7 sexy, trending dresses that every girl should own

India’s top designers help you pick the perfect dress for every occasion

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Top designers decode seven trendy dresses and details on how to wear them.(Suvrat Tandon)

Seasons change, looks come and go, trends evolve. Some of the new styles suit some of us, others absolutely don’t. For example, the naked dress and the chainmail dress. Jennifer Lopez may pull these off, but surely not normal people like us. Right?

Wrong. Just because a certain trend looks out of your league, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way around it. Seven of India’s top designers decode these dresses to help you wear everything you like, and love it!

1. Meet the new nude with The Naked Dress

The naked dress with lace detailing is a perfect evening outfit. From (left) On Aleksandra: Dress, Koovs; shoes, Zara; On Vikki: Dress, Koovs; shoes, Forever 21 (Suvrat Tandon)

Celebrity couturier Rocky S says the naked or bodycon dress with lace detailing is a perfect evening outfit at a resort. “For a holiday, you can wear this dress to a fancy evening deck party or cocktails. It’s also a good getaway party option,” he suggests.

“Confidence, not body type, is the key to pulling off the naked dress.”

For a relaxed look, consider layering the outfit with a long kaftan shrug, he says. “In chilly temperatures, you could throw on a thick long sleeve jacket to beat the cold.”

Confidence, not body type, is the key to pulling off the naked dress, says the designer.

Topshop has good naked dresses, he recommends.

2. Celebrate your curves with The Bandage Dress

The bandage dress is best for a sit-down dinner or an evening out. On Vikki : Bandage dress, Koovs; shoes, Koovs (Suvrat Tandon)

The bandage dress has become a classic piece of clothing, best for a sit-down dinner or an evening out, says fashion designer Nachiket Barve. He adds, “I’m all for inclusive fashion, but a bandage dress looks good on a fit body only. It’s really non-forgiving in that sense and it’s about celebrating a fit body.”

Nachiket suggests most high-street stores, like Zara and H&M. “Even Forever New has bandage dresses,” he says.

3. Slip in, slip out of The Slip Dress

The slip dress with a floppy hat and flat sandals will be a great summer brunch outfit. On Aleksandra: Slip dress, Koovs; shoes, Koovs. (Suvrat Tandon)

According to designer Mandira Wirk, the slip dress is the most versatile items of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe. “A knee length, layered-in dress with a shirt or a turtle neck can be worn to work, while a slip dress with flat sandals and a floppy hat can be a summer brunch outfit,” she suggests.

With the right pattern, the slip dress suits all body types, says Mandira. “For apple and inverted-triangle bodies, a cut across the empire line works best. Hourglass figures can pick form-fitting slip dresses, while pear-shaped bodies can pick square necklines,” she says.

Mandira recommends Zara, Asos, Hillier Bartley, and Forever 21 for slip dresses as well as local flea markets.

4. Romance the lace with The Lace Dress

Designer Nikhil Thampi believes that the lace dress will suit all body types. (From left) On Aleksandra and Vikki: Lace dress from H&M (Suvrat Tandon)

Designer Nikhil Thampi thinks the lace dress works best for a lunch date. “It screams lunch date with girlfriends! It’s a summer staple and because it’s pastel, it’s perfect for lunch. Style it with a blazer and that could be a semi-formal look,” he says.

This dress suits all body types, says Nikhil. “I have always believed that people must celebrate the body they have. This dress would look good on almost every body type; an off- shoulder or an empire-cut is a perfect fit for all body types,” he says.

He recommends Nishka Lulla, Zara and H&M for buying lace dresses.

5. Keep it casual in a Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses work for everything from beach cover-ups to work wear, says Anaita Shroff Adajania. (From left) On Aleksandra: Shirt dress, Koovs; shoes, Koovs and on Vikki: Shirt dress, Cover Story; shoes, Zara (Suvrat Tandon)

The shirt dress is designer and stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania’s go-to outfit. “Its simplicity and no-nonsense feel help me in pulling off an easy day-to-drinks look. The anti-fit shape makes the shirt dress both comfortable and fashion forward. It’s perfect as a beach cover-up or even as a work wear,” she says.

Anaita adds, “Right now, the shirt dress is having an innovative moment with additional tie-ups and cutout shoulders to add that fashion insider feel.”

Body types have nothing to do with a dress and people should wear what they like, and what they are comfortable in, says Anaita. She recommends shirt dresses from Verandah , Nimish Shift, Dhruv Kapoor, Kanika Goel, Bhane and Zara.

6. Tease with the slit wearing The Slit Dress

Designer Anand Bhushan says the slit dress works best if you have long, athletic legs. On Aleksandra: Thigh-high slit dress, Koovs; shoes, Zara (Suvrat Tandon)

Designer Anand Bhushan suggests the slit dress for a glamorous evening out, ranging from a red carpet event or a sexy date night out.

“Long, athletic legs work best for this look, but if you’re not too tall, you can always add length with heels and it will be perfect!” he recommends.

Anand recommends a few brands. “I do slit dresses myself, and others who do them well are Rohit and Rahul, Shivan and Narresh, Namrata Joshipura, to name a few,” he says.

7. Level the playing field in a High-low Dress

The high-low dress can be involved in ethnic outfits too, like a high-low lehenga for mehendi functions. On Vikki: High-low dress, Zara; shoes, Forever 21 (Suvrat Tandon)

Fashion designer Nishka Lulla recommends the high-low dress for cocktails and casual work events. “You can involve the trend in ethnic outfits too. Get a great mehendi look with a high-low lehenga where you use a different colour in the lining. I think it’s the silhouette of the season,” she says.

Nishka says the dress would suit someone with a top-heavy body, because the focus of the dress is at the bottom. “Having said that, it works for all body types,” she adds.

Nishka recommends H&M and Zara.

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