My meeting with Priyanka Chopra created a lot of gossip: American actor Jon Hamm

  • Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 22, 2014 19:18 IST

American actor Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame is totally in love with India. Hamm, who was in India last year to shoot his upcoming film, Million Dollar Arm, now shares that it was an ­“amazing” ­experience that he still can’t get over.

“I absolutely loved it; it was my first visit to Asia and I cannot wait to go back to India again,” says the 43-year-old. He says he enjoyed ­thoroughly despite the Indian summer that he’d been warned about. “It was very hot. Bollywood ­producers told us you guys are idiots if you are shooting around this time. But then we did it. Downtown M­umbai, thousands of ­people watching you ... it was ­amazing.”

Hamm adds that contrary to popular perception, he found Mumbai welcoming and organised. “There’s a ­coherence there. It may look like chaos, but everyone is ­individually so welcoming there, so warm. Every ­conversation there is a ­connection.”

Predictably, Hamm was also seen at Taj Mahal, and he says that he now understands why the monument is so famous. “It literally takes your breath away. And it’s not just me saying it, but it literally takes your breath away. The whole thing, the monument ... the gate, the area, and you think how has it existed for so long ? You have to be there to feel it!”

The American TV celeb, who also met Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra during his visit, says that he enjoyed the bit of gossip that was created when he met the latter. “When I met Ranbir, he was shooting a dance sequence in a studio, and I realised this really ­handsome man in front of me. But the thing that created headlines was when I met actor Priyanka Chopra ... that created a lot of gossip!” Hamm hopes to explore more of India soon again. “Every part is ­different. I’d love to travel to Rajasthan, Punjab, Goa and Pondicherry.”

‘I hope that fans like the ending’

American actor John Hamm, famous for playing the role of ­advertiser Don Draper, in the TV series Mad Men, says he can only hope that the fans are satisfied with the finale after the series ends next year.

“Well, it (the end) hasn’t been written as yet, so I don’t really know how it is going to end. And I wish that fans are satisfied with the ending, that’s the biggest thing,” says Hamm, admitting that he will miss the character.

“You ask Tina (Fey) from 30 Rock or Bryan (Cranston) from Breaking (Bad). They all say that for the first two weeks, you remain grumpy and you are like why did it end. But then as the time goes by, you realise that it’s life and you move on. It has been the ­better half of the decade for me, ­acting wise. I made so many good friends, so many important relationships, I will miss it all,” he says.

However, Hamm, who has received numerous Emmy nominations and won a Golden Globe award for best actor (2008) for playing Don Draper, does not relate to the character.

“I don’t relate myself to him at all. But I can understand why people like him so much. He is this self-made man, who came through a lot of ­difficulties, and that’s why he is like that. I can see a lot of characters like that, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) had a similar character. You see him (Don Draper) in turmoil for six and a half seasons and I just hope that he finds some peace and ­balance in the end,” he says.

The actor will be seen in the upcoming film, Million Dollar Arm, that releases in India on May 16.

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