When I am playing well, no one's tough to handle: Saina Nehwal

Fresh from her thumping victory at the Australian Super Series, India's badminton champ, Saina Nehwal bares her heart on life beyond the court.

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If not a badminton player, you would have been...

I was meritorious student, but I opted wholeheartedly for sports. Otherwise, I could have been a doctor or an engineer.


What's your fitness regime like?

It's a mix of various techniques essential to keep me fit to play badminton.

One thing you can never have enough of.

Racquets are a part of my sporting life.

What's on your bedside table?

An alarm clock, because I like waking up early.


A song that always lifts your spirits.

I am not very interested in songs, but something like Chak de! India is very motivating.

A badminton player you wish you could partner with.

What for? I am an individual singles player.


The toughest opponent that you have faced.

If I'm playing well, then no one is tough to handle. I have fought the odds and won on several occasions.

The craziest thing that a fan has done for you.

There are several fans who come to see every single match I play, which is the most amazing thing that they do for me.

If you were to star in a movie, who would you want to act opposite you?

Shah Rukh Khan, as I like his acting skills.

Your idea of a great weekend

To sleep for a few extra hours, enjoy good food and exercise.

Which superhero would you like to be and why?

My father is my superhero. I would like to be like him.

One food craving you wish you could indulge in.

Very simple north Indian vegetarian food.

One thing nobody knows about you.

That I am an open book.

Your favourite destination.

I like Singapore.

Who are you closest to?

My parents and my pet dog called Chopsee.

The last line of your autobiography would read…

A humble badminton player from India...

BIRTHDAY: March 17

SUN SIGN: Pisces

Place of birth: Hisar, Haryana

Hometown: Hyderabad

School/college: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vidayashram and Saint Ann's Girls College, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad

First break: Going on the junior inter-national tour and winning the Czechoslovakia Open in 2003

High point of your life: Attaining the World Number 2 BWF ranking in 2010

Low point of your life: I am a player, so wins and losses are a part of life

Curently I am...Happy after winning the Australian Open. Besides playing for India, I am also the brand ambassador for Usha International

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