Air pollution, safety top concerns of parents raising children in Delhi

Air pollution and safety are the topmost concerns of parents raising their children in Delhi.

delhi Updated: Jan 01, 2018 22:29 IST
Anonna Dutt
Anonna Dutt
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Dhanmati gave birth to her daughter on Jan 1, thinks Chandigarh, where she was brought up, is safer than Delhi for children.(Sourced)

Air pollution and safety are the topmost concerns of parents raising their children in Delhi.

Anjali Tuteja, 33, gave birth to her second daughter at Max hospital, Saket on the morning of January 1.

She delivered the baby via caesarean section and chose the first date of the year for the birth “as it is celebrated throughout the world and is not associated with any religion,” said Sunil Kumar, 36, the father.

The parents are concerned about leaving their daughter alone at home as both parents have full-time jobs. “Right now, Anjali is on maternity leave, however, when she returns to work, we will have to look for a crèche or a caretaker to take care of the baby in our absence,” said Kumar.

Their elder daughter, nine-year-old Saanvi, can now take care of herself and spends a few hours after school alone at home till her parents are back from work.

“Sometimes we think about security in this city. However, it is as good as any other. Even though I have two daughters, I would be just as concerned if I had sons. We have to provide guidance and teach them keep themselves safe,” he said.

Dhanmati, 25, gave birth to her daughter at Safdarjung Hospital on January 1 as well. She thinks Chandigarh, where she was brought up, is much safer than Delhi for children. “I used to travel around the city (Chandigarh) alone. I did not need to depend on anyone. However, I find it difficult stepping out alone in Delhi. I want my daughter to be independent, have all the freedom,” said Dhanmati, who moved to Delhi two years ago when she got married.

She is worried about the pollution too, but thinks that her daughter will just have to adapt to it. “The change has to happen in the society. The pollution level in the city has to be reduce. We cannot ask our children to not step out,” she said.

Kumar too shares the sentiment. “How can we ask our children to put on a mask every time they leave the house? It is unfair,” he said.

To protect his family from air pollution at home he has installed an air purifier. “I do not know whether they are effective or not, but it gives me satisfaction that at least the pollution level inside my house is low. But obviously, we cannot expect to have these purifiers everywhere,” he said.

First Published: Jan 01, 2018 22:29 IST