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Restriction on working of domestic helps in Ghaziabad township

PUBLISHED ON MAY 27, 2020 10:56 PM IST


Days after the district magistrate directed that domestic helps and other self-employed persons like electricians and plumbers will not be restricted to enter the residential high-rises, some resident bodies have resorted to roll out their own set of instructions.

In his written order issued on May 23, district magistrate Ajay Shankar Pandey had issued directions that arrangement of provision of services can be planned between the employer and the service provider and the local RWA will only have role of an advisor or convener.

In the latest instance, the Crossings Republik Owners & Members Association (CROMA), an umbrella RWA body of Crossings Republik Township, has issued a set of ‘advisory’ to be followed against Covid-19 pandemic.

“A domestic help will not work in more than three houses and the houses will be of the same tower. She will not be allowed to go to a different tower. Domestic helps will have to go out by 11am after finishing work, and thereafter the society will be sanitised,” said one of the directions issued by CROMA regarding the domestic helps.

The Crossings Republik Township has presence of about 15,000 families living in about 28 residential high-rise projects.

The directions issued by CROMA have also barred entry of delivery boys inside the society and the residents will have to pick up items from the main gate. Likewise, the delivery of milk has to be done by 11am at flats after which the lifts will be sanitised, they added.

Tarun Bharat Chauhan, president of CROMA, said that the instructions have been issued in form of advisory.

“There are number of high-rises and people were confused whether to call domestic helps or not. So, residents asked us to frame rules. The problem multi-storeyed buildings face is that when one person enters a high-rise, he uses different common facilities. If one person is infected, other residents will face issues in form of sealing, etc. Our rules are in form of advisory and individual apartment owners’ associations of different high-rises can make changes and implement,” Chauhan said.

“At present, we have allowed domestic helps to work in only three flats. We have an in-house app through which domestic helps can be reshuffled to other flats,” he added.

The district magistrate’s order on May 23 had specifically restricted the role of RWAs in terms of allowing domestic helps in any society.

“The district administration has issued specific orders about the entry of domestic helps, vendors, etc, and it is arrangement between the service provider and the employer. If there are issues, residents can send complaints to the district magistrate or the additional district magistrate (city). We will take action,” Pandey said.

Meanwhile, office bearers of other RWA bodies offered different views.

Alok Kumar, founder member of Federation of Association of Apartment Owners, said that RWAs should not consider themselves as “administrative officers”.

“The DM has already issued directions. The RWAs are caretaker of apartments. If there is anything wrong, RWAs can always approach authorities. If any service provider is posing any issues, complaints can be sent to district officials. The directions by DM should not be altered,” Kumar added.

VK Mittal, president of Kaushambi apartments RWA (KARWA), said that district magistrate’s order has to be implemented in totality and RWAs cannot partially or fully modify the order.

“We have circulated DM’s order to all our member RWAs and have asked them that they should advise the residents to work according to the order. It is a magisterial order and cannot be modified,” he added.

However, Colonel (retired) TP Tyagi, president of Flat Owners’ Federation, said that RWAs are responsible for respective high-rises. “We support the order given by CROMA because the instructions issued by the district magistrate are not in the interest of public. The order by DM is basically confusing and to demean the RWAs. If any RWA has issued some impractical instructions, then course correction can be done,” he added.

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