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Debate: Robots, artificial intelligence will make humans jobless in 50 years

Students debate on whether robots, artificial intelligence will make humans jobless in 50 years.

debate Updated: Jun 27, 2019 19:52 IST
Attendees watch a demonstration performed by robotic arms at the MWC Shanghai exhibition in Shanghai, China.
Attendees watch a demonstration performed by robotic arms at the MWC Shanghai exhibition in Shanghai, China.(Bloomberg)

FOR THE ARGUMENT (By Bhagyashree Prabhutendolkar, Class 10, Thakur Vidya Mandir High School, Kandivli (East), Mumbai)

As I hear the human-friendly Alexa or Google Assistant reigning over some fragments of our lives, the day when robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will enslave and reign over humans does not seem too far into the future.

Undoubtedly, the increasing dominance of robots in workplaces is sure to increase the levels of unemployment in the nation. Also, reliance on robots for the smallest chores will make the human brain feeble.

In this world, where the youth struggle and toil to get employed for their daily bread, robots could make matters worse.

Imagine having robots conversing with humans, wherein the person wastes time trying to make the robot understand what he actually expects from that piece of technology.

Robots need a large capital, maintenance, power, etc, while humans do not.

If robots ultimately do all the work, and man just sits and monitor them, then it would cause health hazards and make man idle.

If an AI-based diagnosis fails to detect the actual illness of the patient, who would be held responsible for it – the programmer or the artificial intelligence itself? Humans agree to work at a much lower income as compared to the heavy costs required to hire a robot which will affect a company’s profits.

India has almost 18 million people who are trapped in the major issue of unemployment.

So, why we do need robots when humans are willing to work and contribute to society?

AGAINST THE ARGUMENT (By Varad Khedekar, Class 10, Thakur Vidya Mandir High School, Kandivli (East), Mumbai)

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. To make life convenient and achieve advancement, we humans have been working rigorously in every field. Robots and artificial intelligence are some of the current topics of research and development. But a lot of capital is invested to make or buy robots and they need to be maintained and supplied power for their running. Their software and equipment costs are too high.

On the other hand, human resources are quite affordable and reliable. Robots have no sense of emotions or conscience and do not have decision-making abilities to handle difficult situations. Automation can be only done when robots are fed with programmes by humans. According to a report in the United Kingdom, robots and artificial intelligence will create more jobs than they take, in the coming years. Robots lack the ability to create or imagine things as ultimately, they are machines under human control.

Humans are the ones who develop new ideas and have the potential to turn imagination into reality.Jobs in health, scientific and technical services or research, hospitality etc, cannot be completely taken over by robots. With the use of artificial intelligence, robots can interpret and learn things, but can never beat the ultimate human mind. Robots eliminate dangerous jobs for humans because they can work in hazardous environments. AI would have a low error rate and have incredible precision, accuracy, and speed, resulting in efficient and fast work for humans.In the future, we may see a robotic world, but the master key will always lie in human hands.

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