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Capricorn relationship traits: Find out their love compatibility with others

BySoumi Pyne
Apr 29, 2023 09:24 AM IST

Astrological forecasts indicate which romantic partnerships are favourable or unfavourable for individuals born under the Capricorn zodiac sign.

The tenth sun sign Capricorn is known to be deliciously romantic but never exposes feelings to partners. Capricorns are Saturn-ruled submit. You are a gem of hidden talents with different fantasies. People who are born under this sign are a faint aura of melancholy and seriousness surrounding the personality of your ruling planet. The love mantra of all Capricorns is stability and security. 

ou are a gem of hidden talents with different fantasies.
ou are a gem of hidden talents with different fantasies.

When you talk about love and compatibility with other sun signs then your love meter shows the highest percentage with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Read out the reasons why and in what ways these signs do get compatible with you.

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Who is a good or bad match for Capricorn?

Capricorn and Aries

Capricorn and Aries are quite different in their mental make-up towards the different pursuits of life and hence a union between the two is never quite compatible. Capricorn’s disciplined lifestyle and rationality in outlook will be tough for the free-willed and erratic Aries to digest. What could really help them come together is their will to reach the very top of their chosen paths. Commonality can be struck between the two on their endless zeal to excel in life.


Capricorn and Taurus

You are meant to have relatively smooth relationships. You both differ in many ways but the balance on sharing the same goals and interests which makes the duo more compatible with each other. Taurus people are extremely loyal, generous, and faithful and the capacity of giving affection is colossal. On the other hand, Capricorns are factual, as you are blessed with the ability to grow older while somehow always looking younger making you look attractive as ear passes on.  Hence, both the signs together share a love of precious gems and metals. 


Capricorn and Gemini 

Capricorn’s serious and practical outlook on life might pose quite the challenge to Gemini’s easy-going approach and hence compatibility issues are but natural. Capricorn, who likes every bit of conventionalism and rationality in his thought process might be awestruck by Gemini’s quirkiness and an uncanny knack to get their goals accomplished. Different in almost every respect, these two zodiacs often find it hard to strike the perfect chord.


Capricorn and Cancer

Two zodiac beings who cherish the same set of values are bound to form a happy and lively relationship when they fall for each other. Family-oriented, caring and empathetic, Capris and Cancerians have the same orientation to life and hence would create a warm and cordial bond between them. The only caveat is that Capricorns can be a touch too cold for the emotional Cancerian at times.


Capricorn and Leo

A unique relationship of warmth and supportiveness can be built between these zodiacs who are pretty opposite in their thought process and attitude towards life. Capricorn brings in that element of stability into Leo’s life, whereas the Lion can spark up Capricorn’s rather routine-like life with their vibrance and charisma. Being highly determined and ambitious towards their goals, these signs could be immensely supportive to one another in their pursuits. 


Capricorn and Virgo

You both are stable and responsible souls, so the bond gets stronger when you are paired as a couple. However, your unforgiving nature might affect your relationship in many situations. As both are earth signs hence, most traits fall in common space like responsibility, respect, reliance on stability, practicality. Capricorn and Virgo always make the relationship better by building in new ways. Overall, you can be called a smart couple. 


Capricorn and Libra

These two zodiacs are poles apart in how they perceive life so any sort of compatibility will need them both to strike the common ground. A level-headed, conservative and practical Capricorn does not witness much in common with their Libran counterpart, who are much more easy-going creatures with their balanced work-life approach. A conflict between the intellectual Libran and not so showy Capricorn can certainly lead to disruptions, hence a fine balance is very much required to bring these two together.


Capricorn and Scorpio

The highly compatible couple! When a Capricorn and Scorpio are together in any relationship here’s an innate understanding. As per our common traits, you both tend to care for each other’s values. However, Scorpio and Capricorn are two of the most serious signs in the zodiac, which can make for a rocky beginning.


Capricorn and Sagittarius 

Contrasting in their personalities and approach to life, Capricorn and Sagittarius may not be an ideal match made in heaven but if they strike the right chord, they could establish a fruitful relationship. An initial reluctance is very much on the cards for them to break the ice but as their relationship blooms, they will try and imbibe each other’s positive qualities. The key recipe to finding the right tuning is to overlook each other’s flaws initially with an endeavor to inherit the positive aspects from each other.


Capricorn and Capricorn

The sheer ambition and passion of the Capricorn to excel in all of their life pursuits magnifies when two ‘Sea Goats’ get into a union of a love relationship. They will stand rock solid behind each other and accomplish all their goals together. Their love affair will be romantic but the underpinnings will be that of a practical and rational thought process to secure each other for life.



Capricorn and Aquarius

The idealistic approach of an Aquarius might not resonate with the practical Capricorn but when these two zodiacs get into a relationship, many positives can be drawn out of their bonding. The water bearer might just spark up the creative side of a methodical Water Goat, while the latter might infuse the much-required rationality to turn Aquarius dreams into reality.


Capricorn and Pisces

The relationship between you both is generally a good one with admiration for the partner. Pisces is always impressed with Capricorn’s aura of strength while Capricorn appreciates Pisces adaptability. Both are quite ambitious in their ways. When Pisces meets Capricorn, Pisces realize the world’s reality than just living in nations. If anyone can inspire a Capricorn, it is their Pisces partner. However, you both are potentially strong to last forever. 

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