation, Mexican actor and travel YouTuber Alan Estrada has described his voyage on OceanGate's missing submersible near the wreckage of the Titanic as an "extremely risky" endeavor. As the search for the Titan continues, past passengers who have experienced the cramped and unconventional conditions onboard the submersible have come forward to share their stories.

Mexican actor Alan Estrada attends the 'La Usurpadora: The Music Hall' premiere at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live in Los Angeles,(AFP)

Estrada, who embarked on the submarine expedition in 2022, recalled the nerve-wracking moments when the vessel lost contact with its surface support ship, almost jeopardizing the entire mission. Speaking to Reuters, Estrada acknowledged the risks involved and the multiple waivers he had signed, acknowledging the possibility of losing his life.

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Participants in these deep-sea expeditions are well aware of the inherent dangers they face. Estrada emphasized that these ventures are far from a leisurely trip to an amusement park. The YouTube video he posted documenting his mission showed that at a depth of 1,000 meters, the submersible momentarily lost contact with the surface. However, communication was eventually restored, allowing the mission to proceed.

With the ongoing search for the missing submersible, hopes and prayers are being sent for the safety of those onboard. Estrada expressed his optimism, believing that as long as there is sufficient oxygen, the crew remains alive and awaiting rescue. However, he emphasized that locating the submersible and ensuring the safety of the passengers is of utmost importance.

Meanwhile, another adventurer, Arthur Loibl, a retired businessman from Germany, shared his experience of diving to the Titanic shipwreck site as one of the missing submersible company's early customers. Loibl referred to the dive as a "kamikaze operation," emphasizing that a certain level of daring and unconventional thinking is required for such endeavors.

Recounting the cramped conditions onboard, Loibl described a metal tube with minimal space, where passengers had to sit or perch on top of each other. Claustrophobia was not an option.

Loibl's dive, which lasted two and a half hours, had its fair share of challenges, including delays due to battery and balancing weight issues. The descent and ascent were conducted in darkness, with only a fluorescent glow stick providing illumination to conserve energy. Despite these obstacles, Loibl considered himself fortunate to have witnessed the majestic wreckage of the Titanic, unlike some other visitors who encountered only debris or, in the worst cases, nothing at all.

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As the search-and-rescue mission intensifies, the focus remains on locating the submersible before deploying specialized vessels capable of reaching the Titanic wreck at a depth of 12,500 feet. With limited oxygen reserves onboard, time is of the essence. The United States Coast Guard, working in coordination with Canadian authorities, is tirelessly working to ensure that all necessary resources are available if and when the Titan submersible is located.

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