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India vs Australia, 2nd Test, Day 4 in Perth, as it happened: Pant, Vihari at the crease as India need 175 more runs

India vs Australia 2nd Test, Live Updates: Catch all the live score and updates from day 4 of the second Test match between Australia and India.

By HT Correspondent | Dec 17, 2018 15:30 IST

As it happened: Australia right on top. Their bowlers have been brilliant, the captaincy of Tim Paine has been on the money. The target of 287 was always going to be a tough ask on a dicey pitch, and the Indian batting were never allowed to stay long. KL Rahul,, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Murali Vijay, and Ajinkya Rahane are back in the hut and it all depends on how Hanuma Vihari and Rishabh Pant turn up tomorrow. (FULL SCORECARD)


15:25 hrs IST


Australia right on top. Their bowlers have been brilliant, the captaincy of Tim Paine has been on the money. The target of 287 was always going to be a tough ask on a dicey pitch, and the Indian batting were never allowed to stay long. KL Rahul,, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Murali Vijay, and Ajinkya Rahane are back in the hut and it all depends on how Hanuma Vihari and Rishabh Pant turn up tomorrow.

15:11 hrs IST

Pant looking nervous

The young man has looked to play his strokes all series, but this scenario is completely different and he needs to stick around and play for stumps

14:58 hrs IST

Rahane dismissed

Well, well, pitched up, Rahane goes for the expansive drive, he finds the fielder perfectly at point. Huge blow for India. Considering the context of the match and considering the state of affairs, that stroke was certainly reckless by the Indian vice-captain

14:47 hrs IST

Partnership has calmed things down

After the twin strikes by Lyon, Rahane and Vihari have dug in and have kept the bowlers at bay with great intensity. They have to keep battling hard and look to remain unbeaten when the stumps are drawn today

14:34 hrs IST

Lyon is bowling beautifully

Stunning bowling by the offie, he is dragging the batsmen out and then is spinning the ball. Also, the pitch is offering assistance to him and the natural variations are proving to be a real pain for the batsmen

14:24 hrs IST

Vihari survives

The ball from Josh Hazlewood was sharp and short. It climbed up steeply to Hanuma Vihari who tried to get out of the way, but the ball seemed to brush his glove through to Tim Paine. There were muted appeals, but then Australia did not refer that one. Escape for Vihari

14:20 hrs IST

Vihari on the offensive

Hanuma Vihari is taking the fight to Nathan Lyon as he scored two boundaries off him in the same over. With the runs required still over 200, this is looking extremely tough for the visitors and Ajinkya Rahane will have to play a big innings in order to bring them back in to the match. India 75/4

14:13 hrs IST

Stat Attack: Murali Vijay

Murali Vijay dismissed bowled for 20 by Nathan Lyon

· 3rd time Vijay dismissed by Lyon.

· Consecutive innings Vijay dismissed bowled.

· 8th consecutive innings without going past 20 for Vijay.

· 15th consecutive innings without fifty for Vijay in away Tests.

14:00 hrs IST

Lyon gets Vijay with a beauty

OOOPSSS!!!! That is the end of the Vijay show here as he is beaten by a beauty from Lyon.The ball pitches outside off and takes the bail. That is the typical off-spinner’s dismissal. The Australians are celebrating here as Vijay goes for 20.

13:55 hrs IST

Can Vijay and Rahane lead fightback?

Rahane is looking to stay positive just like he was in the first innings and that could be the way forward on a wicket like this where the bounce just cannot be trusted. Lyon is one bowler who needs to be attacked here as the Aussies look to pick a couple more here before the end of the day’s play.

13:45 hrs IST

Lyon gets Kohli for 17

That is it....Is that the match for Australia? Kohli has to walk back for 17 as Lyon gets Kohli to edge one that heads straight to Khawaja at first slip. India’s score reads 48/3 as the visitors still need 239 to win this game. This looks like the match for Australia in the way that Lyon is celebrating.

13:35 hrs IST

Kohli and Vijay hold fort

Dead defence from Vijay to good balls. Kohli too looking to put in a conservative approach. This is quality batting from the duo as India look to fight their way back into the game here. India need these two to bat till the end of the day if the visitors wish to have any sniff at the Australia total on the fifth morning.

13:25 hrs IST

King Kohli starting to bring out the shots from the kitty

He has generally looked subdued in this innings and left the good balls, but he is slowly starting to show the arsenal he has in his possession as the drives and flicks are back in the open. India need Kohli and Vijay to take them to stumps on the fourth evening.

13:15 hrs IST

Liking the look of Vijay here

He is once again leaving the ball here outside the off-stump and driving the ball with equal ease. The doubts seem to be going out of his mind and it is all about mental adjustments here at this level. The score is slowly moving towards the 50-run mark and that will be the first box that the Indian batsmen will want to tick without losing another wicket.

13:05 hrs IST

Vintage Vijay or is it too early?

For the first time in this series, Vijay is looking like the ‘Monk’ who took the English side by surprise in the 2014 series. He is leaving the ball really well outside the off-stump and also plays one of those vintage drives that has been the hallmark of Vijay knocks over the years. Can he do the unthinkable?

12:55 hrs IST

Vijay playing for his career here

Murali Vijay is not just batting to help India win the Test, but also save his Test career. Kohli at the other end looking solid as always, but Vijay will need to give the skipper the support that he needs if India are to get anywhere near the target of 287. India have lost two wickets.

12:37 hrs IST

Tea on Day 4

It’s tea on Day 4 of the second Test in Perth and it is not looking good for Virat Kohli & Co. With a target of 287, the visitors needed a good start but things have not gone according to plan. Mitchell Starc dismissed KL Rahul in the very first over of the innings and Cheteshwar Pujara soon followed him back to the pavilion as he was caught behind off the bowling of Josh Hazlewood. India 15/2

12:30 hrs IST

Stat Attack: Cheteshwar Pujara

Cheteshwar Pujara dismissed for 4 by Josh Hazlewood

· 1st single digit score for Pujara after 5 innings.

· 1st single digit score for Pujara vs Australia after 3 innings.

· 4th time Hazlewood has dismissed Pujara.

12:24 hrs IST

Pujara departs

Josh Hazlewood strikes for Australia and this is getting worse for the visitors as Pujara departs for 4. It was a brilliant ball from the fast bowler and the batsman could only manage to get an edge on the delivery. Easy catch for Tim Paine and India are 13 for the loss of two wickets.

12:22 hrs IST

Pujara, Vijay cautious

Scrappy start for Pujara and Vijay as both of them got lucky boundaries through the slip region. However, they will not be complaining as KL Rahul lost his wicket in the very first over of the innings. Although the target is under 300, it will surely be a steep climb for the visitors and they will need something special for their batsmen. India 13/1

12:18 hrs IST

Stat Attack: KL Rahul

KL Rahul dismissed bowled for duck by Mitchell Starc

· 5th single-digit dismissal for Rahul in last 7 innings (Including this).

· Consecutive time Rahul got bowled in this Test.

· 7th bowled dismissal in last 12 innings (including this)

· 3rd wicket of a batsman for duck by Starc from his last 4 wickets.

12:13 hrs IST

Horrible start for India

It has been a horrible start to the innings for India. India need 287 runs on a menacing Perth Stadium pitch to win the second test after Australia were all out for 243 in the middle session. Mohammed Shami picked up a career-best 6-56 as the hosts lost six wickets for 51 runs before a 36-run last-wicket partnership between Mitchell Starc (14) and Josh Hazlewood (17 not out) boosted their tally.

12:06 hrs IST

Starc has his man as Rahul walks back

Gone for a duck. Looking to leave the ball, Rahul manages to edge that right back onto the stumps as the Australians are celebrating. Just the start the Australians would have wanted. Fourth ball of the innings and Rahul walks back to huge cheer from the Australian fans. India one down without a run on the board.

11:55 hrs IST

Bumrah picks the last one

Bumrah gets the last wicket as the target reads 287. Starc is finally dismissed for 14 and India will now have their task cut-out. The openers need to bat out of their skin as Shami walks back with six wickets in the innings. The last-wicket partnership could come back to haunt the Indians.

11:50 hrs IST

Crucial runs by Starc and Hazlewood

Umesh into the attack now, but this is poor bowling from the Indians here as they have given away more than 25 runs to the last wicket here. From a tough to get 250, the target has now gone over 279 and this looks like a total that is slowly getting to a stage which is unachievable on this sort of a wicket.

11:40 hrs IST

The Australian tail is wagging

Shami is struggling to finish things off after bowling really well post the lunch interval. The lead has now moved to 265 with the last wicket still batting for Australia. Hazlewood and Starc trying their level best to try and get as many runs as they can to add to the already quality lead.

11:30 hrs IST

India need the last wicket quick

Starc sends Shami over mid-off to the boundary as the lead now reaches 256. This is getting into an uncomfortable zone for the Indians with the pitch starting to act more and more dicey. Kohli needs the last wicket here and early. The score reads 213/9.

11:21 hrs IST

Shami gets Lyon

Shami aims for the body once again and Lyon looks to make room and hit it over point, but finds Vihari as Lyon goes for 5. The lead still reads 250 as Australia have one more wicket in the bag. Shami has six in his kitty. Can he make it 7 here?

11:16 hrs IST

Lyon takes lead to 250

The confidence boosting 250-mark up here in the lead column. Lyon cuts one from Shami to the point boundary. India would have liked to keep things more under control here, but sadly a bad ball from Shami. India need these last two wickets at the earliest to keep the target to as low as possible.

11:06 hrs IST

200 up for Australia

Australia have brought up their 200, 202 the score and the lead now is 245. Lyon and Starc at the crease and every run counts. Can the Indians keep the lead below 250 here? The wicket is not the most conducive for batting and that will be there on the mind of the Indian batsmen.

11:03 hrs IST

Another one bites the dust

Bumrah with another unplayable delivery, Pat Cummins the victim this time. The ball virtually rolled on the floor and castled him. The up and down nature of this pitch is fast becoming more and more unreliable. The Indian batsmen will surely have their task cut-out when they come out to bat.

10:55 hrs IST

Khawaja departs now

Mohd Shami produces another unplayable delivery as Usman Khawaja departs for a very well made 72. Brilliant from Shami who now has five wickets to his name, thoroughly deserved. The idea to have him bowl right after the lunch break has worked wonders for the Indians.

10:39 hrs IST

The match has taken a turn! but in which direction?

Even though Mohd Shami picked up two wickets in two balls to dismiss Paine and Finch the balls were very difficult to face with. Paine got an absolute brute and Finch’s wasn’t much easier. India need to wrap Australia up ASAP. The pitch is getting difficult by the ball.

10:39 hrs IST

Finch goes very next ball

Mohd Shami is on a hattrick!!! after getting Paine he gets Aaron finch the very next delivery. He can’t add to his score and Australia are now in trouble. how this game has turned. Even-stevens now.

10:37 hrs IST

OUT!! Paine goes

OH my God!!! what a brute, Shami snares Paine with a beauty in the very first over after lunch. This one jumped from the goodlength area and that is what the Indian batsmen too will have to be wary about. Some words there between KL Rahul and Paine as the Australia skipper walks back.

10:28 hrs IST

Action set to begin after lunch

We are just minutes away from action resuming after lunch on the penultimate day of this Test in Perth. You have to think that India will take the new ball as soon as it is available and just hope that a collapse is on the cards.

09:50 hrs IST

Lunch on Day 4

That is Australia’s session for sure. They have batted out some tough times without losing a single wicket. More importantly, the lead has gone to 223. Khawaja batting on 67 and Paine on 37. This is just what the Aussies would have wanted when the two came out to bat at the start of the day. India have their task cut-out going into the post-lunch session.

09:42 hrs IST

Khawaja and Paine holding fort

Despite all the hits and misses, Khawaja and Paine have stood ground and ensured that India do not get any opening here. The two will now be playing for lunch here. Just about less than 10 minutes to go for the break. The first session has definitely gone to the Australians here. Brilliant show of grit and determination.

09:32 hrs IST

Vihari pitching it too short

Having bowled impressively on the third day, skipper Kohli turned to Vihari to see if he can crunch things up and maybe also pick a wicket or two, but sadly the spinner has been a bit too short. He needs to pitch it up and get Khawaja to play off the front-foot and not the backfoot. The lead reads a dangerous 220.

09:22 hrs IST

Beating the bat without luck

The Indian bowlers have beaten the bat a number of times, but sadly the wickets have just not come. There have been more misses than hits it seems on this wicket, but most importantly for the Australians, the wickets have not come for the Indian bowlers and the partnership has moved to 50 for Khawaja and Paine.

09:12 hrs IST

Bumrah back into the attack

Kohli brings Bumrah back into the attack as he understands the need to get a wicket here to break this partnership. Bumrah has been one of the best bowlers on display from both sides in this match. Frustration building here for India because the bowlers have been good with the line and length without getting the required results. The lead reads 206.

09:02 hrs IST

50 for Khawaja

14th fifty for the Australian and he has taken the lead past the 200-run mark. Ishant has been just about brilliant with his bowling and even Umesh is trying his best to get Kohli a dismissal here.Considering the widening of the cracks, it is going to get all the more difficult for the Indians to score here.

08:52 hrs IST

Umpires take a look at the ball

The ball is shining nice and bright on one side, but looks like the Indian team wants a change as the wickets are not coming in for the visitors. Ishant has been brilliant with this one as have been the other bowlers, but luck has deserted the Indians here and that is the time when the fielding captain tries to bring in fresh luck by changing the ball. An old trick in the book this one.

08:42 hrs IST

Khawaja showing great application

He has struggled, he has missed the line, he has been beaten, but Khawaja is still out in the middle and batting on 46 as Australia’s lead enters the 190s. This is exactly what you need from your senior pro on a wicket that is just not conducive for batting. Having played more than 140 balls, he has shown grit of the highest order.

08:32 hrs IST

Ishant now into the attack

Kohli goes back to his leader of the pack. Ishant has been very disciplined and also impressive with his line and length. He will now want to get something up the wickets column as he has only one dismissal to show for a brilliant effort right through the second innings. The lead has slowly moved closer to the 200-run mark.

08:22 hrs IST

Paine and Khawaja doing a great job

The duo have played like how experienced campaigners are expected to when batting on a challenging wicket like the one in Perth. While they have played and missed quite a few, they have not let that break their concentration and have come back harder at the Indian bowlers. Not giving an inch away as the lead is on an increase with every passing over.

08:12 hrs IST

Indian bowlers impress without luck

The Indian bowlers have been hitting a good line and length, but unfortunately for Kohli and boys, the wickets have just not come here. Be it on the third evening or this morning, the ball has missed the edge more than it has taken the edge. The Indians do realise that if they do not limit the Aussies here, they could be in chasing quite a few runs on a wicket that has shown dual character. The lead reads 182.

08:03 hrs IST

First boundary of the day

Edgy from Paine as he knicks Bumrah through the slip cordon and the ball races to the third man boundary. The Indian bowlers have been really impressive even though luck has deserted them and wickets have been hard to come. The Indians need to limit the target to as less as possible.

07:58 hrs IST

Maiden Over

Maiden Over by Shami to begin with. The pitch for now is playing okay and the batsmen look comfortable.

07:53 hrs IST

First over done

Bumrah concedes two runs from the first over. No Alarms for the batsmen. Mohd Shami to start from the other end.

07:49 hrs IST

Here come the players

Both sets of players are now on the pitch. The excitement is palpable. The action begins imminently. Bumrah to bowl the first ball to Tim Paine.

07:42 hrs IST

Action set to begin

The action on Day 4 of the second Test in Perth is about to begin. Australia 132/4, lead by 175 runs with six wickets in hand.

Khawaja 41* Tim Paine 8*

07:38 hrs IST

Pitch report!!! Cracks have widened

“The cracks have widened even more than yesterday and day before. The foot holes are developing more. There is plenty of action for the seamers. We are in for a gripping game,” says former England captain Michael Vaughan.

07:25 hrs IST

Finch will bat

Aaron Finch has been cleared to bat in the second innings of the second Test in Perth.


07:16 hrs IST

Good total to chase

What would be a good total to chase? Nathan Lyon picked up five wickets in the first inning and it has assisted seamers from the start. perhaps 225-250 would be too big an ask for India. The visitors must restrict the hosts to as little as possible. Good start is paramount.

07:00 hrs IST

Ponting on Kohli’s dismissal

Ricky Ponting thinks that the decision to give Virat Kohli out on Day 3 was the correct one.

There have been others who disagree with former Australia Captain.

06:43 hrs IST

Finch!! will he won’t he?

Finch suffered a nasty looking blow to his hand on Day 3 and retired hurt!!! He has been cleared of any serious damage but remains to be seen if he will bat or not.

06:31 hrs IST

The all important pitch

This is how the pitch on day 4 looks like.


06:18 hrs IST

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to Hindustan Times’ live blog of the fourth day of the second Test in Perth. Australia lead by 175 runs with six second innings wickets in hand.