Delhi man who stabbed wife 35 times says he felt guilty, returned for his sons

Vinod Bisht who had allegedly stabbed his wife 35 times and killed her was arrested near his home on Wednesday. Police say Bisht decided to return out of guilt over his actions and has claimed that he did not attack his son.

delhi Updated: Jun 23, 2017 09:46 IST
Karn Pratap Singh
Karn Pratap Singh
Hindustan Times
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The police have recovered the knife used by Bisht for the crime which they claim he had stolen from a banquet hall where he worked.(Sourced picture)

The 43-year-old catering manager Vinod Bisht, who allegedly murdered his wife by brutally stabbing her over 35 times, was arrested some distance away from his Dilshad Garden home in Delhi almost 15 hours after the gruesome crime.

The police have recovered the crime weapon — a knife — which they claim Bisht had stolen from a banquet hall where he worked. The police claim that after the crime Bisht was all set to flee the city, but, after spending an entire day at a public park in Ghaziabad, he was ‘racked with guilt’ and decided to return home.

“Bisht was worried about his injured son because he had seen him bleeding when he left the house,” a senior investigator said. During his interrogation, Bisht claimed that he did not deliberately harm his son who was “accidentally injured” in the scuffle.

“On his way to Ghazipur, Bisht changed his clothes that were soaked in blood. He dumped the clothes at an isolated place on Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border near Kaushambi and went to his friend’s home and from there again to Kaushambi,” said Nupur Prasad, deputy commissioner of police (Shahdara).

According to police, Bisht boarded a state roadways bus from Kaushambi and reached Ghaziabad where he spent the entire day in a public park. Bisht told police that he dumped the knife in the park and decided to return to Delhi. He was barely 200 metres away from his home when a policeman spotted him and alerted others. They caught him and brought to the police station. His blood-soaked clothes and the knife were also recovered.

Bisht told his interrogators that he was enraged when he caught his wife Rekha talking to her alleged lover over mobile phone on Tuesday. The two got into an argument and he asked Rekha to leave him, but she refused and threatened to file a domestic violence case against him. Enraged, Bisht decided to leave home and asked his two sons to come with him. His elder son Vineet, however, refused. Bisht then left with his younger son Sanchit whom he dropped at his in-laws home in Dilshad Garden.

“Before reaching the banquet hall (where he worked), Bisht purchased an alcohol bottle and consumed it at his workplace. He then picked up a knife and decided to kill himself. However, he could not muster the courage and dropped the plan,” Prasad said.

According to police, he returned home with the knife in his bag. When Rekha opened the door, he again asked her to leave home. But she refused again and this led to an altercation between them, the police said. Bisht then, allegedly, took out the knife and began attacking her. Hearing Rekha’s screams, Vineet woke up and rushed out from his room. He suffered cut wounds as he tried to stop his father from attacking his mother.

Senior police officers privy to the murder case say that Bisht has said that he had decided to return because he felt that running away will ruin the future of his two sons.

First Published: Jun 22, 2017 15:44 IST