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Humour and sensitivity in a man turns Shilpa Shetty on

The best thing about being a woman is the ability to procreate, says the actress.

brunch Updated: Sep 03, 2016 20:09 IST
Shilpa Shetty likes listening to Sufi music
Shilpa Shetty likes listening to Sufi music (Vikram Bawa)

The best thing about being a woman is the ability to procreate, says the actress.

Birthday: June 8

Hometown: Mumbai

High point of your life: Every minute that I live.

Low point of your life: Losing my maternal grandmother. What made it worse was that I could not meet her for the last time.

Currently doing:  My best!

Your biggest motivation to stay fit is...

That I want to be healthy.

Would you want to be known just as a mom or a ‘supermom’?

Somewhere in between. I just want to be a good mom.

What are the ground rules for a successful marriage?

Don’t set any rules. Trust and be trusted and offer unconditional friendship.

A romantic gesture that swept you off your feet.

When my boyfriend proposed to me in Paris. I said a ‘Yes!’ and married him.

A piece of advice your mother gave you on love and relationships that has held you in good stead.

Part of it is a secret. The other bit I can share. It is, ‘to always stand by my husband’.

Are you a romantic or a realist?

A bit of both.

What would you like your man to wear on a date?

A good perfume, a dinner jacket with jeans and a shirt

If your sister, Shamita, was going on a blind date, what advice would you give her?

Even if she is proverbially ‘blind’ in love, I would advise her to keep her ears open.

How often do you interact with fans over social media?

Constantly and consistently.

What sort of photos do you like to share over Instagram?

Everything I find interesting or that could be of interest to my followers, especially pictures of food.

What turns you on in a man?

Humour and sensitivity.

A favourite child-friendly destination.


Who would you want to swipe right on Tinder?

It is too late for that!

The most romantic dance form is…

Latin ballroom.

A great weekend for you involves…

Family, clean air, no phones, great food, play area, pool and a spa.

A superpower you wish you had.

To levitate and heal.

A sport you love to play.


Your dream holiday?

Seeing the Northern Lights.

You de-stress with…

A deep-tissue massage.

Things you can’t resist binging on?

Panipuris, fresh rosogollas, rasmalai. Can’t name just one.

Best thing about being a woman is…

That I can be a mother. To be able to procreate is such a beautiful thing.


Shilpa’s Favourites

* What gets you in the mood for love? A date night!

* Your favourite drink? Ginger-lemon-honey mix (I know, I know, I’m boring!)

* Your favourite food? Black truffles or caviar

* Your favourite music? Sufi

* Any favourite app? For photos, it has to be Beauty Plus. I also love Instagram.

From HT Brunch, September 4, 2016

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