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India v England, 5th Test, Day 2 highlights: Honours split in Chennai

Day 2 of the Chennai Test between India and England ended in balance. After heroics from debutant Liam Dawson (66*) and Adil Rashid (60), Indian openers made sure the hosts wrested back control by closing out the day without losing a wicket. Catch highlights of India vs England here.

cricket Updated: Dec 17, 2016 16:57 IST
Gaurav Bhatt
Gaurav Bhatt
Hindustan Times
India vs England,Live cricket score,5th Test day 2 live cricket score
The unbeaten opening stand between KL Rahul and Parthiv Patel of India made sure the final session went well for the hosts on day two of the 5th test match between India and England held at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai.(BCCI)

Day 2 of the Chennai Test between India and England seemed to follow the opening day’s narrative. England were pegged back early and looked to be on the ropes with Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler and overnight centurion Moeen Ali all perishing in the first session. Debutant Liam Dawson (66*) and Adil Rashid (60) launched a rescue act and put on 108 runs to take tourists to 477. Indian spinners toiled hard but it was the seamers Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav who produced vital breakthroughs. KL Rahul and emergency opener Parthiv Patel then wrested back the control as the hosts closed out the day without a loss. Catch highlights of India vs England here. (SCORECARD | STREAMING INFO)

16:30hrs IST: Last over of the day. Patel gets off strike on the second ball. Rahul plays the last ball towards covers as India end a good day of Test cricket on a satisfying note. India 60/0.

16:27hrs IST: Debutant Liam Dawson into the attack. He has had a good day. The left-arm spinner almost makes it better. Parthiv flicks one towards the on side, distressingly close to the short leg. Rahul plays out the remainder. Good start to the spell.

16:23hrs IST: Ali to Rahul. Two singles from that over. India 57/0.

16:21hrs IST: Rashid to Patel. Wrong un, short and outside off. Patel picks it quickly and cuts it. Good fielding but the batsmen run three to raise the team’s fifty. Rahul takes a single and Patel dispatches the next ball through covers for a boundary Superb timing. India 55/0.

16:18hrs IST: Both the spinners getting drift here. But the defensive field means singles are there for the taking. With 4-5 overs left for the day, Alastair Cook should’ve looked to crank up the intensity.

16:15hrs IST: Rashid gets the ball. Good flight, and drift. But concedes three singles and a couple. India 44/0.

16:08hrs IST: Ali continues. Patel punches it down the ground and goes off for a sharp single. Rahul comes down the track and hits it over the infield to the long off boundary. Not from the middle but effective nonetheless. Paddle sweep and two more runs. Good over that. India 39/0.

16:06hrs IST: Second over for Stokes. And second boundary for Rahul. Full and wide and Rahul with a hearty drive. Rashid gives chase, and gets his elbow dug into the outfield. Ouch. This ground is not meant for diving, guys. India 32/0.

16:05hrs IST: Ali to Patel. Gets a thick edge but no gully. Rahul gets another single. India 26/0.

15:57hrs IST: Bowling change, and Ben Stokes into the attack. Begins with a classic loosener and Rahul dispatches the half-volley away for a boundary. Two singles and India move to 24/0.

15:55hrs IST: Ali to Patel. And two singles. India 18/0 after 10 overs.

15:48hrs IST: Broad to Rahul. And Rahul is still not looking comfortable out there. Third maiden in a row and drinks have been called.

15:44hrs IST: Ali has been brought into the attack against left-hander Parthiv Patel. The centurion starts with tight maiden.

15:37hrs IST: Broad to Rahul. What happened there? Short and wide. Rahul goes for a cut, misses and hobbles in pain. Has he hurt his knee again? He’s in pain and looks to be struggling. Plays out the over but he doesn’t look comfortable. The right hamstring could be the problem again. India 16/0.

15:34hrs IST: Good control from Ball there. A single off the last ball for Rahul. India 16/0.

15:25hrs IST: Broad to Rahul. Good line. Broad has dismissed Rahul twice this series. Single. Short ball going down leg. Parthiv attempts to hook and misses it. Half-hearted appeal. Dangerous shot.

15:22hrs IST: Ball to Patel. Punched back and stopped by the bowler. Parthiv cuts the next ball, and Stokes with an acrobatic stop at slips. He opens the face and gets a single. Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri drops in another gem.

15:16hrs IST: Four single from that Broad over. The ball is doing absolutely nothing for the pacers. 12/0.

15:14hrs IST: Jake Ball to Parthiv. Wide, and Parthiv gets the under-edge. It falls short and bursts through second slip Joe Root’s hands for a boundary. Root’s clutching that little finger. 8/0.

15:12hrs IST: Over in Brisbane, Pakistan have been set a target of 490. Catch the Test action under floodlights here.

15:11hrs IST: Decent first over from Stuart Broad. Two singles from it. 2/0.

15:06hrs IST: In walk the Indian batsmen. Murali Vijay has hurt his shoulder and Parthiv Patel will open the innings with KL Rahul. Vijay suffered a bruised shoulder while fielding and is being treated and kept under observation, the team media official has said.

14:55hrs IST: Mishra to Dawson, who takes a single. WICKET! And that is it. Googly does the trick. Mishra castles Ball and gets a well-deserved cricket. England all out for 477 and the tourists will be very happy with the effort. 

14:50hrs IST: Ashwin to Dawson. And Dawson lifts it high towards deep midwicket. Substitute midfielder Axar Patel takes the catch, tumbles and lands on the rope. SIX! Dawson takes a single and Ball gets into the act. Down the track and hits it straight. Six. Out of the ground? No... They’ve got it back. Now Ball drives it. It wasn’t full but he uses it height and gets another couple. And another. Seventeen runs off that over. England 476/9.

14:49hrs IST: Jadeja’s bowled a maiden meanwhile.

14:46hrs IST: Jake Ball is the new man in. Two runs off that Ashwin over. England 459/9.

14:39hrs IST: Jadeja to Broad. WICKET! And Broad seems to have run himself out. Played fine, KL Rahul does well to stop the boundary. The throw is accurate and there seems to have been a mix-up between the batsmen after strolling for two. Dawson sends Broad back who is caught short. England 457/9.

14:36hrs IST: Ashwin to Dawson. Flighted, turns and hits the pads. Strong appeal, and turned down. Nobody’s convinced but India still decide to review for the sake of it. Replays show the ball would have missed the leg stump comfortably. India have no reviews remaining... for another seven overs. Reviews will be restored after 160 overs. England 453/8.

14:35hrs IST: We’re back, and Jadeja starts off with a tight over. What do you think will be a challenging first-innings total for India? Let me know here.

14:09hrs IST: Ashwin to Broad. Maiden, and that would be tea. Much like yesterday, England have taken the second session. Brilliant partnership between Adil Rashid and Liam Dawson not just rescued the tourists from a spot of bother, but have put them in a solid position. No major damage though, as India would look to wrap England up quickly after tea and cash in on the flat track.

14:05hrs IST: Sharma to Dawson. Short and Dawson defends well. Short again, and Dawson swats it to Jadeja at midwicket. Broad has decided to go for a run and is standing next to Dawson when Jadeja aims the throw. The ball hits a bump and lobs over the wicket. That should have been a wicket. Dawson gets on top of a back of the length delivery and punches it through covers for a boundary.

14:01hrs IST: Ashwin to Broad. And that seems to have missed everything. Three byes. Dawson gives the strike back and Broad hits one over cover for a boundary.

14:00hrs IST: From getting struck on head on the second ball to a gritty half-century, Liam Dawson seems to have come a long way today.

Liam Dawson of England scored a half-century on debut during day two of the 5th Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. (BCCI)

13:56hrs IST: Yadav to Broad. Banged in short and that kept low. Misses the top of the stumps by a whisker. The next one’s banged in again and Broad opens the face for a boundary. Third man has been brought in now. Broad works it through midwicket for a single. 440/8.

13:52hrs IST: Ashwin to Broad. Tossed up, Broad drives and edges past substitute fielder Manish Pandey at slip. Pandey runs after it, slides and his knee gets stuck in the soft outfield. He’s hobbling but the damage could’ve been worse. This is not the ground to be sliding on. Dawson punches down the ground to bring up a fifty on Test debut. Broad works the ball for a single to keeps strike. England 435/8.

13:47hrs IST: Stuart Broad is England’s number 10. He has a Test century to his name. Over the wicket, and a yorker. Broad misses but it’s outside off. Good pace here from Broad. Back of the length, and Broad taps it away to get off the mark. England 430/8.

13:44hrs IST: WICKET! The answer is Umesh! Short and wide. Rashid flashes away from the body, edges and Parthiv completes the catch. Good innings from Rashid. Much-needed relief for the Indians. England 429/8.

13:42hrs IST: Change of ends for Ashwin. Gets one to bounce and Rashid comfortably taps it behind point for a couple. Takes a single and Dawson works it to midwicket for another couple. Who’s going to get a breakthrough now?!

13:41hrs IST: Seam brought into attack. Yadav bowling well but these two are looking well-settled.

13:36hrs IST: Adil Rashid scored the second fifty of his Test career and the series.

Adil Rashid of England scored his second Test fifty during day two of the 5th Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. (BCCI)

13:33hrs IST: Jadeja back over the wicket, and a superb cover drive for Rashid. Boundary and fiftyfor Adil Rashid. Well-played. Rashid plays it through cover for a couple, before squeezing one behind cover for another boundary. That’s 100-run partnership as well. England 422/7.

13:30hrs IST: Ashwin’s back, you guys! And he comes around the wicket too. “Ashwin, Ashwin” sounds suspiciously like “Sachin, Sachin.” Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Dawson works the ball for a single, and Rashid whips it through midwicket for another. Dawson hits it to midwicket and Jadeja picks it with one hand and whips it to Ashwin in one motion. Ashwin takes the bails off, but replays show Dawson was well in. England 412/7.

13:23hrs IST: Jadeja to come over the wicket as well. At least they are trying to do something different. Rashid pads most away, anyway.

13:23hrs IST: Not again! Mishra comes around the wicket, Dawson goes for a paddle sweep and the ball takes the edge... only to fall short of Ishant at fine-leg. Bad luck Mishra. And of course, Rashid comes on and hits the leggie inside-out. Gets three and two more singles round off the eventful over. England 410/7

13:22hrs IST: One run off that Jadeja over. Sporadic chants of “We want Ashwin.”

13:18hrs IST: Mishra to Dawson. Four dot balls and a lovely drive for a single. Rashid comes on and finishes the over by flicking the leg-spinner over midwicket for a boundary. 400 up for England.

13:17hrs IST: Jadeja bowls a maiden to Rashid.

13:14hrs IST: Liam Dawson and Adil Rashid, number 8 and 9 for England, have 8 and 10 first-class centuries respectively. The two have put on 77 runs.

Liam Dawson and Adil Rashid have put on 77 runs for the eighth wicket during day two of the 5th Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. (BCCI)

13:10hrs IST: Crowd has resorted to the Mexican wave to keep themselves awake. I’m off for more coffee as umpires call ‘Drinks’.

13:08hrs IST: Problems with the ball? Mishra and Kohli urge umpire Erasmus to pull out the ol’ ballchecker. It passes through one hole, doesn’t through the other. And we’re back underway. A single off that Mishra over for Rashid.

13:07hrs IST: Dawson works Jadeja around the corner for a couple. England 397/7.

13:01hrs IST: Mishra to Dawson. Pushed to midwicket, think about two but it’s Jadeja. Turn on the next and Rashid is beaten. And another. Mishra’s flighting and getting some turn now. Another good delivery, and Rashid drives it past silly point and cover for another boundary. It sucks to be Mishra.

13:00hrs IST: Jadeja to Rashid. Another maiden.

12:57hrs IST: Mishra to Dawson. A maiden. Last ball got the edge but there’s no short leg.

12:56hrs IST: Jadeja has ran through an over in what seemed like 2 seconds. One run from it. England 389/7.

12:54hrs IST: In the meantime, Rashid has hit leg-spinner Mishra through midwicket for a sensational boundary. This has been a great recovery from England, who are at 390/7

12:50hrs IST: Uh oh. Kohli has thrown the ball straight AT Dawson, who ducks. Unintentional, of course. But the throw was neither at the keeper’s end nor to the bowler. Dawson isn’t amused. Umpire Erasmus calms things down.

Liam Dawson of England looks back at India captain Virat Kohli after he was nearly hit by a throw during day two of the 5th Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. (BCCI)

12:45hrs IST: Mishra replaces Yadav. That’s short, outside off and Rashid has tried to work it towards midwicket (WHAT?). Ball takes the leading edge, loops up but falls short of Yadav at mid-off.

Hello injury, meet insult! Short again from Mishra, and Rashid rocks back and cuts it delightfully for a boundary. Appeal for lbw the next ball, and a single to finish the over. England’s moving on. 384/7.

12:42hrs IST: Jadeja to Rashid. Three dots and Rashid cuts it towards Ashwin at third man for a single. Dawson cuts one finer past Ashwin for a boundary. And another cut past the third man for a couple. Ravi’s having to do a little chasing now. And something tells me he’s not really enjoying it. England 379/7

12:38hrs IST: Yadav to Rashid. Fast and wide. Rashid throws the kitchen sink at it, only to edge it. Races to the third man boundary. Next one’s drifting down and Rashid’s has played it fine. Another boundary. Taps it to point for a sharp single. Good batting this. Short, and Dawson plays it well behind point. That’s 50 for the partnership.

12:35hrs IST: Jadeja to Rashid. Spins a little and beats the edge. Rashid drives the next one before being beaten by another which turns slightly. Jadeja’s excited but Parthiv had no reaction. Good, tight maiden. England 361/7.

12:29hrs IST: Yadav replaces Ishant. Short and wide, and Dawson with a laze shot and misses. Identical next ball, and this time he lets it go. Bouncer to finish the over and Dawson ducks under it properly. Quick-learner.

12:28hrs IST: Ashwin has toiled hard. The local lad has bowled 36 overs now with the returns of one wicket for 112 runs. England are 360/7.

12:23hrs IST: Ishant to Rashid. Full and driven. The big man goes down and stops the ball. Rashid works the fifth ball off his pads to take another single. Full and straight, and a hint of reverse there. Dawson defends but swing here could trouble the lower-order batsmen.

12:20hrs IST: Ashwin to Rashid. And Rashid isn’t doing too bad himself. Defends well and takes a single off the fifth delivery. 357/7.

12:19hrs IST: Jokes apart, Dawson has proven batting credentials. The Hampshire player has a first-class average of 34 and has eight centuries to his name.

12:13hrs IST: Ishant to begin proceedings. Bang on the money, attacking the stumps. He has impressed today. But so has Dawson, who is solidly behind. Two singles and a couple. England 356/7.

12:10hrs IST: Next session coming up. England resume on 352/7. Where do you think the visitors will end? Hit me up, here.

11:43hrs IST: Over in Brisbane, Australia captain Steve Smith is playing some ridiculous shots.

Catch more cricket+tennis shots, as Australia look to build on against Pakistan, here.

11:29hrs IST: Mishra to bowl the last over before lunch. Slip, gully and a short leg and Dawson’s taking his time.

Shot! Flighted and wide, and Dawson with a crunching drive to bring up England’s 350. Taps the next one for a single. And the gully has been taken off. No runs and England go into lunch 352/7. Good little partnership here. But the morning belonged to the hosts.

11:24hrs IST: Ishant to continue. Dawson punches it to point and there’s confusion between two. Rashid scampers back as Rahul fails to collect the ball cleanly. Off-cutter, and Dawson picks it up early.

But not that one. Banged in short and it doesn’t bounce. Dawson is into the shot and loses balance. Goes down as the ball hits his pads. Uneven bounce is the last thing England want to deal with on this wicket. England 347/7.

11:22hrs IST: Mishra to Rashid. Yet. Another. Maiden.

11:17hrs IST: Ishant’s back on. A short burst before lunch. Back of the length, and these two have settled down enough to keep out the danger. Two singles from that over. England 346/7.

11:13hrs IST: Mishra to Rashid. ANOTHER MAIDEN.

Seriously, the most action we’ve seen the last eleven overs was the collision.

Ravindra Jadeja of India is injured after a clash with Adil Rashid of England during day two of the 5th Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. (BCCI)

11:11hrs IST: Jadeja to Dawson. Another maiden.

11:08hrs IST: Mishra to Rashid. Battle of the leggies. Good flight and he’s getting it to turn. Play and a miss from Rashid, who defends the rest confidently. England 344/7.

11:06hrs IST: He’s up and about. Dawson plays out the over. England 344/7.

11:03hrs IST: Jadeja to Rashid. Full outside off and Rashid drives it for a single. And there has been a collision. Jadeja goes to collect the wayward throw and comes in the way of Rashid, who is also ball-watching. Jadeja’s down clutching his right side. The support staff is on the ground.

11:00hrs IST: Amit Mishra is on now. Dawson cuts the third ball to third man for three. Rashid takes a single off the last ball to retain strike.

10:59hrs IST: Jadeja to Rashid. A swift maiden.

10:54hrs IST: Ashwin to Dawson. Rocks back and pushes it through covers for a couple. And rocks back and pushes it through covers for a boundary. Good shot from Dawson. England 339/7.

10:51hrs IST: Jadeja is into the attack. Flighting outside off, and Rashid’s driving. He gets one into the gap and runs for three. Dawson up and Jadeja cuts down the length. The ball takes the edge and Dawson picks up a single.

10:49hrs IST: Live by the sword, die by the sword. Moeen Ali went down swinging.

Moeen Ali pulled a short one from Umesh Yadav straight to Ravindra Jadeja at square leg. (BCCI)

10:49hrs IST: Swift over from Ashwin. Rashid gets a single off the last ball. England 329/7.

10:47hrs IST: That Yadav over brought us two singles and a fine leg glance from Dawson, who gets his first boundary in Test cricket.

10:44hrs IST: “He’s got an arm like a bullet,” says Ravi Shastri of Jadeja. Erm, doesn’t he mean like a gun?! And the ball comes out of it like a bullet?

A... tracer bullet?

I’ll get my coat.

10:41hrs IST: Ashwin to Dawson, who takes a single off the second ball to give strike to Rashid. Rashid obliges with a wild cut and a miss on a hit-me ball. Defends rest. England 322/7.

10:32hrs IST: Yadav to Ali. WICKET! Stevie Wonder would have seen that coming. First short ball pulled for a couple. Second hits Ali in the chest, third in the bicep and Ali pulls the next one straight to Jadeja at square leg. Excellent plan. A solid innings nevertheless from Ali, who gets out for 146. England 321/7.

Rashid in. Quick from Yadav and it nips back and cuts Rashid in half. There’s a sound but the huge appeal is turned down and Parthiv asks Kohli not to go for review. It came off the pad. Indian seamers have been sensational this morning.

10:30hrs IST: Ashwin to Ali. And a fascinating over. Full length. Good length. Slower and a quicker one. Ali misses a couple of times and drives the last ball uppishly for a single. It was flighted and dipped alarmingly. England 319/6.

10:25hrs IST: Yadav tests Ali with a short ball, who plays it to point and picks up a single. Dawson picks up one and another short one to Ali. He steers it to square leg and a charging Jadeja collects and throws it in a flash. Ali was a goner there had Jadeja hit the stumps. Risky single. England 318/6.

10:23hs IST: Welcome to Test cricket, Liam Dawson.

Support staff check the helmet of Liam Dawson of England after he was hit by a delivery from Ishant Sharma of India during day two of the 5th test match between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. (BCCI)

10:22hrs IST: Typical Ashwin over. Gone with the wind and had the batsman almost driving a full-toss back to the offie. Dawson picks up two for that effort. England 315/6.

10:16hrs IST: Scratch that. Umesh Yadav replaces Ishant. Extra pace never hurt anybody... except for the batsman. First ball at 145kmph. There’s the short ball, and Dawson barely misses getting hit on the head again. Another bouncer to finish the over. England 312/6.

What’s the best way to tackle a short-ball barrage? Gully/Test cricketers, let me know here.

10:13hrs IST: Ashwin to Ali. Play and a miss. Play and a miss. Worked away to square leg for a single. Ali hasn’t looked comfortable defending Ashwin, who is getting some drift. A few words of advice for young Dawson. Good stride, soft hands. Dawson defends two and picks up his first Test run off the last ball to retain strike and face Ishant. Uh oh. England 312/6.

10:10hrs IST: Next ball and another bouncer. Who would’ve guessed that. It’s outside off and Dawson lets it go. Next one is short and Dawson rises up and plays it down. Better. And the next one thuds into the thigh pad. 137kph. This is great bowling from Ishant to a clearly-nervous 26-year-old.

10:06hrs IST: Two slips a short leg for Dawson, who defends his first ball in Test cricket well. Ad the second one smacks him on the helmet. Short, nipped back and Dawson ducks into it. Welcome to Test cricket.

10:02hrs IST: Debutant Liam Dawson is out there. Not sure if Moeen Ali trusts his partner’s batting because he is taking matters into his hands. Good use of the feet and hits Ashwin for a six over long off. Two dots and another boundary. It’s full and hit across the line to the midwicket boundary. Ali’s on the move. 310/6.

09:58hrs IST: Dot. Dot. And a short ball. Short leg, deep square leg and long leg in place but Ali goes for it AGAIN! It falls short of Karun Nair at deep square leg. That’s too dangerous a shot for a single, Moeen. Two singles and a WICKET! Fuller from Ishant and Buttler is out plumb. Ali makes sure he knows that and Buttler doesn’t go for the review. Second wicket for Ishant. England 300/6.

09:52hrs IST: Ashwin’s bowling full and slightly quicker. Driven single and couple of that over. England 297/5.

09:46hrs IST: Ishant’s attacking now. The first ball is banged up short and Ali watches it go. Second ball is short again, but directed well, leaving the left-hander. Ali (God knows why) goes for the hook and the ball takes the top edge. Falls short of Amit Mishra at fine-leg. Bad cricket from Ali, who got out in a similar fashion to Shami in Mohali. They scamper off for a single and it’s Buttler now who’s in a spot of bother. Ball nips back from good-length and hits the pads. Turned down. Reviewed. Impact outside off. Leg-bye and Ali’s back. Another short ball. And Ali pulls, but keeps it down for a single.

Eventful over that, ya. England 294/5.

09:44hrs IST: Ashwin’s bowling slightly quicker. Ali picks up a single off the fourth and Buttler gets off the mark with a couple and almost gets out the next ball. Ball takes the inside edge, hits the pad but falls in no man’s land. England 291/5.

09:41hrs IST: Ishant Sharma from the other end. Ali scampers through for a quick single and it could’ve been close had Jadeja hit the stumps. He is hitting the right lengths again. Buttler drives with all intent and misses the ball completely. Mid 130s and the ball is nipping back. One run from that over.

09:36hrs IST: Will Moeen Ali get to 150? Will Ashwin pick up a fifer? Will you watch Rogue One? Let me know on Twitter here.

09:33hrs IST: Wicket! And what a start. Ashwin entices Stokes, who drives but the length isn’t there. Good catch from Parthiv Patel and Stokes walks. First wicket for the local boy. Surely not the last? Three driven singles in that over to set up that slightly shorter fifth delivery. Last ball goes past the edge of new man Jos Buttler. England 287/5.

09:30hrs IST: And we’re up and away! Good morning folks. R Ashwin to kick things off. Moeen Ali on strike. 

England, looking for a consolation win in the series will look to score at least 450 runs to look India in the eye in the series. The visitors lost the fourth Test in Mumbai after scoring 400 runs in their first innings. They will hope to end this series on a better note.

Moeen Ali and Ben Stokes (batting on 5) will have to take the responsibility today. He capitalised on an early reprieve to score his fifth Test century after England slumped to 21 for two after opting to bat first. Moeen Ali added 146 with Joe Root to steady the innings and shared a stand of 86 with Jonny Bairstow to keep the touring side on course for a big total at the MA Chidambaram Stadium.

Moeen’s unbeaten 120 was an innings of two halves, the left-hander shedding his early tentativeness to hit 12 fours after being dropped by Lokesh Rahul at mid-wicket before he had scored.

First Published: Dec 17, 2016 08:53 IST