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#Dialoguebaazi: Meet the bad men

Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra! Classic dialogues from the men who terrorised the behens/mashookas of the male leads and exploited society/gaon (as applicable!)

brunch Updated: Dec 12, 2014 18:13 IST
Bobby,Jainendra Jain,Jainendra Jain

#Dialoguebaazi: Meet the bad men
Classic dialogues from the men who terrorised the behens/mashookas of the male leads and exploited society/gaon (as applicable!)

Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra

Bobby (1973), dialogues by Jainendra Jain

“Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra.” This was Chopra’s first shot for the film


, and he admits being nervous when he heard his opening line. “That’s how James Bond introduced himself, ‘My name is Bond, James Bond.’ Rajji (Raj Kapoor) wanted me to do something similar. Would I be able to pull it off with the same panache?” As it turns out, he did!

Thappad ki goonj suni tumne

Karma (1986), dialogues by Kader Khan

Subhash Ghai’s original choice for the villain’s role (Dr Dang) was Amrish Puri. But there was the feeling that Amrish has been killed so many times on screen that people wouldn’t be interested in watching him getting killed yet again. So Ghai looked for another actor to play Dr Dang.

The story goes that he went to a party and saw Anupam Kher. Something clicked. He asked Kher to come to his office the next day. When they met, Ghai said, “You are doing the main villain in my film.” Anupam was surprised. He said he’d never played such a character before. Ghai answered, “I saw you walk and I want my villain to walk like that!” Simple!

Iss jism ke bazaar ka maharaja, aur naam Maharani

Sadak (1991), dialogues by Robin Bhatt

This line was spoken by actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar, who played the evil Maharani, the eunuch who ran a brothel. It was a risk to play such a character but Amrapurkar did a first-rate job. It’s counted as one of his best performances.

Mogambo kush hua!

Mr India (1987), dialogues by Salim Khan-Javed Akhtar

Although they’d split in the early ’80s, Salim-Javed were seen as a duo one last time in the credits of

Mr India

(it was a film they had written much earlier, keeping Amitabh Bachchan in mind for the lead role).

Bad man!

Ram Lakhan (1989), dialogues by Anwar Khan

At one of the premieres for Ram Lakhan, Ghai asked his stars to park their cars and instead leave together in a bus that he had booked so that they’d arrive at all the theatres together. Grover wasn’t a star yet, and was relegated to the back seat.

But as soon as they arrived at the very first theatre, the audience chanted, “Bad man! Bad man!” It was a big high for Grover, who recalls, “This happened at every stop and on the return journey I found myself seated with all the A-listers!”

Sara sheher mujhe LOIN ke naam se jaanta hai

Kalicharan (1976), dialogues by Jainendra Jain

It is interesting that in a film named after the hero, it was actually the villain Lion (pronounced ‘Loin’ by Ajit) who was the central character and provided an important plot twist in the film. The punchline came from the debutant writer-director Subhash Ghai. The letters of ‘LION’ read backwards and upside-down spelt No 17 – it was an important clue in the story of Kalicharan.

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First Published: Dec 12, 2014 12:49 IST