May Day: Labour groups around the world organise rallies with some resulting in violent clashes

Police fired tear gas to push back black-clad anarchists who ransacked business premises in Paris on May 1 during May

Updated on May 02, 2022 01:29 PM IST 11 Photos

Several labour groups around the world organised rallies on the occasion of International Labour Day which is observed every year on May 1. While few countries protested to honour workers others shamed governments into doing more for their citizens. Tensions erupted in Paris when some demonstrators smashed windows at some banks, a fast-food restaurant and a real estate agency.(REUTERS)

A man in a wheelchair holds a sign that reads in Spanish "No to discrimination," during a sex workers march to commemorate International Labour Day in downtown Mexico City.(AP)

A Starbucks Workers Union member yells as the May Day march makes it way to Westlake Park in Seattle.(AP)


Workers from the Drivers Union raise their fists before the start of the annual May Day March in Seattle. (AP)

Thousands of people joined May Day marches across France, calling for salary increases and for Macron to drop his plan to raise the retirement age.(Bloomberg)