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It is natural to get angry. But is it right to do so?

comment Updated: Jun 01, 2016 06:48 IST

We all get angry some time in our lives. When we find that things are not moving in accordance to our wishes or expectations, we tend to get angry and frustrated.

When our colleagues or friends poke fun at us or when anyone disobeys us or talks against us we start to fret and fume.

It is natural to get angry. But is it right to do so? This is a question to be debated. What does anger do to a person? When we get angry, the first and foremost change that takes place in our body is that our temperature rises, blood runs faster through our veins, our nerves and muscles contract with tension, our otherwise clear eyes turn red with rage, creases appear on our forehead, cheekbones swell upwards making our face look puckered and ugly.

Anger makes our mind unreasonable, incapable of taking decisions wisely. It becomes so preoccupied with vengeance, hatred and grudges that we lose peace and calm.

Our hormonal activity gets imbalanced disrupting our working and thinking capacity. In a fit of rage we may hit or harm someone, sometimes even ourselves.

Most suicides are not pre-planned but acts performed in haste. It does not mean that we should never get angry at all. That is impossible.

As I have said this is a natural instinct. Getting angry once in a while for valid reasons is okay. But it is also imperative that we have full control over it and not the other way round. The moment one feels anger taking over, one must begin to breathe deeply or count to ten. This distracts the mind from the thought that caused anger. Meditation and prayer are also good ways to curb this destructive emotion. Our anger is our worst enemy. Let us banish it.

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First Published: Jun 01, 2016 06:48 IST