India vs Australia 1st ODI Highlights: KL Rahul, Ravindra Jadeja lead IND to five-wicket win over AUS

Updated on Mar 17, 2023 08:54 PM IST

India vs Australia 1st ODI Highlights: KL Rahul and Ravindra Jadeja's unbeaten century stand helped India recover from a tricky situation and go past the finish line. 

India vs Australia 1st ODI Highlights:
India vs Australia 1st ODI Highlights:(AP)

India vs Australia 1st ODI Highlights: KL Rahul and Ravindra Jadeja's unbeaten 108-run stand off 123 balls took India over the line after Mitchell Starc got them into a bit of a tricky situation chasing 189. India had lost Ishan Kishan, Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav within the first 11 overs. Captain Hardik Pandya and Rahul then steadied the Indian chase and got the hosts back on top. Australia then got a bit of an opening with the wicket of Pandya but that was as far as they went with Rahul and Jadeja then shutting up shop. Rahul ended the match unbeaten on 75 off 91 balls while Jadeja hit the winning runs and reached 45 off 69. Australia's innings started with a lot of promise but burned out in the middle overs. Australia looked set for a big score when Mitchell Marsh accelerated after scoring his half century. He first put up a 72-run stand off 63 balls with Steve Smith and then a 52-run stand off 43 balls with Marnus Labuschagne. Marsh had scored 41 runs in the latter stand and was on 81 off 65 balls when he fell to Ravindra Jadeja. Mohammed Shami took over after that, getting the wickets of Josh Inglis, Cameron Green and Marcus Stoinis as the Australian batting order fell from 169/4 in the 28th over to being 188 all out in the 36th.

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  • Mar 17, 2023 08:39 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India beat Australia by 5 wickets

    Jadeja ends it with a four. Starc goes too full, Jadeja muscles it through midwicket for four and that ends the chase. Rahul unbeaten on 75 off 91, Jadeja on 45 off 69. The day started with some fireworks from Mitch Marsh but that only had all of us fooled, this pitch was not easy to bat on and provide a lot of help off the seam for the fast bowlers. But Jadeja and Rahul just took the pace of the game all the way down and did it with almost no risks. India take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series and the second ODI will now be played on Sunday in Visakhapatnam. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:38 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! India need 2 to win

    Jadeja flicks Starc away and it flies to the boundary. A couple of bounces for four. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:37 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: 100-run partnership!

    The two batters share a hug quite a few minutes after they took the run that took the stand past the 100-run mark. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:35 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India 181/5 in 39 overs

    India need 8 to win off 66 balls. Rahul and Jadeja have pretty much seen India home. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:23 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Bizarre overthrow 

    Rahul goes to the non-striker's end, Jadeja makes his ground as Labuschagne runs towards the stumps with the ball in his hands. Then Labuschagne turns around all of a sudden and throws at the stumps. Jadeja had started walking out of the crease, the ball missed the stumps and rolled along, prompting the batters to run one more. But that also means that if the ball had hit the stumps, Jadeja was gone for all money. Would have been one of the most bizarre run outs of Jadeja's career but for now, it is just a bizarre overthrow. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:17 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Rahul sends it to the stands

    Slog sweep off the fourth ball of the 36th bowled by Zampa and the ball goes into the crowd that is bouncing and chanting Rahul's name now. The Wankhede Stadium has found its voice. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:15 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Rahul flying now

    Green goes short of length outside off, Rahul rocks back and smashes it behind point. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:10 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Fifty for KL Rahul

    This is a colossal innings. He gets there with a single. 73 balls he has faced and he came in when India were in all sorts of trouble. Now he has put them on their way to taking a 1-0 lead. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:09 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India chugging along nicely

    Singles off five of the six balls bowled by Zampa in the 34th over. Australia need wickets here as soon as possible. For now, Rahul and Jadeja looking as serene as ever. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 08:00 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Partnership crosses 50!

    India are 137/5 off 33 overs, need 51 to win off 102 balls. Partnership between these two is on 57 off 84, now the fact that Australia will have Axar Patel to deal with will be hanging heavy on their heads. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:56 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Shot from Jadeja! 

    Short of a length from Stoinis, Jadeja plays a checked cut between cover and point. India are 131/5, need 59 to win off 110 balls.

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:50 PM IST


    Second ball of the 31st over, Rahul ends up getting an outside edge off Cameron Green and it is out of reach for Steve Smith at first slip. Starc gives it his everything and stops it from reaching the boundary though.

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:43 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India 119/5 in 29 overs

    Need 70 to win off 126 balls. Rahul is on 41 off 62 balls, Jadeja on 18 off 33 balls. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:34 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Beauty from Rahul

    Overpitched by Starc, searching for the swing, Rahul comes forward and gets it to the boundary with the straight drive. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:30 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India 108/5 in 27 overs

    Rahul on on 34 off 54 balls, Jadeja on 16 off 29 balls. A lot of calm and quiet in this stand, possibly because this is pretty much it for India. A wicket here can lead to a flurry.  

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:27 PM IST


    A full delivery by Starc, on the pads. Jadeja clips it away and there is no deep mid-wicket. It goes past the infield and into the boundary for a four!

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:18 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! 

    Zampa goes full on the leg side, Jadeja helps it along with a glance and India are now two runs away from reaching 100. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:17 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India 94/5 in 24 overs

    Rahul on 31 off 51, Jadeja on 9 off 15. India seem to be content to play the waiting game, just knocking away the runs nonchalantly almost, which is all they need to do really. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 07:01 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: OUT! That's that for Pandya!

    Bouncer from Stoinis, Pandya taken by surprise and goes for the pull shot. He is caught at deep backward square leg. Partnership broken and Australia are back in it. 

    Hardik Pandya c Green b Stoinis 25 (31), India 83/5 in 19.2 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:54 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India 83/4 in 19 overs

    Partnership into the 40s now and Australia's chances are slipping away steadily. A couple of quiet overs but what Australia need now are wickets.  

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:43 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Slapped away by Pandya!

    Second ball of the 17th, sent in wit a bit of width and Pandya slashes at it hard. It goes all the way over the boundary for a maximum. India 77/4 in 16.2 overs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:39 PM IST


    That is a rare sight, a complete and utter misfield there from an Australian. And that too Glenn Maxwell of all people. Rahul hits it towards mid-on, it was just a matter of moving a little to his left, getting down and collecting the ball for Maxwell but it slips right underneath his fingers and runs to the boundary. India 69/4 in 15.2 overs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:37 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India 64/4 in 15 overs

    25-run stand now between Rahul and Pandya. Sun is beginning to set which means that dew could start coming into play at any moment now. Australia will be desperate to get as many wickets as they can. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:28 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! On-drive from Pandya

    Overpitched by Abbott, Pandya drives it wide of long-on. Nice expansive shot and India reach 58/4 in 14 overs. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:24 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Shot from Rahul!

    Late cut from Rahul off Cameron Green and it beats deep third. Brilliant shot from Rahul there. India cross 50. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:13 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Pandya off his first ball

    Starc pitches it up looking for the swing, doesn't get any and Pandya puts it  away to the boundary. India 43/4 in 10.3 overs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:11 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: GONE! What a catch by Labuschagne!

    Gill was living a charmed life and it needed something special to get him out. Well that is special all right from Labuschagne. Gill drives on the up well away from his body, Labuschagne dives to his left and takes the catch with both hands. That is sharp work from Labuschange but one has to ask if it was wise for Gill to go for that shot considering this was going to be Starc's last over of the spell.

    Gill c Labuschagne b Starc 20 (31), India 39/4 in 10.2 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:08 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! 

    India 39/3 in 10 overs. Slashed hard by Rahul and the ball races to the boundary off the last ball of the 10th. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 06:03 PM IST


    Scrambled seam at a length from Starc, Gill pushes at it and the outside edge flies right through the vacant third slip area for four. What a charmed life Gill has lived today. India 33/3 in 9 overs. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:54 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Rahul needing some help

    The physio is out for him. Rahul seems to be suffering from a stiff neck. A bit of a delay in proceedings. India are 27/3 in 7 overs. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:49 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Hat-trick ball put away by Rahul

    Starc returns for the seventh, first ball of the over is a hat-trick ball, he looks for a swing, doesn't get too much and it ends up being a juicy half volley that Rahul puts away expertly for four. India 24/3 in 6.1 overs. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:47 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Gill reverses an LBW call!

    Loud appeal from the Australians off the last ball of the sixth over bowled by Sean Abbott and the umpire raises his finger. But Gill reviews straightaway, no bat on the ultraedge though so he is safe only if it misses the stumps. As it turns out, it did and the Wankhede roars. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:41 PM IST


    Australia appeal, umpire shakes his head this time and Smith calls for DRS. This looked very good indeed. The ball beat SKY on the inside edge and reviews show three reds. Decision reversed and that's it for SKY. Starc will be on a hat-trick next time he bowls and he is on fire.

    Suryakumar lbw b Starc 0 (1), India 16/3 in 5 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:38 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: OUT! It's Starc and it's Kohli!

    Oh he is gone! Kohli doesn't even care to consider taking the DRS, he is walking straightaway. Australia seem to be making a game of this. 

    Kohli lbw b Starc 4 (9), India 16/2 in 4.5 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:34 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Kohli off the mark

    Classic Kohli on drive, sumptuously executed and it races away to the boundary. That is just wonderful to watch. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:30 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Salt and chilli on wounds for Australia

    Starc overpitches, Gill brings out the picture perfect cover drive and that races to the boundary. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:29 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: DROPPED! Gill gets a lifeline

    Unplayable from Starc, Gill squared up but the inswinger at a high pace, takes the edge, Inglis dives but it doesn't stick to his gloves. That is major let off.

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:24 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: GONE! Early wicket, Ishan Kishan falls!

    Big shout from the Australians and the umpire raises his finger. Stoinis gets to pitch in the middle at a length, Kishan beaten comprehensively and struck on the pads. He goes for the review and India lose one of those as well. The crowd had started cheering for Virat Kohli even before Kishan started discussing the option of taking a DRS with Gill.  

    Kishan lbw b Stoinis 3 (8), India 5/1 in 2 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:19 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India 2/0 after 1 over

    Some movement generated by Starc in the over. Both Gill and Ishan take a single each in that over. Marcus Stoinis bowling the second. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:14 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The players are back!

    A couple of ODI double centurions opening for India in Shubman Gill and Ishan Kishan. Mitchell Starc has got the ball in his hands. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 05:07 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Anatomy of a collapse

    Australia's tumble started with Ravindra Jadeja getting one wide and daring Mitch Marsh to keep going at it. He only got an edge to it and after that wickets fell fairly regularly. That rate just shot up after 28th. Had Australia maintained a run rate even somewhere in the region of what they had when Marsh was going big guns, they would have scored around 350 here.

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:49 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Shami talks

    “There is a lot of hard work involved, you have to work on your fitness. You have to work hard in the nets. When you have the rhythm and the bounce and seam position is good, you get the results. There’s always good bounce on the Mumbai wickets. I bowled in the good areas and got the rewards. I planned with Hardik to keep one slip in place. The ball was moving a bit and the idea was to keep bowling in the tight off stump channel. If everyone contributes a bit, then it will be really good for the confidence of the players. We have done well to bundle out Australia for 188 and we should be able to chase it down. I get to know from the seam as to how well I am holding the ball.”

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:42 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The Mohammed Shami show

    Shami was kind of all over the place in the early overs of the match but he came in the middle overs and took Australia apart. He has ended the innings with figures of 3/17. Mohammed Siraj has got figures of 3/29 while Ravindra Jadeja reorded figures of 2/46. One of those two wickets that he tookm was that of Mitchell Marsh, who seemed to be batting in a different country altogether. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:31 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia 188 all out

    The last wicket falls in the 36th over but Australia have not scored any runs since the end of the 33rd! The innings started with such promise but Australia have utterly fallen apart in the middle overs. They have gone from 169/4 in the 28th over to being 188 all out in the 36th. The last wicket falls with Zampa edging Siraj behind. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:21 PM IST


    Oh sensational! Abbot pushes at a wide one from Siraj, upright seam, outside edge and Gill dives to his right. Australia have crumbled. 

    Abbott c Shubman Gill b Mohammed Siraj 0 (7), Australia 188/9 in 33.4 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:16 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: GONE! It's Maxwell!

    The Australian innings is drawing to an early close here. Maxwell tries to hit Jadeja over mid-on, ends up hitting straight to the fielder there. Pandya makes no mistake with the catch. 

    Maxwell c Pandya b Jadeja 8 (10), Australia 184/8 in 32.2 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:10 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: OUT! Gill holds on this time!

    There used to be second-innings Shami and even a death-overs Shami, now cue middle-overs Shami. Australian batters just unable to deal with the pacer. Stoinis edges it to first slip and this time Gill does pretty well to take the catch to his left. 

    Stoinis c Shubman Gill b Mohammed Shami 5 (8), Australia 184/7 in 31.3 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:08 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Maxwell puts one away

    Short of a length from Kuldeep, Maxwell goes back and pulls it to the deep square leg rope.

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:04 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia 174/6 in 30 overs

    Maxwell is on three off four, Stoinis on nought off three. Kuldeep has been brought back. Two very aggressive batters in the middle for Australia, regulars in the IPL but they have to somehow stay in the middle for 20 full overs now. A veryiInteresting situation at the moment. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 04:01 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: DROPPED! Stoinis given a second life

    Unlike the last one that he had dropped, Gill has some explaining to do this time. Stoinis pushes at a length ball from Shami, gets an outside edge and it goes to Gill's right at first slip. He had got both hands to it and should have taken that, would have beem two in two for Shami and the very dangerous Stoinis would have been back in the hut.

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:56 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia 174/5 in 29 overs

    Jadeja and Shami are continuing. Green and Maxwell for now looking to just settle in but the Indians smelling blood now. 

    Green b Mohammed Shami 12 (19), Australia 174/6 in 29.3 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:46 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: BOWLED HIM! 

    Well India had lost a review off just the previous ball going for an appeal for caught behind off English. Then he chops on and goes anyway. India have nudged ahead now. 

    Inglis b Mohammed Shami 26 (27), 169/5 in 27.5 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:44 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Flat one from Inglis

    Short from Shami, Inglis pulls and it goes all the way. Not much height but it has the distance. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:37 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: DROPPED!

    Although it was a difficult chance to be fair to Shubman Gill. Kuldeep goes full outside off for the first ball of the 27th over, Green throws his bat at it. It takes a thick outside edge and the ball went low to Gill's right, he dives across but it doesn't stick into his hands.

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:29 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! 

    Inglis reverse sweeps Jadeja to the boundary. The pace of the Australian innings has gone down significantly since Marsh fell. Australia 147/4 in 24 overs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:23 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: GONE! Jadeja take a bow!

    Length outside off from Kuldeep, Labuschagne goes for the cut shot, only that he is unlucky because it goes near short third where Ravindra Jadeja is standing. He puts in the dive and catches it low to his right.

    Labuschagne c Jadeja b Kuldeep Yadav 15 (22), Australia 139/4 in 22.4 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:10 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: OUT! IT'S MARSH!

    That ends the carnage. He tosses it up and Marsh goes for a six again, this time though, he gets a thick outside edge and sends it to short third man.

    Marsh c Mohammed Siraj b Jadeja 81 (65), Australia 129/3 in 19.4 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:09 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Marsh storms into the 80s

    Jadeja goes a bit short of a length and Marsh drives on the up, beats sweeper cover for another four. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:05 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Off the next ball!

    Too full from Kuldeep now and Marsh sends him over long-on. This is turning into a bit of a carnage.

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:04 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Just too easy at the moment for Marsh

    He is having fun with the spinners. Kuldeep goes a tad too short and Marsh punches it through the offside. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 03:02 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Another monster hit from Marsh!

    This was no half volley from Jadeja, Marsh just smashes it through the line and sends it soaring back over the bowler's head. Australia 111/ 2in 18 overs, Marsh is on 65 off 58 balls. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:58 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR AGAIN!

    Gets down on a knee and plays the next ball fine after the leg slip moves away. Marsh is playing with the Indian field. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:58 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Fifty for Mitch Marsh!

    14th ODI half century for Marsh. Marsh punches him through extra cover for his seventh four. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:50 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Monster hit from Marsh

    Marsh sends a short of a length ball miles into the air. It has only enough distance in it to just about clear the ropes though. He moves to 46 off 41. Marsh has looked quite comfortable in this role as an opener. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:45 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Jadeja brought in

    First over of spin has come in the 14th. Marnus Labuschagne had a lot of difficulties facing Jadeja in the Tests, now they face each other with coloured shirts on. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:38 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: GONE! Captain gets captain!

    Thanks to a truly fantastic catch from wicketkeeper KL Rahul. Smith looking to cut, the ball takes an edge and Rahul puts in a full length dive to his right to take the catch. That's the end of a 72-run stand between Smith and Marsh that came in just 63 balls. Big, big wicket for India. 

    Smith c Rahul b Pandya 22 (30), Australia 77/2 in 12.3 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:34 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Smith reverses an LBW decision!

    Thakur pitches it on off again but this time it seams in. Big appeal from India after the ball thuds against Smith's pads, the umpire raises his fingers and Smith has a brief conversation with Marsh before going upstairs. There was an inside edge, a big one at that, so a bit of a surprise why Smith didn't call for DRS straight away. Australia 76/1 in 12 overs. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:32 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! What a shot from Smith

    But it is the same story, Shardul provides some width and Smith punishes. Smashes to the fence. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:29 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Marsh again!

    Australia 70/1 in 11 overs. It was a good over from Pandya but Marsh spoils it with a pick up shot off the last ball over deep midwicket. Sheer power on display there. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:26 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: End of the first 10 overs, Australia 59/1

    Marsh and Smith have got Australia off to a good start despite them losing their first wicket so early. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:21 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Marsh with a beauty!

    What a way to bring up the 50-run partnership. Shardul Thakur sends the third ball of the 10th over of full on the stumps, Marsh swings through the line and lifts it right over the bowler's head almost dead straight down the ground. That was a lofted straight drive and Marsh held the pose for a second. Shot of the day so far. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:15 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Australia reach 50

    Any width and Australia have punished India. Pandya provides Smith with that off the first ball of the ninth and the Australian captain brings out the cover drive. He moves to 14 off 19, Australia 50/1 off 8.1 overs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:14 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

    Cover drive from Marsh off the last ball of the eighth over bowled by Siraj. He moves to 25 off 19 and Australia are 46/1 in 8 overs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 02:05 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Sight screen problems

    It is pretty hot and humid out there and Mohammed Siraj had to practically rebowl the fourth ball of the sixth over after Steve Smith puled out due to some disturbance at the sight screen. Now Hardik Pandya had to stop right at the end of his run up after Mitch Marsh pulled out. The Indian captain wheels around and speaks with the umpire pretty animatedly about it. The commentator later says that Suryakumar Yadav had a word with one of the officials at the boundary about the issue later during the over. Australia are 37/1 in 7 overs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:58 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Shot from Smith!

    Siraj sends in the first ball of the sixth slightly full around off. Smith brings out the cover drive.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:55 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Smith gets one off Shami!

    Shami strays wide outside off and Smith is never going to miss out on those. Shami had given away four leg byes two balls earlier while straying down the leg side and so, losing his line a bit here.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:51 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: BACK TO BACK FOURS! Australia 19/1 in 4 overs

    Mitchell Marsh turning it on. He has got to 13 in nine balls now. He hits the fifth ball between cover and point for the second four of the over and then hits the last over mid-off for the third. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:48 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! 

    The second ball of the fourth is sent in by Siraj at a length outside off. Marsh tries to go over the covers, ends up getting it off the toe of the bat but he managed to clear cover-point.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:47 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia 7/1 in three overs

    Head's wicket means that the great man is in and he was beaten on the inside edge by Shami off the fifth ball of the third over. Steve Smith had tried to punch the length ball off the back foot and ended being beaten.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:40 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: OUT! And Head falls!

    Timber! Siraj cranks one up to around 140kph at a good length, Head gives him the charge and ends up chopping on. Head was beaten by a bouncer off the previous ball and Siraj had given him his now trademark stare. 

    Head b Mohammed Siraj 5 (10), Australia 5/1 in 2 overs

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:38 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Head gets one to the ropes

    Just the slightest bit of room given by Siraj off the fourth ball of the second and Head, the kind of form he is in, throws his bat at it. Gets the perfect connection and sends it to the boundary. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:36 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia 1/0 in 1 over

    Head ran a single off the fourth ball of that over after which Marsh fends off the last two. Mohammed Siraj steams in with the other new ball from the other end. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:34 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The players are out there!

    Mohammed Shami has the ball in his hands, Travis Head is facing up with Mitch Marsh at the other end. Here we go!

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:27 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The National Anthems!

    Right, here are the two teams. The Australian national anthem comes first, sung by the players and the smattering of Australian fans in the crowd. Then comes the Indian national anthem. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:24 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The pitch report

    “I'm at the centre pitch, 64 metres to my right and 62 metres to my left,” says Murali Karthik. “Nice even covering of grass, very firm and will play well for 100 overs. There should be some bounce and spinners may not be in the game. Wankhede is always a chasing ground, specially with the dimensions,” adds Ajit Agarkar.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:14 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Steve Smith's thoughts

    “Good toss to lose. Happy batting first because I didn't know what to do. We got to try our best to adjust to these conditions, and get our combinations right with the WC in mind. I think we played well in the back end (on BGT series), and plenty of fresh faces to choose from. Alex Carey is sick so he has gone home, so Josh Inglis will come in today. David Warner is not yet fully fit, so Mitch Marsh will open the batting. The rest of the changes will come on the big television here soon enough.”

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:09 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia XI

    Travis Head, Mitchell Marsh, Steve Smith (C), Marnus Labuschagne, Josh Inglis (WK), Cameron Green, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Sean Abbott, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:04 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: What Hardik Pandya said

    We'll bowl first. It is a good track and dew factor will be there. We feel we will do well in the second innings. I got some time off, breaks are like gold dust for me so it gave me a chance to rest and improve. Playing for India every game and every format is important. With this being a WC year, the ODI format is important. We've gone with four quicks - Shardul, Shami, myself and Siraj. Two spinners in Jadeja and Kuldeep.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:03 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India XI

    Ishan Kishan, Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya (C), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami.

  • Mar 17, 2023 01:01 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: TOSS ALERT!

    Hardik Pandya has won the toss and chosen to bowl first. He feels that dew could be a factor here and India have chased well in the recent past. No David Warner for Australia!

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:59 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The previous India vs Australia ODI series

    The last time Australia visited India, then visitors won the first ODI by 10 wickets with openers David Warner and then captain Aaron Finch scoring unbeaten centuries and chasing down 258 but India won the rest of the two matches to take the series. India then visited India for a three-match series and ended up losing 2-1 themselves. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:47 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India's winning run

    India have won their last seven ODI matches on the trot. During this run, two Indian players have scored double centuries, one of whom is unable to make it into the first team unless captain Rohit Sharma sits out, which is the case today. Australia have always been a different challenge for India in ODIs home or away but the visitors know that they have a real task in their hands here. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:33 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Records corner

    Steve Smith is one century away from equalling Ricky Ponting's tally of 14 hundreds against India across all formats. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have eight ODI hundreds each against Australia - one fewer than Sachin Tendulkar.

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:23 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The David Warner danger

    David Warner came to India hoping to turn around his poor record in the country in Test cricket and ended up going back with a dodgy elbow and all kinds of question marks over his place in the team. It remains to be seen if he is completely free of his elbow problem but the fact is that India face a different kind of beast now. Warner's average in India is 55.85 in ODIs in eight matches, having scored centuries in two of them and a half century. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:20 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia full squad 

    David Warner, Travis Head, Steven Smith(c), Marnus Labuschagne, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey(w), Cameron Green, Ashton Agar, Sean Abbott, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Mitchell Marsh, Marcus Stoinis, Josh Inglis, Nathan Ellis

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:18 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: India full squad

    Shubman Gill, Ishan Kishan(w), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya(c), Ravindra Jadeja, Washington Sundar, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal, Shardul Thakur, Axar Patel, Kuldeep Yadav, Umran Malik, Jaydev Unadkat

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:07 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Virat Kohli's record in Mumbai BIG concern for Australia

    Virat Kohli is next only to Sachin Tendulkar and Mohammad Azharuddin as the third-highest run-scorer at Mumbai's Wankhede stadium. Kohli has scored 265 runs from five matches with a highest of 121 - against New Zealand in 2017 - and averages a healthy 66.25 with a century and fifty each. Among the Australians, David Warner is at 13th but he scored a blistering 128 in the only ODI he has played at the venue. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 12:00 PM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Here's what India's Playing 11 could look like

    15 players, 11 places to fill. Without Rohit Sharma and Shreyas Iyer, the Indian team management could find itself in a bit of a quandary. The two headaches are choosing between KL Rahul and Ishan Kishan to open with Shubman Gill and picking between Umran Malik and Mohammed Siraj to partner Mohammed Shami with the new ball. Based on the pitch, conditions and team combinations, below is the Playing XI the Indian is likely to go ahead with.  

    1 Shubman Gill

    2 Ishan Kishan (Wicketkeeper)

    3 Virat Kohli

    4 Suryakumar Yadav

    5 KL Rahul

    6 Hardik Pandya (Captain)

    7 Ravindra Jadeja

    8 Shardul Thakur

    9 Kuldeep Yadav

    10 Mohammed Siraj

    11 Mohammed Shami

  • Mar 17, 2023 11:48 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Statistics nuggets related to 1st India vs Australia ODI

    - This could be the 50th ODI for Axar Patel.

    - Rahul is 130 runs away from completing 2000 runs in ODIs.

    - Steve Smith is 16 runs away from completing 2000 runs as captain in ODIs.

    - David Warner is 10 runs away from completing 1000 runs against India in ODIs.

    - Glenn Maxwell is 87 runs away from completing 1000 runs against India in ODIs.

  • Mar 17, 2023 11:23 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: And then there is the RED-HOT Shubman Gill

    After a superlative start to 2023, one can't help but think: Has Indian cricket finally found its heir to Virat Kohli is Shubman Gill? Experts think yes, and his stellar form with the bat back those claims. We are just into the third month of 2023 and Gill already has scored a double century in ODIs, and a hundred each in T20Is and Tests. His rollicking touch has all but shut the doors on Shikhar Dhawan's comeback and prolonged Ishan Kishan's wait to break into the Playing XI. The future is here. After Sri Lanka and New Zealand, is it Australia's team to bear the wrath of Gill? He has already scored 755 runs to become ODI cricket's highest run-getter in 2023.

  • Mar 17, 2023 11:15 AM IST


    For Mohammed Siraj, Australia remains one of his his favourite teams to square off against. It was against them that he made his Test debut during an emotional time in his life and just three matches later, picked up his maiden five-wicket-haul in international cricket. A little over 2 years later, Siraj is a Test specialist for India but continues to look for ways to become an automatic pick in their limited-overs setup. Siraj's ODI debut was also against Australia in 2019 where he conceded 76 from 10 overs, but after a fine comeback in 2022, the India pacer has been tough to get away with. In 24 matches, Siraj has claimed 38 ODI wickets, going wicketless just once and his average of 14.37 at home is the second-best among bowlers to have bowled over 50 overs in India.

  • Mar 17, 2023 11:06 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Head-to-head stats and records in ODIs

    India vs Australia is a rivalry quite like no other. It wasn't as big in the 1990s given how one-sided the contests used to be, but over the last 10 years, the intensity has increased manifold. India and Australia have faced each other 143 times in ODIs, with the 5-time World Champions enjoying a solid 80-53 record. And to raise the stakes, the 1st ODI is being played at Mumbai's iconic Wankhede Stadium which has always assisted batters. In fact, the average first-innings total at this venue in last five ODIs is 293, and judging by this pattern, another run-fest appears to be on the cards.

  • Mar 17, 2023 11:02 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Shreyas Iyer OUT, Suryakumar Yadav IN

    In another injury setback for India, Shreyas Iyer has been ruled out of the Australia series, and who knows how long is he expected to be out of action. India however should not be fretting much over his injury as they have more than one suitable candidates available to take his place in the XI. But none more likely than Suryakumar Yadav. Given what SKY has achieved in T20Is for India, his ODI career so far has remained a bit of an enigma, but today is a chance, a fresh start for SKY to set the record straight.

  • Mar 17, 2023 10:51 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Dravid puts on HELMET, picks up the BAT again 

    Nostalgia at its peak. India head coach Rahul Dravid, who has played a match in 2013, put on a helmet and picked up a bat on the eve of the match but albeit for a different reason. Dravid turned fielding coach to give Shubman Gill slip catching drills. There are hardly any better sights better in world cricket than to watch some legendary cricketers show glimpses of their glorious past. So thank you Rahul Dravid for this small throwback moment.

  • Mar 17, 2023 10:43 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Unstoppable Steve Smith

    In all the euphoria surrounding Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya, do not forget the Australians, led by the one and only Steve Smith. Australia's stand-in captain, currently with 4917 runs in another 83 away from breaching the 5000-run mark in ODIs. Smith has a chance to become the 17th Australian batter to get to the milestone and if he does it today, he will become the second-fastest in terms of innings. David Warner leads having taken 115 innings to score 5000 ODI runs. 

  • Mar 17, 2023 10:35 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Australia hold the edge over India

    Did you know? Australia have outclassed India in two of their last three bilateral ODI series. In 2019, Australia beat India 3-2, after India had taken a 2-0 lead and a year later in 2020, the Aussies registered a 2-1 win at home. And for the first time since 2009, Australia have a shot at notching up back-to-back ODI series wins over India. Having said that, India have won 13 out of the 14 bilateral series and by no stretch of the imagination, will they be easy to roll over.

  • Mar 17, 2023 10:26 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: Another match, another Virat Kohli record awaits

    Virat Kohli is at a stage in his career that every match he plays, he has at least one batting record in sight. And today is no different. Kohli, who become the second-highest centurion in international cricket having notched up his 75th in the 4th India vs Australia Test, is closing in on another big milestone. Kohli is 191 runs away from becoming the 5th batter to complete 13000 ODI runs after Sachin Tendulkar, Kumar Sangakkara, Ricky Ponting, Sanath Jayasuriya. Provided he gets there in this series, he will become the fastest to the landmark  in terms of innings.

  • Mar 17, 2023 10:19 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: The road to Hardik's full-time captaincy begins

    It is likely that Rohit Sharma has 6 months left for his ODI captaincy. By the time the 50-over World Cup will conclude in November this year, Rohit will be 36 and in all likelihood, step down as India's ODI captaincy too. So when the time comes, Hardik Pandya will take over that role. The legendary Sunil Gavaskar has already thrown his weight behind Hardik, backing him to succeed Rohit, the road to which begins today as Pandya gears up for his first ODI as Team India captain. Hardik has led India brilliantly in T20Is, winning 8 matches out 11 and losing just 2 and will be taking his baby steps towards a bigger responsibility.  

  • Mar 17, 2023 10:01 AM IST

    IND vs AUS Live: No Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan to open

    Regular India skipper Rohit Sharma is not available for the first ODI against Australia due to personal commitments. This opens up the doors for Ishan Kishan, who has not been in the best of forms ever since smashing that double hundred against Bangladesh. Stand-in skipper Hardik Pandya, however, confirmed that Kishan will open with Shubman Gill. That means KL Rahul will continue to bat in the middle order.

  • Mar 17, 2023 09:48 AM IST

    India vs Australia Live score, 1st ODI: Hardik Aims To Repeat History

    This will be the first ODI between India and Australia since December 2020. It was played in Canberra. India won the match by 13 runs. Hardik Pandya was the star of the show with an unbeaten 92-run knock. Can he repeat the same performance this time around? There will be added responsibility of captaining the side but Hardik has shown he is cut for leadership.

  • Mar 17, 2023 09:21 AM IST

    India vs Australia 1st ODI Live Score

    Hello and welcome to the live coverage of India vs Australia's 1st ODI at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. There is drama, there is anticipation, there is tension and of course, high-quality cricket all around when India and Australia lock horns in the form of cricket. The three-match ODI series is unlikely to be anything different.


‘Dhoni played IPL with one leg. The agonising pain…’: Ex-India star's revelation

Published on Jun 02, 2023 05:46 PM IST

Calling Dhoni a "warrior" Sivaramakrishnan said Dhoni played the entire season on "one leg" and did not let the pain get in the way of his “clarity of thoughts”

MS Dhoni of Chennai Super Kings(IPL/BCCI)

Allan Border gives Steve Smith 'hard' reminder in fresh jibe ahead of WTC final

Published on Jun 02, 2023 05:15 PM IST

Border reminded Smith of the Aussie style of cricket as he recalled that thumbs-up incident from the Border-Gavaskar series in March.

Steve Smith; Allan Border

Gavaskar, Ganguly, Hussain: Full list of WTC final commentators announced

Published on Jun 02, 2023 03:31 PM IST

The official TV and digital broadcasters of the India vs Australia WTC final, have announced an illustrious list of commentators.

Sourav Ganguly and Nasser Hussain will be a part of the commentary panel for the WTC final

Australia coach Vettori claims India may drop star bowler for WTC Final

Published on Jun 02, 2023 03:10 PM IST

The former New Zealand spinner spoke in great detail about India's bowling attack ahead of the WTC Final.

Daniel Vettori (PTI)

‘Shubman Gill has got bit of attitude…’: Ponting on India star before WTC final

Updated on Jun 02, 2023 04:25 PM IST

Ricky Ponting, who has seen Gill from close quarters for the last few seasons of the IPL, believes Gill will be an important factor for India in the WTC final.

India's Rohit Sharma (L) and Shubman Gill in action(REUTERS)

WTC Final: Harbhajan names out-of-favour India star who could've replaced Bharat

Published on Jun 02, 2023 12:12 PM IST

Harbhajan Singh spoke about the India star who could've replaced KS Bharat, and also namedropped KL Rahul, who is currently recovering from a hamstring injury.

Virat Kohli (L) and Srikar Bharat(PTI)

BCCI names India A squad for ACC Emerging Women's Asia Cup

Published on Jun 02, 2023 10:47 AM IST

India A will particpate in the ACC Emerging Women's Asia Cup beginning in Hong Kong on June 12.

Shweta Sehrawat in action.

Rayudu reveals reason behind Dhoni's king-sized 'IPL Trophy' gesture

Updated on Jun 02, 2023 12:16 PM IST

Ambati Rayudu and Ravindra Jadeja had joined MS Dhoni in receiving the IPL Trophy following CSK's win over GT.

From L to R: MS Dhoni, BCCI President Roger Binny, Ambati Rayudu, BCCI secretary Jay Shah, and Ravindra Jadeja(Chennai Super Kings Twitter)

'Rohit was out of form last year as well': Manjrekar's ‘WTC Final’ remark

Published on Jun 02, 2023 08:19 AM IST

Former India batter Sanjay Manjrekar spoke in detail about concerns relating to Rohit Sharma's form ahead of WTC Final.

Rohit Sharma(BCCI)

'Might say it's disappointing but...': Stokes breaks silence on injury-laden IPL

Updated on Jun 02, 2023 09:42 AM IST

Ben Stokes played just two games in a season in which Chennai Super Kings won a record-equalling fifth IPL title.

 Stokes had come in with a lot of hype but he also came with injury troubles.(PTI)

Hayden delivers blistering take on India's ICC title drought before WTC final

Published on Jun 02, 2023 07:15 AM IST

Matthew Hayden has shared his views about India's title drought in ICC events before WTC final. He also lauded an India star after IPL 2023.

Matthew Hayden has shared his views about India's title drought in ICC events before WTC final(ANI-Getty Images)
By, New Delhi

CSK got me back on my feet: Tushar Deshpande

Updated on Jun 02, 2023 07:20 AM IST

CSK’s highest wicket-taker talks about learning death-overs bowling from Dwayne Bravo and the joy of getting his father snapped with MS Dhoni.

Tushar Deshpande bowls during the IPL 2023 cricket match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings(PTI)
By, Mumbai

Sudharsan interview: 'I will definitely love to bring more power to my batting'

Published on Jun 01, 2023 11:41 PM IST

If the left-hander can have the same growth curve as Gill, he is likely to be a more regular member of the Titans juggernaut next season.

Gujarat Titans batter Sai Sudharsan in action during the IPL 2023 cricket playoff match(PTI)
By, New Delhi

MS Dhoni successfully undergoes knee surgery after CSK win IPL 2023: Reports

Updated on Jun 01, 2023 09:44 PM IST

Legendary cricketer MS Dhoni has reportedly undergone surgery on his knee on Thursday.

Legendary cricketer MS Dhoni has reportedly undergone surgery on his knee(ANI)
By, New Delhi

Adidas unveils first look of new Team India jerseys for ODI, T20I and Test

Published on Jun 01, 2023 07:25 PM IST

Adidas has unveiled the first look of new Team India jerseys for ODI, T20I and Test formats ahead of the World Test Championship final against Australia.

Virat Kohli (R) with bowlers Umesh Yadav (L) and Mohammed Siraj at a practice session ahead of the World Test Championship final cricket match between India and Australia in UK(PTI)
By, New Delhi
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