Don’t be a product of a media-fuelled revolution: Sapna Bhavnani

The outspoken hairstylist, Sapna Bhavnani, refuses to be objectified

brunch Updated: Mar 04, 2017 22:53 IST
Sapna Bhavnani
Sapna Bhavnani
Hindustan Times
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Sapna Bhavnani points out that being comfortable in your skin has got nothing to do with taking your clothes off or even keeping them on

It’s no secret that the fewer clothes you wear on social media, the more likes/followers you get. Although it’s visually appealing to see so many naked people on my timeline, it’s also very sad to see so many women/men fall prey to this sneaky advertising gimmick that convinces people that this is a sort of feminist movement.

Brands continue to objectify men and women, but now it’s under the pretence of ‘personal choice.’ As feminists, we fight for our right to wear what we want when we want. To see brands use that as a way to pimp their products is really shameful.

Don’t be a product of some media-fuelled revolution. Being comfortable in your skin has got nothing to do with taking off your clothes or keeping them on.

Celeb hairstylist and feminist, Sapna Bhavnani is known to have shared her story of being gang-raped at the age of 24. She recently spoke about being stopped from trying on a wedding dress because of her tattoos and shaved head.

From HT Brunch, March 5, 2017

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First Published: Mar 04, 2017 22:53 IST