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What women@work in tech want - Job satisfaction to benefits, read all about it here

Apr 11, 2024 04:48 PM IST

For women at work in tech, money may not be the only desirable factor, indicates Skillsoft survey. From job satisfaction to benefits, know all about it here.

The technology sector has seen massive frequent changes over the last decade and these do not look like stopping anytime soon with the advent of artificial intelligence over the last year or so. While there are increasingly louder and louder voices being heard about tech taking away jobs, there are others pointing out that only manually intensive jobs are going and that newer jobs will be coming in good numbers like it has happened so many times when new technologies were rolled out earlier. So, what does it all mean for women workers and the jobs they do in tech? A Skillsoft survey has shed light on what women in technology sector want and here it is.

For women at work in tech, money is not the only deciding factor.
For women at work in tech, money is not the only deciding factor.

Job satisfaction and benefits and understanding the importance of happiness at work

According to the survey, for women, feeling happy at work goes beyond just liking their job. It even spans how the job makes them feel about themselves, the power they wield and yes, of course, the money they earn. In effect, when women enjoy their jobs, they believe their entire life is better.

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Again, for women, job satisfaction includes liking what they are doing, feeling that their job is important, having growth opportunities coming their way, having a good work-life balance, and being recognized for the work that they do. And getting access to relevant benefits too is part of the equation.

Skillsoft revealed that out of the 77% of the women they approached indicated they felt pretty satisfied or very satisfied at work. This is a bit lower than last year.

Top factors making women happy @work

Here are the top five things that make women happy at work according to the survey:

1. Feeling secure in their job (74%)

2. Getting good employee benefits (68%)

3. Having a good balance between work and life (66%)

4. Getting support from their managers (58%)

5. Feeling like their workplace is diverse, fair, and inclusive (54%)

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Why women may want to change jobs

So, what is driving women to want to change their jobs? Answers reveal a few reasons. As many as 37% of the women are thinking about leaving their jobs. 31% might even change their employer, data shows. The reasons include wanting better things that they can see, like more money or more time off.

What will make them want to leave

But for women in tech, there are other reasons too. And what would actually make them want to leave? 40% said it's because of how their department or company is managed, and 39% said it's because they don't get enough training or chances to grow. Only 26% said they'd leave for more money.

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Benefits matter and here are reasons why

A good paycheck is not enough, this must be backed by adequate benefits that make their whole life better. Among these are those that help them grow in their job, feel good about what they're doing, and be happy at work. The Skillsoft survey showed that 68% of women said employee benefits are the most important thing for their job satisfaction.

Here are the top five benefits women care about:

1. Flexible working hours (88%)

2. Good pay and paid time off (88%)

3. Chances to learn and grow in their job (86%)

4. Being able to work from home sometimes (85%)

5. Having medical benefits (82%)

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