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‘Donald Trump was laughing and joking’; inside the courtroom right before the guilty verdict

ByAditi Srivastava
May 31, 2024 03:54 PM IST

Trump's emotional rollercoaster during Hush Money Trial verdict; tense courtroom atmosphere as guilty verdicts pile up

Donald Trump's recent courtroom appearances have been nothing short of a reality show drama, stirring up a lot of chatter amid his potential 2024 presidential bid. In his controversial Hush Money Trial, Trump was pronounced guilty, making him the first former president to be criminally convicted. A Daily Mail journalist who witnessed the scene described it as incredibly tense, almost like watching a movie. Observers could see Trump visibly shaking his head in disgust as the first of 34 verdicts was read out.

Former President Donald Trump speaks to reporters at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York. (AP)
Former President Donald Trump speaks to reporters at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York. (AP)

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Inside Donald Trump’s courtroom drama

The fifteenth floor of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse buzzed with tension as the newly convicted former leader walked in. His son Eric extended his fist, and Trump responded with a fist bump, a small moment of solidarity in a sea of uncertainty. At the core of the story is the intense courtroom drama, where the ex-president's emotions boiled over as he was found guilty on every charge related to falsifying business records.

Each of the 34 'guilty' verdicts felt like a hammer blow, ramping up the tension that had been absent until the jurors arrived. Earlier, Trump and his lawyers had been confident, sharing jokes and laughter, but as the clock hit 4:30, their faces told a different story, the heavy weight of the moment was visible, very much visible.

Donald Trump’s reaction during the final ‘guilty’ verdict

“We the jury have reached a verdict,” Judge Juan Merchan read out loudly. Just a moment before, Daniel Bates, the Daily Mail journalist sitting inside the courtroom, observed that Trump was laughing heartily with his lawyer, Todd Blanche, at the defence table. Their laughter and joking were so extreme that they even had to cover their faces. However, sensing the stark contrast between the light-hearted atmosphere and the impending, mind-blowing verdict, Judge Merchan instructed everyone in the court to remain calm and have ‘no outbursts’ when the verdict was announced.

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Nervous tension replaces laughter in Trump courtroom drama

"He didn't get a single look from anyone," he recounted, as the jury members walked by Trump. Blanche appeared to be anxious, repeatedly touching his face with his hand. Out of nowhere, Judge Merchan came back and signaled for the jury to come back into the courtroom. A total of eleven court security personnel and four agents from the Secret Service were positioned to watch as the jury members entered, barely an inch away from Trump at the defence table.

The first thing that happened was that a judge read out the initial charge and asked, "How say you?" In the stunned silence that engulfed the courtroom, the foreman said, "Yes." The foreman responded with a resounding "Yes" to each of the officials following two charges. Trump shook his head, expressing disappointment at the announcement of the third allegation.

‘Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty’

As the court clerk read through each count, the foreman's steady reply of "guilty" echoed in the room. Trump, looking ahead in disbelief, watched as the guilty verdicts piled up. Judge Merchan praised the jury for their dedication and hard work. In a desperate attempt to overturn the verdict, Trump's lawyer, Blanche, argued that the decision was solely based on the testimony of Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney and well, ‘fixer.’

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