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Vastu tips to make your workstation perfect and eliminate boredom

It is better to make some changes to the workstation in accordance with Vastu to increase productivity.
Jazz up your workstation with colourful stationery, planters and innovative lamps.(iStockphoto)
Published on Sep 22, 2021 06:45 PM IST
ByHindustan Times

Presently, due to Covid Pandemic, most people are working from home. People face a lot of difficulties while working from home. Quite often, people get distracted by the things kept around them or they do not sit at the right place. In such situations, despite having zeal to work, people remain disorganized towards work, get angry or the mind is unable to concentrate as soon as they are at their work desk. It is better to make some changes to the work station in accordance with Vastu to increase productivity.

Select desk direction according to job

If you are in businesses like writing, bank, business management or accounts, then it will be beneficial for you to sit in the North direction. Whereas, if your job is related to computer programming, education, customer service, technical service, law or medical, then it is best for you to sit in the East. In this way, your mind will be engaged in work, the energy level will be high and negative energies will not hinder your work. It is suggested to avoid North-West direction while working as sitting in this direction reduces the concentration power of the mind.

Table-chair arrangement

The chair used for sitting should have a wall behind it as according to Vastu it is considered auspicious. There should never be a window or door behind the chair and there should not be a beam directly above your chair-table, as it can cause financial loss.


According to Vastu Shastra, keeping files, paper stacks or other household objects on the table impacts the quality of work and increases negative energy. A rise in negative energy will leave you stressed and the work will not be finished on time. It is better to keep the table clean and avoid cluttering it.

Avoid tables with a glass top as it generates negative energy which can slow down your work. If you still want to use such a table it is better to cover it with sattvik colour like green or white cloth. If you are looking forward to an international opportunity, placing a globe in the North-West direction of your workstation can make it a reality.

Check light

It is important to consider the lighting of the room you are planning to set up your workstation in. It can impact your work and mood. Light that is too bright or too low can negatively affect the eyes. Also, lack of proper light leads to Vastu defects and negative energy starts circulating there. It can also hinder progress, obstruct work and can be a cause of debate.

Keep plants

You can keep indoor plants to make the workstation beautiful and positive. Plants like money plant, bamboo bunch, white lily and rubber plant when kept in the East or North direction not only beautify the place but are also considered beneficial. However, never keep dry, prickly and bonsai plants at your workplace as they indicate despair. Green colour is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and purity; it increases the level of positive energy and is considered to have a calming effect on mind.

Pay attention to pictures

A picture of a green forest or waving crops placed in the North direction has many benefits and your hard work is duly acknowledged. While the landscape of mountains and rocks on the walls in South and West direction gives morale and stability. If such paintings are hung on the Eastern walls, then it will create a hindrance in business.

You can keep pictures or symbols that make the mind happy like trees and plants, running horses, flying birds, swastika or rising sun in the East direction. While hanging landscapes of seas, rivers, and lakes in North and West directions invite prosperity. Images like crying child, thorny plants, broken idol, sinking ship, fire etc. should also not be kept at your workplace as it can increase the negative energy and have a bad effect on your work and mood.

Flowers will reduce stress

A bouquet of fresh flowers on a workstation not only makes you feel fresh but it helps you to avoid tiredness from the day's work. According to Vastu, flowers give pleasure to the mind and reduce stress. Dying or withering flowers should immediately be removed as such flowers create negative energy.

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