Wellness expert Shikha Sharma on food that suits your sun sign

In the first of the four-part series on eating as per your Zodiac sign, Shikha Sharma chalks out a diet plan for those born under water signs - Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

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Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma
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The first of a four-part series on eating according to your zodiac sign so you’ll thank your stars.

Astrology believes that the human body is a micro celestial body in constant dialogue with the planets. They are even said to influence our well-being.

Many people say that eating according to your birth sign has a positive influence on your health. Our four-part series will help you get started.

Those born under water signs (Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer), are thought to hold water in their bodies when stressed.

They also tend to overeat when excited, happy or in need of emotional comfort. They tend to have obsessive dietary habits and fall easily for addictive salty foods, thus retaining water.

The best diet plan for water signs must have low quantities of sugar and salt. They should graduate towards healthy foods like sprouts, boiled corn, roasted and grilled foods with very little salt.

They must also drink a lot of water to balance the water levels and detoxify their system.



Piscean love Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine as it is colourful and offers a lot of variety. They also prefer coastal cuisine, especially food made in coconut milk, and love drinking coconut water. These water babies tend to gain weight easily when stressed because of erratic eating and bingeing.



They love a healthy home-cooked meal. They tend to not experiment with their food and are happiest eating a familiar meal at home. They enjoy a traditional family meal in a cosy environment. To stay healthy, they should eat more soupy meals.



They love a fancy meal in a high-end restaurant. They tend to enjoy spicy and tangy foods which titillate their senses. They look for aphrodisiacs in food and enjoy their food leisurely.

Watch out for: They may put on unhealthy weight when they are angry and sulking. They should also take special care of their liver and kidneys. They must detoxify their body as often as possible,

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