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The Brunch Winter Game Plan

As fog and mist set in and winter closets are revisited, we realised that this year can't be a last season repeat. So we the Brunch team have decided to make our own game plan to make the most of this cooler weather. Eating out, travelling or just chilling, there's nothing missing from our list. If you want to do as we Brunchers do, log in NOW.

brunch Updated: Nov 29, 2011 11:43 IST
HT Brunch Team
HT Brunch Team
Hindustan Times

As fog and mist set in and winter closets are revisited, we realised that this year can't be a last season repeat. So we the Brunch team have decided to make our own game plan to make the most of this cooler weather. Eating out, travelling or just chilling, there's nothing missing from our list. If you want to do as we Brunchers do, log in NOW - and don't forget to leave your suggestions behind!

PoonamPoonam Saxena, Editor, she makes sure everything is good, or else…

1. Bonfire nights - Okay, for this you need to have a garden/big terrace. Or you need to have a friend who has one or both. But there's nothing like sitting around a bonfire on freezing winter nights with some great food and wine for company -- and of course, your warmest, most fun buddies.

2. Long walks - And I mean looong walks (at least a couple of hours). Not going round and round a park, I'm talking about taking long walks in the city. Choose a part of Delhi you like / want to explore and walk. If you want, you can map out a route. But that's not necessary. Just walk wherever you want. Take chai-snack breaks, but only from street vendors.

Brunch3. All-day al fresco lunches - Start at noon and wind up post-chai in the evening. Once again, you need a garden/terrace. *Sigh* There's a LOT to be said for being rich.

4. Snuggling in the razai- and watching movies on DVD. But always at night -- I'm not a fan of snuggling in razais during the day.

5. Soaking in the sun - After lunch, lazing around in the sun for an hour or two with a book. Bliss.

Poonam loves Delhi -- and one of the (many) reasons is its fabulous, fabulous winter.

VeenuVeenu Singh - Special Correspondent, she is on the cutting edge of cosmetics

1. Go gaga over peanuts - Yes, winter is here, the perfect time to munch on loads of things. Starting with everyone's favourite: peanuts. I'll get busy munching peanuts everywhere - at home, while soaking the winter sun, during lunch breaks and even during our office meetings. Besides peanuts, there are gajaks (peanut, til) or rewaris and even the freshly made popcorn in sand (the traditional way) for me to choose from. And that's not all. I have healthier options too. Nice hot shakkarkandi ki chaat or a big, nice masala laden carrot or radish while strolling in CP.

Popcorn2. Family time - Winter is the perfect time to catch up with family and friends. I love going for picnics (Lodhi Garden, India Gate) or just chilling out in my own lawn over a nice meal of keema mutter and roti or mutter pulao. No restaurant can beat that.

3. To market, to market - Who says you can't dress up in winters! It's the perfect season to do so without actually burning a hole in your pocket. I will plan a trip to Sarojni Nagar market, the M Block market in GK-1 or Janpath to turn into a fashionista.

4. Wedding mania - How can I enjoy the winters in Delhi without actually going for a wedding in the season. Gulab jamunsWhat fun it is to see women dressed in their sarees and sexy blouses without anything warm to cover them and huddled near the angeethis or gorging on those hot gulab jamuns or jalebis!

5. Barbeque time - You read right. Winter is the time to plan a nice barbeque night on my terrace. Just thinking about all those kebabs makes my mouth water.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Veenu Singh is a hardcore winter fan who lets nostalgia take over with the first signs of winter.TavishiTavishi Paitandy Rastogi, Special Correspondent, our Bollywood diva, she has stars on speed dial

1. Take a walk - This is the perfect time to walk around the city. No sweat, no discomfort and a brilliant sun to soak in. So walk and discover all those interesting shortcuts and by-lanes that you otherwise zip past in a car. The other benefit - a fitter you!

2. Eat it all - Go to Karim's or Jawahar's in Chandni Chowk for those yummy mutton dishes or gorge on the sumptuous Sunday b runches in most restaurants and hotels. Or you could also go for picnics. Winter is the time to eat all you can and yet not feel heavy and loaded.

Tea3. Tea time - Pick the sunniest spot in your home, put a lounger, take that cup full of steaming tea and just laze. A book, your ipad, or maybe great music could be ideal company.

4. Look pretty - Winter is the time to prove that "More is Sexy". So get all those smart woollens out. Coats, stoles, boots, knee length sweaters, jackets and everything warm. Team them up with jeans or short skirts and dresses or even well fitted trousers for men, sizzle up the season.

5. Take a break - Perfect time for a holiday. With Christmas and New Year, the air is anyway full of festivities and colour. So be it a beach, the snow capped mountains, the jungles or even the dessert - pick your location and take that must break!

Tavishi Paitandy Rastogi is unlike the other Bengalis who hide themselves under kilos of woollens and monkey caps. A true dilli wali, winter for her is the perfect time to celebrate - the sun, the shine and of course, life.

ParulParul Khanna Tewari, Principal Correspondent, she is our original star of style

1. Eat experimental - Delhi's food scene is thriving. Newer eateries and cafes offering food from Bihari to Tibetan and even street side Maggie are dotting Hauz Khas and Shahpur Jat Village. Look up the yellow pages, then pick the cuisine and eat your heart (gut) out. Match it with wine or alcohol of your choice (and even the companion).

2. Have loads of sex - Dig out that long-time, un-touched copy of Kamasutra or the book on Tantric sex. You can try out maximum number of positions in maximum number of places (don't even need air conditioner). Winter sex is fun, easy and clean (no sweat stains). This is also a popular time to make a baby.

Parul3. Go to the Chowk - Beautiful Delhi winter sun makes it a perfect time to visit Chandni Chowk. Ideally, go with a gang (it's more fun) and start with a brunch at Karim's or Jawahar (which I prefer). Next, scour Meena Bazaar (that stocks fabrics that fashion designers source), move to Dariba (the silver haven for unbelievably priced silver jewellery). Check out Katra Neel market (for fabrics) and then Kinari bazaar next (for gota, buttons, wrapping material). End the day with a paratha at the paratha wali gali.

4. Go for an adventure sport - Chances are that if we say rafting in Rishikesh to you, you might stop reading from right here. Who hasn't gone rafting in Rishikesh? But winter time, the freezing cold water and equally freezing sand make staying there an adventurous experience. There's also bungee jumping going on in Rishikesh, we hear. Apart from these, there are dirt biking, squat biking and rappelling activities on in Gurgaon.

5. Do up your home - Get that saree cut and made into a curtain, look around Dilli Haat for that durrie of your dreams, pick up that library you have been meaning to buy for a year from the Amar Colony furniture market and get the gardener to plant those wonderful flowers and ferns you have been reading about in your favourite magazine. Do all the legwork to refurbish your home in winter (that you don't and can't in summer) and then call loads of people home.

Parul Khanna Tewari doesn't understand why they say 'winter of your life' as she has had most fun, done craziest things and also discovered herself during the winters of her life.

YashicaYashica Dutt, Deputy Chief Copy Editor, she is our first lady of fashion

1. Buy an LP Player - I have spent many a winter afternoon revelling in the thought of Miles Davis and Fleetwood Mac creating scratchy, vinyl magic in my studio apartment, but never quite got down to boarding that metro to Chandni Chowk. For nothing slows down a chilly evening like a set of flickering leftover Diwali lights, company of a never ageing Monk and some blues in the background.2. Pick a Sport - As a kid blessed with two flat feet, sneaking out of the sports period in school was never a tough cookie. But an overdose of action/training movies and seeing the athletic types outdo me on the treadmill has me toying with the idea of pursuing a sport seriously. CatWith better climes and high energy levels, it seems like the perfect time to do so. If only I get my own Rocky-esque "Eye of the Tiger" montage now...3. A Manicure a Day - A great manicure is where my beauty dreams go to come alive. But staying alone, scraping food and doing dishes slowly kills them one at a time. These cold months, however, will see an end of blah, regular nails with a new, crazy manicure coming up every day. Polka dots, metal studs, solid primary colours, I plan to dedicate an hour every night to surf the internet for fancy nail art and paint my nails. Fingers crossed!

Yashica4. Knit, Pick - What seemed boring and school teacher-y in the nineties, seems vintage and Julia Roberts-like now. And really, why rely on Dharamsala every time you wear out your old pair of rainbow mittens? Bringing all my psychedelic thoughts in one place, I intend to learn to create the most colourful, wild and beautiful sets of scarves, gloves and socks for everyone I know. Could there be a better way to make up with all those friends whose birthdays I forgot?5. Snuggle with a Winter Movie and Homemade muffins - If there is one thing I enjoy more in winter than eating muffins, is eating them in bed, watching a classic I have always wanted to watch. Planning to take down the Top 100 best classics of all time, I am determined to accompany them with cottony cupcakes, cookies and muffins, which I made, from scratch. Of course, call friends over to rave over my newly acquired baking skills is only an after effect.

Yashica Dutt's relationship with winter is complicated and diabolical. She hates its presence but has her moments here and there in wintry fog and thinks of Christmas to survive the cold.

KushalraniKushalrani Gulab, Deputy Editor, she makes sure all our copy is error-free

1. Go to a beach - Winter, not summer, is the best time to go swimming or just laze or stroll on a beach. To swim, go beyond Mumbai, but for just a lazy stroll, head to the beaches at Chowpatty, Juhu, Versova and Malad.

2. Organise a carol sing-song around a bonfire out of town - You may not know the words to any Christmas carol, but that shouldn't prevent you from printing out some lyrics, listening to the carols on Youtube, and then performing your own concert at a suitable venue.

carol3. Read along - Pick up a book you've been meaning to read, head to a waterfront coffee shop (The CCD at Carter Road in Bandra and the Barista at Bandstand, Bandra for example), soak in the sun, enjoy a cold coffee and READ.

4. Take a double decker bus ride - Board one of the few remaining double decker BEST buses in the Mumbai and ride on the first row of the top deck.

5. Cook - Take out those recipe books you've been collecting, but never used, buy those wonderful winter ingredients, slave over a hot stove and enjoy!Kushalrani Gulab turns into an icicle when the temperature drops below 25 degrees and is therefore a HUGE fan of Mumbai's 30 degree winters

AmrahAmrah Ashraf, Copy Editor, talk to her about everything alternative


1. Go on a pub crawl - Suggested locations: Colaba, Bandra/ Khar, Andheri (W) and Malad. Spend your day hopping from one pub to another, sipping different alcoholic concoctions while making new friends in the process. Obviously, winter is the best time to do this.

2. Take a ferry, especially at sunset - The ferries at the Gateway can take you on a harbour cruise, to Elephanta or Mandwa. They let you look at the city from the water, youmay even spot dolphins and you can capture wonderful sunsets.

pub3. Go beyond the city for dinner - The Mumbai city limits end at Dahisar, but beyond what is called the Kashimira junction is a line of dhaba-like restaurants that serve up passable food, cheap booze and the chance to eat outdoors in a slightly nippy setting.


4. Throw a terrace party - Delhi winters are perfect for a terrace party. Throw in some floor mats, blankets and pillows surrounded by angeethis and you're set for a night to remember with friends and family. Some light music and indulgent finger food are a must.

5. Snuggle up and watch a movie - If the weather outside is frightful, stay inside your quilt and reach for your laptop or DVD remote. Only venture out to microwave some popcorn.

After spending many winters in Delhi, Amrah Ashraf is now savouring the bright lights of Mumbai. Sadly, Mumbai has no winter to offer.

MignonneMignonne DSouza, Assistant Editor, she's now an official celebrity stalker

1. Go out of town - Mumbai is not blessed with a truly cold winter. But lots of places around the city are. Plan two to three day trips to Kamshet (Native Place), Matheran (Fleetwood House), Panchgani (Il Palazzo) and Lonavla (rent a bungalow - there are scores available) to truly experience winter.

2. Go camping - Sleep under the stars for a very magical experience. The obvious place to head to in Mumbai is Big Red Tent, but a number of resorts around the city will let you pitch camp literally on their premises.

Mignonne3. Drink under the stars - There are bars lining Mumbai's waterfront (In Colaba, Juhu and Malad) that all offer you the chance to warm your insides while sipping on a hot drink in the open. Cheers!

4. Day in the park - Which other city has a national forest within its city limits? And how many of you have gone for a nature trail in it? If the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali is too far, go to the Mahim Nature Park instead.

5. Go street shopping - This is the best time of year to closely scan stall after stall, haggle for clothes and try on shoes without collapsing in a heap.

Mignonne Dsouza is a born and bred Mumbaikar, who can remember a time when the city had an actual winter.

PranavPranav Dixit, Senior Reporter, he's our interface with the world of tech

1. Going back - Books - and yet more books - keep coming out every other week; I'm struggling to keep up - and failing spectacularly (just wrapped up the Steve Jobs biography and still only halfway through the Game of Thrones series and Arvind Adiga's Last Man In Tower that I can see peeking out from the bottom of the foot-long stack in the corner). So this winter, I'm going to take a break from looking ahead and look back for a change: I'm getting out all my Enid Blytons - Secret Seven, Famous Five, Mallory Towers, Faraway Tree and the Wishing Chair adventures - and snuggling under the quilt with them, just like the good old days.

2. Brunching up - As a Brunch staffer, the last thing you want to do once you've wrapped up an issue of Brunch is to sit back and read it one more time. And yet, I think you will agree (especially if you're a long time reader) when I say that there's a charming quality to the magazine that makes it fun to read even months down the line. I'm getting out my old copies of Brunch (carefully preserved in the cupboard under the TV) and reading them all over again - just like that!

Pranav3. Warming it up - It's been a while since I've used my ageing Dell to do some serious weightlifting - and what better way to push it than my indulging in a bout of some heavy-duty gaming? Bring on Crysis, bring on Assassin's Creed, bring on Batman: Arkham City and bring on a bowl of steaming Maggi! What better way to spend a foggy winter afternoon?

4. Seeing Sights - I don't know why but my grand plan of visiting each and every monument worth seeing in Delhi still hasn't materialised ever since I moved here two years ago (I am Mr. Procrastination himself). I still haven't seen the Qutub Minar, the Red Fort and (gasp!) even the Lotus Temple. Time to get off my lazy behind and get into tourist mode.

5. Doing the bunk - And finally, on a chilly winter morning when I'm feeling particularly lazy, I think I'm just going to skive off work and spend the day lounging about in be...*wilts under the gaze of the entire Brunch team and rethinks his plan*.

Pranav Dixit thinks that the only thing that is good about Delhi is the winter season. He also gets his kicks from reading hate mail.

From HT Brunch, November 27

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