With Priya it was love at first sight: John Abraham

He is one of the hottest actors with the best body in B-town. Yes, I am talking about none other than John Abraham, who is currently very busy promoting his upcoming rom-com I, Me Aur Main, wherein he will be seen romancing Chitrangda Singh and Prachi Desai.
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UPDATED ON FEB 25, 2013 02:00 PM IST

He is one of the hottest actors with the best body in B-town. Yes, I am talking about none other than John Abraham, who is currently very busy promoting his upcoming rom-com I, Me Aur Main, wherein he will be seen romancing Chitrangda Singh and Prachi Desai.

Instead of the regular interview, the makers of I, Me Aur Main organised for a special date with John at a popular fine dining joint in Bandra.

John breezed in looking dapper in a blue shirt with beige pants. As he entered, he instructed, "No men and cameras allowed and no questions related to my film." Did he just say NO questions related to my film!!! "I just want to have a normal conversation. You can ask me personal questions but be ready to be questioned by me too", He added.

For the next two hours John became a friend, philosopher and relationship advisor. He spoke on various topics including his love life, dealing with controversies, etc. Here is what he had to say on…

Working with an all women's team

"My team is an all women's team. I work only with women as I feel they are more loyal, hardworking and comprehensive. I know that they generally won't take a shortcut. They are more sincere. Women handle my production, my office and my life."

Being grounded

"I know actors who are acting 24 hours a day. If my behaviour in public is consistent with my behaviour with my friends that means I have found my personal space, then I only have to be different when I go on sets to play a certain role. But if an actor takes that larger than life image too seriously and comes home with that, then that is a problem.

I am still rooted because I have my family and school friends who keep me grounded. But there are actors who are living in the air. They are not bad people, in fact they are wonderful, but they are stuck in a trap. If an actor has a certain image then he has to maintain that image and have that lifestyle. This becomes a regiment. The actor becomes more guarded and starts living in isolation of his own world. Female actresses get into this trap far more."

Dealing with Controversies

"When I came into the industry, they said that John Abraham is a model and models can't act. He is so wooden. Now there are two ways to go about this, one is that you get very angry and say 'How dare they say that!', and the other is that you say '

Theek hai

. What is said about me is said about me. I have to work and prove myself and I have to do better.' People have realized over a period of time that I am a no nonsense person and there is no point in taking a


with me as I am not going to react, so they just let me do my work.

Aditya Chopra once told me 'John you are the smartest because you have chosen all the best films in your career.' When I asked him which films he was talking about, he said those are all your films which have failed like Water, No Smoking, Kabul Express and Zinda. These are films that have not worked but you have made it very clear to your audience that you are willing to take the risk by doing offbeat roles too.

I will do a Housefull 2 and Race 2 but along with that I will also do a No Smoking 2, that is how I like it."

Past Relationships

"I don't speak negative about my past relationships. I don't pay attention to what is written. After a while, it stops affecting you."

Break ups

"For each relationship and each person the breaking point is different. There are some people who can tolerate and hold on forever. Especially women, they can somehow hold on and I really admire that about them.

The problem now days is that we don't spend enough time with our loved ones. How difficult is it to make a relationship work? A girl just wants her man to give her a hug and say 'I love you'."

On his girlfriend Priya

"I am in a very happy phase now because the person my life is very supportive. I met her through a common friend. There was a lot of attraction. It was pretty much love at first sight.

She is very smart and mature. If she calls me at 11:30 in the night and I am caught up with something or am tired, she asks me to take rest and go to sleep once I am done with work. This kind of support is very rare. She gives me space and I give her space. I feel I am blessed and very fortunate.

Ours is a long distance relationship. She is currently doing her two-year full time MBA course at London Business School. I want her to study very hard so that may be one day I can retire and relax (



Long distant relationships

"Long distance relationships are a bigger challenge. The most important thing in a long distant relationship is to be loyal. I am one of those men who are looking for something deeper and more emotional. I really believe that sex is highly overrated. Most men measure their self worth on the amount of money they have and the size of their…shoes.(




"It is very important to be loyal in a relationship. Loyalty, to me, means being with the one person that you are in love with. You should be committed to her and be completed devoted to her. You need to give each other their space but that does not mean that you cheat."

Being Possessive

"I am not possessive at all. I think I have grown out of it. In college, I was possessive about my girlfriend, but my girlfriend was more possessive about me. I don't think anyone likes a possessive partner."

Settling Down

"As and when I get a break, I would like to get married."

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