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Gossip corner: Kangana fights for beau?

Kangana is not exactly pleased with the promos of Raaz 2. Reason: boyfriend Adhyayan Suman is nowhere to be seen.

entertainment Updated: Nov 06, 2008 12:21 IST your daily dose of gossips with Honey. She writes on the glamour world and the spicy scandals of Bollywood celebs

Deal chahta hai

Hi-o-lambiekins, my cute hearts, my tweeties! I don’t know about you.. but my aaj ka din hasn’t started off too well. Salman Khan

Phone’s been howling like an angry infant.. and that too over a trade-type story that I would otherwise dismiss with a wave of my rose-cut diamond ring.

I’ll tell you about it since it concerns Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. So suno.. although his film is miles from the finish, Boney Kapoor was thrilled to seal a rather lucrative deal with a corporate house which wanted his Wanted — Dead or Alive.

Seems our Boney got a wee bit greedy after Vipul Shah told him that he could get a better price if he took his advice..
seems Vipul bhai had made a fat packet from his Singh is Kinng (really?) and was making an even fatter one from London Dreams.

Boneyji was told to dream big since he had a star like Salman Khan and not rush into underselling his movie. Bas, aur kya? Boneyji decided to wait for Vipul bhai to return from his London Dreams shoot to guide him on what to want and how much.

The earlier offer meanwhile slipped out of his hands but Boneyji was fine.

And then the market changed. Even Vipul bhai’s bailed out. Boneyji in a panic, rushed to seal his earlier deal... only to be told that recession was hampering business interests. So the corporate house could now pay him only half the amount agreed upon previously.

At this rate Wanted: Dead or Alive will now be retitled Wanted — Buyers. Tsk, tsk!

Fixing it

Even when the past is perfect we have a tendency to let go. But not Preity Zinta who is still deeply attached to her alma mater in Shimla.Preity Zinta

Seems she had heard that the institution that moulded her into a pretty little miss, was facing some trouble and was getting quite hyper enquiring if anyone knew what the problem was. So she could fix it!

At the rate at which she’s going, I won’t be surprised if the Zinta gal decides to adopt her old school.. or was it college?.. the way she did the Kings XI. Atta girl!

Gimme six!

Ha ha ha ha.. now this is the funniest thing I’ve heard ever since I tickled myself with an ostrich feather. Really! Till yesterday, it was Dadoo Amitabh Bachchan who wanted to do everything that my darling Shah Rukh Khan does.. now it’s Abhishek Bachchan who is going the ‘main bhi’ way.abhishek

The latest is that AB baby wants to get himself a six pack for his next movie, being helmed by Mani Ratnam.. although the director has told him he just needs to shed about 15 kilos. Think he should talk to Madhavan who turned from fat to fit for Guru before he goes looking for a gym. By the way doesn’t he have one in his own home? So why isn’t he making more use of it than his kitchen?

Anyway, to get back to our Mani sir’s movie, it’s titled Raavan and also features biwi Bachchan.. Aishwarya.. and the gol-matol Govinda. Now don’t ask me if Junior is playing the title role. Tee hee.

Anyway, my Juhuwala jasoos tells me that every morning Bacha B reaches the gym and takes his time to step on the treadmill. And even before he completes half the prescribed kasratbaazi, he’s walked out. Oof!

Last time AB baby wanted a six pack for Drona and we know what happened. Sob, sob! This time I think I’ll probably go ho ho ho! God, these Bs never fail to amuse me.

Where’s my boyfriend?

Now my birdy from Bandra is tweeting about Kangana Ranaut. Seems she, Kangy, not my birdy sweeties, is not exactly pleased with the promos of Raaz 2. Reason: boyfriend Adhyayan Suman is nowhere to be seen. Kangana

And according to my tweety, Kangy has conveyed her displeasure to the Bhatt brothers.. and has been insisting that since her beau is playing a significant part in the ghost story, he should be given his due.

The producers, my chidiya tells me, are now working on another trailer with the Suman sweetie. Wah, girlfriend ho to aisi! Hai na, bolo bolo?

For some blessings

Oi oi.. now a parinda from Prabhadevi is telling me about Madhur Bhandarkar’s midnight visits to the Siddhivinayak Madhur-PriyankaTemple. No, parinda doesn’t have a problem with the director’s zeal visits, but says that suddenly the night was buzzing because Madhur didn’t come alone.

He had for company Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Mugdha Godse. As if it’s a fashion parade. Anyway, my khabru claims that the director was asking for divine intervention to stop any drop in the collections.

He wants the paisa to flow with every show. And to make sure God hears his prayers, he got his three leading ladies too. He’s probably hoping the blessings will now be four-fold! But then, such is life dearies.